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New Bug with MSR Priests


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At first we thought this was a deliberate new feature working as intended, but enough things have been spotted that we now think this is probably a bug and not intended.


Currently the priests randomly will use a power that turns a positive defense into a negative defense of that exact value. So a 45% soft cap becomes -45%, a 28% becomes -28%, and a 5% becomes -5%. Further, your resistance drops by the exact value as the defense value. So if you had soft cap def and capped 90% resist you'd end up with -45% def and 45% resist. Or a 28% def and 90% resist would be -28% and 62%.


That alone 'seems' buggy, but we in the Indom MSR discord managed to figure out that inspirations do not get affected by this. So adding purples and oranges will keep people alive through this otherwise harsh power of the Priests.


Now, we're hoping that this power of the priest is the bug, but if its bugged that the inspirations aren't effected - then please don't  fix it since it is the only thing keeping the raid relatively survivable for our pullers.

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