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Psionic Melee - Telekinetic Blow Graphics


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During the Halloween event I floored my computer's graphic settings to get great performance and I was utterly shocked to see that Stalker Psionic Melee - Telekinetic Blow suddenly had a graphical effect of a giant ghostly white fist and forearm! It was ugly as heck but it was unmistakable. Once the event was over and I turned everything back up to Ultra the ghost fist went away too. The character has an attack animation but there's basically no sfx with it.  I have a GTX970, so not an unusual card that I would think would have a problem with the game's graphics.


Update: I did notice a very faint fist graphic fires off with this power but I'm not always able to see it, and it's faint violet which matches my power customization. It's not clear to me if it only fires off sometimes, or if it's only visible from certain angles. I've only seen it so far when the camera is turned sideways because I pivoted to look while I was already fighting, I absolutely see nothing when facing a foe head on. It was really really faint too. I'm going to hop into the tailor and see what it shows me in there and will probably reset it to default on one costume slot - I'm wondering if switching to custom colors just made it hard to see or if the graphic really is so faint it's basically not there.  I'll update as I figure out more.


Second update:

I've continued to pay attention and it seems like the graphic at high settings is just bizarrely faint and only lasts a split second. I mean, we're talking about basically seeing the outline of the knuckles on a fist at high quality settings at the moment of impact vs a giant solid white fist and arm that moves through the entire animation at low quality settings. I think it is firing off regularly it's just so faint that head-on, it's not visible. I have to have the camera angled to the side to see it. I guess it's working as intended, it's just darn odd.

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