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  1. All of this just needs to be emphasized.
  2. oldskool


    The original big red cheese was largely a Superman clone without the heat vision or frost breath. His ability of strength, durability, stamina, speed, and flight were basically the same. He also had superior intelligence and wisdom. The original Captain Marvel/Captain Thunder, did not hurl lightning bolts as the Mu epics would suggest. The newer version, post New-52, can as the new incarnation of the wizard Shazam. The original call to Zeus, through the shout of Shazam, had the lightning bolt directed at Billy/Captain Marvels current location. This was later changed by writers into an offensive maneuver where Billy could dodge the bolt and allow the mystic blast to hit someone else. Captain Marvel used this against Superman more than once.
  3. I don't think you really missed anything. I'd probably drop one of the Blistering Colds in Blinding Feint for Gaussian's Build-Up proc. It'll be a nice little damage boosting surprise when it goes off. You don't really need the extra fire/cold defense from the full bonus anyway.
  4. It is up to you; It's your character. Usually when I speak about damage potential, I'm talking about adding in procs. Electrical Blast can make use there in Tesla Cage, but you seem wary of going too far from sets for defense. That's OK, and this pairing doesn't need to go too nuts over it anyway. So I won't go too far down that rabbit hole. Still, think of damage potential via frankenslotting IOs as being on one end of a seesaw and full defensive benefits being on the other. When you start to add more of one of those options the of the end is going to have fewer options. My initial response wasn't really intended for you to completely dump Lightning Field if you wanted it in favor of Short Circuit. It was just more of a statement to engage in discussion. These are just some of the ways I may approach this build. You could mix and match whatever you like. I generally do not use any travel powers and I don't ever double up on them. If that's a quality of life feature you want, then by all means go for it. Its tough to keep those features and stack a lot of defense on Regen as there is an opportunity cost of missing things like Maneuvers/Combat Jumping. Still, you can make that up through using defensive amplifiers via the Pay-to-Win vendors as well as through the Incarnates I mentioned before. #1 Least defense, better damage potential (compared to the other two) #2 More melee defense to make using Lightning Field safer. Damage is roughly the same. #3 Lots more defense. Somewhat less damage.
  5. oldskool

    Psi/Bio Advice

    That's a pretty good take on it as it is. I'm not sure you really need Tactics. There are pros to having it, but Assault isn't an awful choice for Sentinels either. There is a coin toss on enhancements between TK Blast here and Psionic Strike. Psionic Strike can do a non-trivial amount of direct damage but it comes with the cost of having a very long animation time. Its animation and damage ratio aren't quite as good as TK Blast. TK Blast has the advantage of being partially smashing damage. I'm on the fence about that one. If total time to arrest isn't that big a deal then having an attack like Psionic Strike can feel a bit better against things like robots. Have you given thought to your Incarnate options yet? I'd still suggest looking at Musculature for the Alpha, but there can be reasons to use something like Spiritual here.
  6. There is an old saying... "F' 'em if they can't take a joke." -Bette Midler Haters gonna hate and zealots gonna zealot.
  7. @Rathulfr, thanks. You sell your own advice too short. I think you often present valuable insights since we both have different perspectives on how to approach the AT. As I said yesterday, what you present isn't wrong.
  8. I've written about Willpower a number of times. There is a synopsis of it in the sticky of this subforum, and if you scroll down a bit there is a discussion on Fire Blast/Willpower to another curious user. I somewhat disagree with @Rathulfr about pairing Fire with Willpower. In fact, the advice I give on pairing Fire Blast and Willpower comes back to everything @Hjarkiis discussing. That is using Winter sets in order to bolster defense. I don't generally like recommending that path, but it certainly a possibility with Fire Blast and Willpower. You can build up to 40%+ defenses while still having high hit points, regen, and modest resistance. Fire Blast is self contained enough that it isn't hindered that much by the loss of procs. Now, what @Rathulfris really saying about pairing a highly offensive primary with Willpower on Sentinels relates to the leveling experience. There is going to be a very big gap in how Fire/WP plays from levels 1-49 vs how it will play with full nuts-outs superior versions of defensive heavy IO sets at 50+. So I only somewhat disagree because some narrow bands of primaries plus Willpower can work out reasonably well at endgame. Some combos will have a slightly smoother transition from level 1 to 50. Few, if any at all, accomplish both while simultaneously keeping a majority its damage (referring to overall damage potential, not ED capping) intact. Willpower is an OK set on Sentinels. With the right primary and a plan at 50, it can probably be very good. However, IO set diversity on Sentinels just isn't at the same level as it is on melee ATs. That makes closing Willpower's (and by extension Bio Armor) gaps more tricky. Its not impossible, but it just doesn't come across as intuitive to me. YMMV though. Some folks love WP in all its forms. Here, it trends on taking a backseat. Invulnerability is nearly better in every way in this AT. The biggest difference there is Psi resist and that can be overstated on occasion.
  9. There are some fair points to consider here. Still, I prefer defense-based. This has worked out in practice far more than it hasn't. Furthermore, I'd be very cautious in recommending Winter sets as a universal defense hole plugger for the Sentinel AT. Those kinds of builds are the precise reason why there are numerous threads in this subforum running on for 5+ pages of people bickering about damage. Any other AT with a higher damage multiplier and more consistent inherent can easily make use of the Winter sets without the loss of performance that Sentinel's experience. Loading up on Winter sets to gain several of those +5% bonuses can be a fine strategy with a limited number of sets. Those would be the ones with the least amount of options to explore damage proccing exist (i.e., Fire Blast, Archery, Psychic Blast, Electrical Blast - partially). I get that many folks do not like that procs help raise Sentinel damage to what becomes more competitive with other ATs. However, that is reality of the current game implementation. So yes, what you present is certainly an option. It is why I point out Radiation and Electric armors specifically vs also talking about Dark Armor in that same sentence. Radiation and Electric both have other consistent effects that make them better than just resistance-based. Their particular layering of mitigation options works well with any level of defense investment where the more is the merrier. However, this idea does not work with all Sentinel combinations. The Defense sets are generally easier to do this with, and still allow for flexibility in damage dealing. It is a more universal approach vs a specialized one.
  10. I tend to lean towards the following secondaries: Super Reflexes Energy Aura Invulnerability Ninjutsu Any of those 4 trend towards being some of the easiest to build while also including enough perks to be worth their while. You can soft-cap any of those 4. Invulnerability may not be as easy, depending on the build, but it most certainly has the potential. Most of the other sets range in effectiveness. I generally lean towards defense-oriented secondaries for lower hit point cap ATs like the Sentinel/Stalker. However, Radiation Armor and Electrical Armor are very strong resistance-oriented sets. There are only two secondaries that I would caution taking. Fiery Aura and Ice Armor. Fiery Aura gives up too much, in my opinion, for what it gains on Sentinels. Ice Armor only really works with a big investment in IOs, and even then it has multiple powers that really suck. Both Fiery Aura and Ice Armor from Sentinels incorporate powers that exist in Homecoming Blaster secondaries. The Sentinel versions of these powers pale in comparison. Ice Armor on Sentinels has Hoarfrost, just like the melee version, and it can be made perma. That will cap your HP if you give even any passing thought to it plus collect your accolades. This turns one of the final powers into a near useless choice that really just gives you more slow resistance. Fiery Aura and Ice Armor are generally big losers on Sentinel endurance management tools when viewed against the other sets design choices. Sentinel Ice Armor does include Icy Bastion like Stalkers for its T9. Its an awesome power that has a really long downtime. You can make either work, but you may feel like pulling your hair out while you level. For primaries, well you can generally make any of them work. Sentinels aren't exactly Pylon time award winners, but they can be made more effective than their reputation may sound. There are certain power sets that trend towards being better than others, but most of the sets can turn out well if you're not completely turned off by damage proc slotting. Assault Rifle and Energy Blast tend to be the sets that have the steepest hill to climb when looking at pure full set bonus builds. Even with damage procs they'll only ever be "OK". Archery can seem to struggle for some player's tastes. Archery doesn't have much going for it in the way of additional proc slotting potential which in turn lowers its optimization ceiling when compared to some other sets. Still, despite its perceived failings I tend to enjoy Archery. That set just works better with a very high amount of recharge to cut out the need for its weaker starting attacks. Water Blast is a solid set but its single-target is notably light. You can build this up, again with procs, but the highlight to the set is its strong AoE potential. Since many players navel gaze at the lower caps on AoE targets of the Sentinel, Water Blast offers a set that overrules that design choice. Sonic Blast does too for that matter, but I'm not a big fan of it. Electrical Blast actually is a solid Sentinel set if you'd like an alternative to Fire Blast. If you're feeling bold and like the proc idea, then Ice Blast can be turned from chicken crap into chicken salad. Psychic Blast, if you don't mind some of the hurdles it faces, has the hardest hitting single target power out of the entire AT. Dark Blast is a flexible set and includes a bit more mitigation than other primaries. Do not bother taking Life Drain for the heal. Sentinel Life Drain has the lowest healing percentage out of every AT in the game. Do take that power if you want to proc it out and convert it into a more effective attack.
  11. Just curious. Between the two builds there are things that stand out that may be more beneficial to a PvP-oriented build. For starters the use of both Super Speed and Super Jump stands out to me since those are common there. Then you have a lot of Knockback protection, far more than necessary for PvE but would potentially have value in PvP. I started working on a build of my own to show what I was thinking of, but I stopped because I thought maybe you're looking for non-PvE ideas. What's most important for you? Are you really wanting high defense or more damage or a combination of damage/recharge? I don't think its possible to do everything with this build. Maybe I will come up with a few different build ideas and just illustrate what I am talking about. You can then decide what you like or don't like.
  12. I've yet to encounter a team that declined to take my characters along just because they were Sentinels. I have been on a team where some knucklehead decided to get passive aggressive about my value to the team. So I just opted to solo the rest of the entire TF without the team while they all meandered around with their thumbs in the ass. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  13. This current train of thoughts has been a fun read. Here is my takeaway: How individual players build their characters have a heavy influence on their view of the AT. I've seen Bill's builds for Claws/SR. He was one of the early posters in the Pylon thread too. That build's Pylon murder time has evolved over time, but Bill still has some preferences to his build that are different from Nihilii's. Bill's preferences also influence how his Fire/Time Blaster build came out when it was shared in a thread. I can see why certain opinions get formed just due to how people view the problem solving approach of builds. Rathulfr stated that ATs should be self sufficient and not reliant on things like procs or EPP for DPS. That is going to have a very heavy influence on how one plays a primary. Furthermore, look at the list of primary heroes for Rath. They're all Energy Blast. I know he has other characters in his stable, he's more than helpful to show those from time to time, but Energy Blast on Sentinels is crap all by itself. It can take some procs and become better. It can incorporate EPP and be a lot better. However, Energy Blast's core damage is not in a good place when compared with a set like say, Sentinel Electrical Blast or even Psychic Blast. None of you are wrong in your assessments. Not at all. They're just different perspective influenced by personal choice in how the characters are built. It makes comparisons on what's wrong or right very difficult to garner consensus on.
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