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Multiple Triggers Off One Event?


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I'm very (very) rusty in the AE, having only built one story arc back on live & just dipping my toes back in. Anyway...


Yesterday I tried building a mission where a glowie click both spawned an ambush AND revealed the actual mission complete objective (destroy an object). I got an error about multiple things triggering off the same event. Yet I've seen posts here about doing just that. Is it just a matter of which things I can trigger off one event?



So many alts, so little time...

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Just hopped in to check and it looks like the only thing that can't be doubled up are ambushes. Everything else can trigger off the same event. I didn't check Giant Monster spawns, but I doubt that they'd be any different since they act like bosses.

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Basically ambushes can't be paired with anything else, so neither of your examples are allowed.


You'll note that if you first set up an ambush to be triggered after mission objective X is finished, mission objective X will be orange for any other triggerable event you set up later.


Outside of that, I don't think there are any other limitations beyond what the map you've chosen can handle.

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