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Suggestions Building Dark/Regen Sentinel


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There are a few discussions of builds for Dark Blast and Regeneration separately.  Though you're right that there isn't really a specific thread already about Dark AND Regen. 

Anyway, you can steal ideas from those threads and just mash them together.  There really isn't anything so special about Dark Blast that it requires specific mentions with Regeneration.  Same can be said for Regeneration. 

Suggestions on how I built mine:

Go for recharge.  Add some defense as you can, and consider hit point bonuses as you go along.  Don't get too hung up on trying to hit 75% resistances or 45% defenses. 

For Dark Blast you can make a coherent attack chain out of just Gloom, Abyssal Gaze and Antumbral Beam when you're pushing perma-Hasten level recharge.  Prior to that level of optimization, you can take the Tier 1 attack (Dark Blast) or you can wait out for Life Drain at 26.  I am not that fond of Life Drain as a vanilla power personally, but to each their own.  Now, if you want to shove some procs into Life Drain, then we're talking.  No procs = meh, procs = a consideration.  The heal is too small to worry about.  Take Umbral Torrent and Dark Obliteration.  Take Blackstar.  Obviously, take Aim. 

For Regeneration, I'd suggest taking everything since it all has value. 

So you'd potentially only skip 1 to 2 powers out of the primary and virtually nothing from the secondary.  Power picks will be tight and so will slots.  Other powers like Combat Jumping/Hover (doesn't require much slotting), Tough (more resistance to Smashing/Lethal), Weave (+defense), Maneuvers (more +defense), and Hasten (+recharge) will likely round out your pool picks.  If you want an Ancillary/Patron pool you'll need to consider cutting some of the other powers.  

Things of note:

Sentinel Regeneration can be very durable with about 16% defense which is pretty easy to achieve through powers and IO bonuses.  You can push a bit more with some planning but you likely won't exceed the 20%+ range on a consistent basis.  Not saying it isn't possible but there are too many ways to skin this cat to say for certain what you're going to get.  Nor do I know what kinda of expectations you even have. 

Dark Blast as a primary includes a lot of -to hit.  Blackstar is a point-blank range AoE that imposes a -35% to hit debuff for 20 seconds.  Recharge is your friend and if you can get Blackstar down to 25 seconds or lower this is huge.  Consider investing in a +Stealth IO and slapping it into either Sprint or add a slot to Combat Jumping/Hover to hold it.  This will cut down on the aggro radius of enemies to let you drop that Blackstar.  The Concealment Pool can also help there.  You could swap Maneuvers for the Stealth power if you like. 

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