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  1. I agree with what follows but to be fair to Stalkers, they remain hidden a lot.
  2. Batman? Batman you say? Nah, I think he's OK. Plus, he's about to have that mouse money from Thor 4. Poor Diggs played Brandt in Equilibrium and no one remembers... 😞
  3. Some where in the sacred time stream a younger oldskool building a Rad/Rad Defender is asking this question. Here is a way to walk through some decisions. Having either 45% defense to one or more positional/types or 75% resistance to one or more types is a great thing to shoot for. The armor sets considered "really good" are the ones that have the easiest time doing this and may even do more. Easy sets can be ones like Invulnerability, Super Reflexes, Ninjutsu, Energy Aura, and Electric Armor. (These can check at least one box of either defense or resi
  4. Not sure what server you are on, but on Indom there is a dedicated TF LFG channel created by players. The server forums may have something similar. Those can be really nice to have. If I see someone making a TF team there, I can just say "me me" and off I go. I don't even have friends. 😛
  5. I much prefer the Dark/Dark Controller vs the Dark/Dark Dominator. There are a lot of good powers to choose from and it can make slots really tight for the Dominator. The Controller is in a similar boat, but the Dark Miasma variant is so good it is hard to ignore. Plus, the Controller gets Dark Servant to compliment Haunt and Umbra Beast. It really has that whole shadow constructs vibe going for it. Dark/Dark Defenders are great too if not maybe a bit of overkill on to-hit debuffing. That is a combo I think can work for Corruptors where some of the AoE boost in Scourge may be worth
  6. Thanks for the response. I've read over your works before and already have a good idea on how thorough you are. Maybe I should have opened with that. Anyway, you're essentially confirming to me you've already thought through what is available to you. Given the limitations of the Sentinel, as it currently is, I don't see space in your build for meaningful changes.
  7. It looks like you accomplished all of your goals already. So, congrats! Just noting that the highlighted isn't a question and there is no context surrounding what this means. "Enough offense to kill mobs" is the goal. You've met that. You should be able to take out enemies with what you have. What isn't stated is how fast you want to do it. Your reasons against VS are sound. The question about PJ's DPA seems a bit silly given that you opted not to invest in the power at all. If you're happy with the utility, then I recommend you not stress about this further.
  8. Welcome to a safe space where no one here is going to chastise you for not taking both the T1 and T2. The builds are heavily aligned towards defense which makes sense in the content. However, why pick Water Blast and skip Steam Spray? Why take this set with an AoE Immobilize and also skip Whirlpool? It seems like the answer is to stack more defensive measures,...
  9. There might be a disconnect here. There are certainly conflicting goals in builds that need to be addressed to make sense of things. By things, I mean your combat logs and what people often ask for. The results are polar opposites. First off, let me address why at least I recommend Psionic Mastery as much as I do. There are few reasons. 1) I used to ask folks about what their target DPS goal was. I always was left without an answer. - People do not have a clear idea on how much damage they should be doing. They just want to do "the highest". 2) I try to understand context
  10. If you're feeling swarmed due to the increased mob size, then maybe consider lowering the team count to 5 or 6. That will reduce enemies which means you aren't taking as many potential hits. You can then maybe explore raising the enemy level range up a bit if that is what you're going for. As you start building up more in the Incarantes +3 or +4 may start to be more comfortable. The /x# team size issue may always be there just because the more enemies there are the more chances they have to overwhelm your defense. There was a thread else where that was asking if not playing at +4/x8 w
  11. Regeneration isn't exactly a min/max set. So if you're wanting to shore up its complete lack of defense, then you want a primary that doesn't need much help in damage. Fire Blast is the easiest candidate to fit that bill. Fire Blast doesn't need, nor have many options for, procs to do reasonable well even without the epic options. You can stack defense bonuses to your hearts desire and do pretty well. Electrical Blast is in a similar boat, but Tesla Cage really should take advantage of its proc potential. Beam Rifle can get a lot of procs in certain powers, but it too doesn't need it tha
  12. If loving my Dark Armor/Titan Weapons tanker is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.
  13. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. The build itself isn't actually that bad. You're running into the very low ceiling that Sentinels have when it comes to building them. That in and of itself is not your own poor choice, subpar decision or lack of critical thinking etc. You've picked two power sets that are working against each other and learning that you'll likely need to just focus on one. That isn't your fault though. It is reasonable to just pick some power sets and go to town. This is more a development issue. I can't tell if you have some expectations of the AT that it cannot
  14. I'll expand what underfyre mentions with some more information. I think the first thing to get out of the way is the Sentinel procs in their ATOs aren't that good to begin with. Actually, they are pretty much crap due to the extremely limited number of powers that return benefits *and* they are affected by the purple patch reducing them further (at least Ward is). Here are some ideas on places to put the Ward and Strikes sets. Mind you, the bonuses within the sets themselves are generally worth having. The procs just stink. Strikes = Your generic 10 target AoE power for almos
  15. Here are some additional thoughts. Dual Blades lacks a burst damage component like Build-Up (except on Stalkers). Blinding Feint is a sustained damage improvement. Fury on Brutes is a sustained damage improvement. Scrapper critical hits are more bursty and it brings that quality into Dual Blades which it would otherwise lack. If you want a constant stream of building up damage over time, then go Brute. If you like to see the occasional big number, then go Scrapper. In the end, neither AT has an innate advantage when it comes to how the combo system works. Both of these
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