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Cosmetic change to the Fighting Pool


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After a quick search I didn't see this suggested before (please let me know if it was) so I though I'd toss it out there and see what people thought.


What I'm suggesting here is a PURELY COSMETIC change to the powers in the fighting pool. Basically just alternate animations of preexisting powers to allow any character to have any melee style attack with the associated weapon model options.  For example, choosing the "1 Handed Weapon" animation option would give access to all of the 1 handed swords, maces and axes from those powersets.  This could also included things like having animations from the Martial Arts kicks or the Kinetic Melee strikes.  Also, it would be nice if, by taking any of the fighting pool powers, you were also able to change the look of brawl, since it already is modified my taking those powers.  This would require the devs to choose a light, medium, heavy and cone attack animation from each of those animation sets for us to use.


I see this as a way to, without changing the way the fighting pool works, add an enormous amount of additional character customization to the game.  This could change having to take Punch or Kick in order to get Tough and Weave from "God, I hate being forced to take this." to "Hmm, how can I use this to make my character more fun?"


Anyway, those were my thoughts, what do the rest of you think?

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