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  1. I don't know much about mental and energy for blasters, so I won't really talk about those. I will, however, be talking a bit about Dark and why it is not as bad as some people seem to think. First, theme. The whole theme with dark is that any powers that buff the player have to drain the enemies for them to work. This is seen with every dark power set in the game so it absolutely makes sense that it would need a "living" enemy to use. Just look at 'Soul Drain' the only 'Build Up' power that needs enemies to work (i think) so it makes sense that other player buffs also need enemies
  2. Yes, yes it would, just like ice/*, fire/*, and water/* are the only suggested primaries for corrupters now. How are you "defending" your team when you focus solely on weakening your enemy? You're not, you're "corrupting" the bad guys. Part of the point of my suggestion is that, yes, some sets would no longer make much sense to use on a defender, just like so many don't benefit from being on a corrupter now. And then, sets like */rad and */sonic, that are split between buff and debuff, the buff part would be better on a defender and the debuff part would be better on a corrupter.
  3. OK, so, I get it that when CoV hit, if you wanted to play a red-side defender you had to roll a corrupter. And that's fine. At the time, I liked that the red-side version was a little more offense and a bit less defense, That works with the whole "villain" thing. Now, however, things are different. First we got "going rogue" and now we can just start anything blue-side and so the balance might need to change a bit. My suggestion, rebalence all the defender and corrupter sets so that defenders get better buff numbers and corrupters get better debuff numbers. That way the only questi
  4. go with ill/poison. the debuffs from poison will make the PA do more damage. 🙂
  5. Are there not 3 different epic power pools (Charge, Heat and Mu Mastery) that contain multiple powers that will ignite the Oil Slick Arrow?
  6. After a quick search I didn't see this suggested before (please let me know if it was) so I though I'd toss it out there and see what people thought. What I'm suggesting here is a PURELY COSMETIC change to the powers in the fighting pool. Basically just alternate animations of preexisting powers to allow any character to have any melee style attack with the associated weapon model options. For example, choosing the "1 Handed Weapon" animation option would give access to all of the 1 handed swords, maces and axes from those powersets. This could also included things like having an
  7. while it would be helpful to see exactly what you entered, there are some things i can tell you now. first, this method only works with two powers (one at keypress down and one at keypress release) so if you are trying to use all three powers, that's not going to work with this (although, the method mention at the beginning of this post will work with any number of powers, it is, however, a bit more work to setup). second, for whatever reason, all commands in this game (weather binds or macros) are read right to left. whatever is listed last will be the first thing the game tries to do. so
  8. neither did i, and i only thought to try it because of the wording you used to tell me my original idea wouldn't work. so, yay, everybody wins 🙂
  9. so, i was able to get in game and test it and MunkiLord was right, it doesn't work, but i know why. for whatever reason, the bind you would need to use is: /bind [key] "+ $$powexec_toggleon build up$$powexec_toggleon aim" yes, i know those powers arn't toggles, but it does work. you do still need to press and HOLD the key until aim starts to active and then if you let go build up will be queued. however, this only seems to work if aim is not currently recharging. anyway, there is that for what it's worth. hope this helps anyone 🙂
  10. i can't test this in game right at the moment but, i've been using the bind: /bind [key] "+ $$powexec_toggleon enervating field$$powexec_toggleon radiation infection" to turn on both /rad toggles with a single, long, key press. as long as you hold the key down long enough for radiation infection to actually activate before letting go, it'll activate enervating field also. in theory using the bind: /bind [key] "+ $$powexec_name build up$$powexec_name aim" should also work, but again, you'd have to hold down the key long enough for aim to actuall
  11. no one seems to have mentioned it yet, so i'm going to go ahead and throw out there a /radiation. for those who aren't very familiar with /radiation, let's look at what it gives you: a PBAoE heal - this kind of heal is especially useful for a MM in bodyguard mode for any damage you take personally that spreads to you pets. two auto-hit AoE toggle debuffs - while a few other sets have one of these that makes the enemy less of a threat, these work together to make the enemies easier to kill also (which really helps the lower necro damage). two additional AoE debuffs - in a
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