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Hammers of Justice - Champion Server


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Hello all, can't be sure I correctly remember my @name back in the day. It was either @reiknar or @delmpherion. Either way, most from the HoJ and/or Champion would likely best remember me as either my Gravity/Empathy Controller, Delmpherion, or my Katana/Regen Scrapper, 'Pool.


I've been playing the last couple of weeks on Everlasting, but of course switching to another server is small hassle. I've started to build a group of friends to reliably log in and team up with, but would very much like to reform the Hammers if possible. Miss you guys!


                                                                              - Reik

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Hi there! I remember HoJ, I used to hang out in your guy's Vent all the time! I remember Tungsten Wolf, and the leader, but I can't remember his name. Great group and glad to hear that name. Crazy how memories fade.

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Hey Reik, i remember delm!


I was, well, Xionian lol and lots of SWAT toons also


Undead Cyborg was the founder. I hevent talked to him in a few years but I just found out about this. Would love to get HoJ going again.

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My former handle was @T-Wolf on original servers. Just found out about the game being available again. Playing on Reunion server (@Knight-Wolf). Give a shout if you're on or just visiting.


Most of my previous toon names were not available on other servers. Mad props to Undead Cyborg as the original HoJ founder. 

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Hi guys i was Starmetal Angel in HoJ and i have seen only a couple of old members returned...Undead Cyborg is busy with family and decided not to play on HC...he is a fantastic player and i miss him being on CoH...and yes i am one of the original 8 founding members of ALL-OUT-WAR which is back on Excelsior as well as the Hammers of Justice.

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