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  1. A Brute or Tanker would be good. Whirlpool will force enemies to flee which may annoy you, but taunt them back in. Later on, Mu Mastery can get you Electric Fences and the Sentinel will have a range of options for AoE immobilize if you want it (Fire Mastery, Ice Mastery, etc...).
  2. Master Brawler isn't a toggle. Master Brawler shifts all of the mez protection that you would have gotten out of Practiced Brawler into the toggles you'd use anyway. Then, as a completely separate effect, Master Brawler has a hit point absorb barrier that it creates as a click effect. So if you use Elude and your toggles drop, you don't even have to click Master Brawler. You just turn your toggles back on as you would have done anyway.
  3. You can build for S/L resistance cap, but you may be better off getting *almost* there. The scaling resistance unique IO can cap you when your health gets low and inspirations exist. You could, hypothetically, build ranged defense cap, and/or melee defense cap. However, this isn't necessary on Rad Armor and even less so if you play more at range than in melee. So, do you need to focus on resist or defense caps? No. Dead enemies are always preferable to extended battles of attrition. So defeating them faster is a good overall plan. Now, building for "damage" kind of depends on what you mean. Building for damage percentage in sets, no. Building for damage procs, yes. You could leverage a mix, but the % damage in set bonuses are so individually small. These bonuses also don't do much for the Sentinel's innate damage scalar nor is there anything really compounding that damage from Opportunity. When it comes to procs you can go really all out or target some playstyles. Maybe you want to boost single target damage but use sets in your AoE (this is what I tend to do). You could go the reverse of that and proc your AoE and use ST powers for things like Thunderstrikes (ranged defense). You could just go all out and proc out all the attacks you could. There is some risk there on missing accuracy bonuses and other effects like global recharge. However, Rad has some recharge built in so it isn't the end of the world. Edit note: Just to be clear too 75% resistance cap is a hard cap on Sentinels. As in you can't gain any additional benefit here if you go over 75%. The remainder is just wasted. Defense is different. There is a soft-cap of 45% for normal content. You can build more defense than this. There is a different soft-cap for Incarnate content. You can also exceed that too using Inspirations, Barrier Destiny, some T9 powers (i.e., Elude, Moment of Glory, Overload, etc.). Sentinels can build into the 60% to 75% Smashing and Lethal *resistance* range on resistance sets. How easy it is to do that will vary with secondary and the kinds of IO set bonuses used. Resistance secondaries have 0 baseline defense which makes building up to 45%, even in one category, a potential hurdle. So it benefits your build to determine if you will spend more time in melee range or more time at longer range. This can help you tailor your mitigation plan. Also, if you want to push really hard content solo, then lean on your strengths. Like if you are building a bunch of S/L resistance and defense, then don't be too surprised when ranged energy enemies take your lunch money. The healing you get can help offset some of this, but no secondary set is universally good against all enemy types. Well, unless you're playing a Tanker and abusing some of the absurdness they can reach.
  4. You're over capped on hit points. So you could back off several of the 3 set bonuses. 2pc Preventative Medicine gets you a minor smash/lethal resistance buff. May as well start looking at things like that for healing sets vs Numina everywhere. I think you over slot both Fast Healing and Health. You could pick either one for the unique procs, and then move on. All of the slots in Fast Healing could be better in Instant Healing to max out the absorb value. Despite the name, Regeneration is more about managing click powers like Reconstruction, Second Wind, and Moment of Glory. On top this, Instant Healing's absorb shield gives you buffer to let the passive regeneration effect work. Shaving off 20-25% regen rate in set bonuses from my own tinkering only dropped health per second by 2 hit points. Each of those 10% regen bonuses is like half of one hp per second. Not worth the slots or cash in the IOs in my opinion. You don't need a 3rd slot in Hasten, and especially not with that +5 boosted IO (you'd be spending quite a bit for very little benefit). Two level 50 IOs boosted to +4 each is about as far as I'd invest in that power. If you eventually take Ageless Destiny that will have some additional recharge to help smooth things out. I'd choose either Combat Jumping or Maneuvers. Maneuvers at least buffs your friends.
  5. A simple solution is where my heart is. However, if given the chance to be creative I may as well give it a shot. 😅
  6. Well the combo system on Scrappers, Brutes, and Tankers is identical. The Stalker has a different set of powers linked to starters, links, and finishers. The combo system of DB in general is really lackluster. However, if you want to explore some options thematically, then the Tanker is a thought. Weaken and Empower both require Nimble Slash which is mandatory. So at least you're making use out of that pick. Both of these effects link into Ablative Strike. The finisher is what is different. Typhoon's Edge or Blinding Feint. You should take both anyway. Attack Vitals is the DPS combo of merit on Scrappers/Brutes/Tankers. This means you could skip One Thousand Cuts which has a long animation anyway. Blinding Feint -> Attack Vitals is a achievable with reasonable levels of global recharge. You can do this without Hasten but you'll need some IO bonuses with recharge. Still, this is the most flexible option. The Stalker versions of the combos kinda suck. Sweep will probably just happen as you play, and there may be times where Empower tickles your fancy. Attack Vitals on Stalkers is worse than the other ATs, but hey it gets you a cone effect before you unlock Sweeping Strike at 26. So my vote on pretending that anything other than Attack Vitals holds any relevance would be the Tanker. You could pull it off on a Brute too.
  7. So my initial thought is that the aura that the Sentinel provides doesn't impact the origin caster. However, other Sentinels could buff other Sentinels. There would need to be some reigning in of how much conversion could happen. It could be too easy to hit 100% with people purposefully building that way. If there was incentive to run the Leadership pool, then an individual Sentinel could easily build in their own 20%+ to-hit. If you're using a temp buff like Aim or Build-up, or inspirations, then things could get out of hand. So maybe a ratio of effect. I'm not sure if something like that is even possible really.
  8. @Galaxy Brain after thinking on this a bit more. I have some other ideas. So what if the Sentinel had scaling damage based on to-hit? Let's assume we get to have an inherent that has multiple parts in a re-design. Let's assume some of the ideas presented in your Overwatch remain as unenhanced effects for teammates. Basically, the Sentinel buffs others around them as they "stand watch" in the group. They provide some minor perception, to-hit, and maybe very minor defensive perks. These effects do not boost the Sentinel. One thing the Sentinel's design *had* going for it was a both a rebalance of blast sets and snipe replacers. The latter there is mostly meaningless now that snipes are now rotational. The snipe powers gain scaling damage based on to-hit bonuses. Why not take that lesson learned and just apply it to the Sentinel? What if the Sentinel got stronger based on to-hit buffs? There would need to be limits on how much certain powers gained from this, but it is a thought. The effects could be whatever are possible in the engine. Maybe it is flat damage. Maybe the Sentinel has critical hits with a percentage equal to its to-hit buff. Also, what if the Sentinel kept all of its current buff/debuff values but had a special circumstance made for Leadership toggles? So in some ways the Sentinel gains some ideas from both HEATs and VEATs. The major difference is that Sentinels have individual power sets with variable abilities vs the HEAT/VEAT preset kits. The Sentinel benefits for teams shouldn't exceed the values of the HEAT/VEAT but just take inspiration off that. What if the Sentinel replaced Aim with Build-Up? All power sets except for Dual Pistols have Aim, even Assault Rifle. This change would further make the Sentinel a unique AT for ranged blast sets. Dual Pistols would likely need some kind of targeted redesign/buff within the AT for it to keep pace with that change. I think completely removing Swap Ammo for BU isn't possible without a full redesign. However, there could be other buffs done to the set. Also, if the Sentinel did have some relationship of critical hit to its current to-hit value, then Aim ends up have a better justification over BU. Ultimately, what I would like to see is that the gap between the Sentinel and other damage-focused ATs reduced downward. When looked at on paper, the Sentinel's base damage vs say the Blaster does reflect the AT damage scalar difference (not withstanding Fire or Ice Blast). However Defiance vs Opportunity isn't much of a contest. Defiance starts creating a much larger gap more consistently and earlier. Opportunity really only matters against AV+ enemies which diminishes the value. However, Blaster vs Sentinel is a poor comparison. The Sentinel has conceptual models similar to Scrappers but even there the damage differences are larger than they should be. So TL;DR: Role = Damage albeit with some trades made on risk vs reward due to the fundamental mechanics Playstyle = Ranged blast set plus defense Inherent = Minor team, but not the Sentinel, benefits plus perhaps some further ties with to-hit mechanics No matter what there will be those that never like this AT because it isn't the top damage dealing AT in the game. That's fine. However, the current incarnation can feel over penalized for what it actually has going for it.
  9. I was going to say you could probably dump that recharge IO in BU. Where you move it to is up to you. Also, the Assassin's Mark IO has some funky mechanics. I see BU refreshes even when I am not using the power that holds it. I decided to log in real quick to verify so I didn't just go off the cuff imagining things. I have that set in Smite on my DM/DA Stalker (the one tested). I use Smite in my attack chain BUT here were the following triggers: 1) Touch of Fear. 2) Shadow Maul. 3) Dark Regeneration. 4) Assassin's Eclipse. Some food for thought. [Not that it really matters given how you use ET, TF, and AS here]
  10. Well if I don't run my toggles with Rad how are my Phantom Army minions going to get their damage buffs? I mean, I guess you can take advantage of that too. We're friends now, but you're not in my Phantom Army. Which is OK. I don't hold that against people. I hear non-Phantoms like Accelerate Metabolism. I like Accelerate Metabolism. I try not to make groups because I hate fast scrolling text and missing tells. I hate missing tells when I am distracted doing other things. So I just mostly hang out with the Phantom Army or other pets on whatever pet class I am playing. If I am not playing a pet class then I just try to make new friends by running into large spawns. This has not worked out so well yet. I don't know why. Still, if I played a Brute there would be a role there for making new friends. One my Brutes is really good at making new friends and does so with a lot efficiency. Large groups of various NPC love to meet her. Same with Tankers. Both of them are good at making friends (this is me trying to put this train back on course).
  11. Geez, I feel like I'm looking at a mirror of my soul. I too also have an appreciation of Rhona Mitra. OK. Shot out of a cannon, Step Brothers style: Oprah, Barbara Walters, your wife... No I can't finish that, but I'd suspect... Did we just become best friends?
  12. Well there is a thread that hasn't been updated in almost a year. I wouldn't be too surprised if the Brute numbers are still disproportionately high. I don't think many players immediately abandoned their farming Brutes (Fiery Aura is popular. It's good right? 😀) https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/16094-homecoming-statistics-march-2020/
  13. Discussing survivability in a vacuum is pretty loaded. Depends on the difficulty you plan to play at and this is more of a concern for solo. For teaming, you're likely going to be fine. You may bite off more than you can chew on occasion but that happens with several ATs. Also, Barrier could be a good Destiny if you don't want Ageless all the time. Procs do help. Your approach is heavier on proc use than I personally care for, but that is just personal preference. I know I wouldn't notice a difference in the run speed, but that's just me.
  14. *Bio Armor has entered the chat*
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