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Additional Power Pool ideas.

Razor Cure

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We have a few with some decent ranged stuff now, Sorcery and FoW, but still just the one for melee. And the attacks in fighting really aren’t great, and very..generic in style. A punch, that is hit. What about for people who wanna be a troller with a back up sword! So these will be more attack focused, with a travel that people and some kinda Self Buff.

Just came up with these super fast. Mostly the idea would be to get slottable Beast/Ninja runs..which I have seen a few threads ask for. And of course ninja attacks, cause everyone loves ninjas (besides Pirates...new idea..Pirate Melee!). Also some savage type attacks would be cool for many melees (they'd totally work on a dark vampire type) and the pounce relates to teh combat teleport thread that was going about, and would be fun (but look 100% less stupid as Spring Attack).


Way of the Warrior.

Tier 1: Kenjutsu. Minor lethal, -def, -dam, +self to hit

Tier2: Tsuke (the thrust). Moderate lethal +Dot melee, high knockdown chance.

Tier 3: Ninja Run. Exactly like the p2w power, but slottable, usable with combat jumping/hover.

Tier4: Intonjutsu (escape and concealment). AoE placate and –to hit, minor stun,  self stealth.

Tier5: Seishinteki kyōyō (spiritual refinement). Long Rech self buff, +hold/sleep/stun prot. Psi def and res. +rech and speed


Form of the Beast.

Tier 1: Claw Slash. Minor lethal, -speed, +speed to self.

Tier2: Swipe.  Moderate lethal damage, knockdown chance

Tier 3: Beast Run. Exactly like the p2w power, but slottable, usable with combat jumping/hover.

Tier4: Pounce. Self teleport, short range, longish rech, smashing damage, chance for kb (why does savage leap NOT have this too?)

Tier5: Animal Instinct. Long rech self buff. +res, regen, to hit. Adds lethal Dot to attacks, minor health regain on hit.

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Neat ideas... also consider that the movement powers of these prestige power pools so far have a hidden ability you can only use while the toggle is active. This is effectively a 6th power.


If they are gonna go down the route of making more of these prestige power pools, I would like to see a Swimming/aquatic battle one. You could have fast movement, but only while swimming. There would probably also be a defensive bonus while in water, or while active.... although travel powers tend to really drain endurance in combat.


I am curious what sort of movement power you would see in a Pirate Prestige set... a rope swing would be neat, although I don't know how they could balance that. It was already explained by the original Devs they don't have a specific way to allow characters to interact with walls or ceilings in a sensible fashion for travel powers. However, you could limit rope swings to work indoors. It's a very swashbuckler type move. Pirates could really use a Mastermind Set, though.


I think you would see a lot of PvPers take "way of the Warrior" for that psy defense/resistance.


If it wasn't for the Ninja run, I would consider making a Swordplay prestige Power pool  for "Fencing" style set instead, since there are lots of options for ninjas as it stands. The closest you can get to fencing right now is a cutlass and it's mostly brutal slashes. Maybe Ninjas could get throwing stars/kunai instead, considering there aren't as many options for players who want that style of combat yet.

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Good point regarding the 6th power in the newer pools. I didn't include extra ones because..well..I am lazy, couldnt think of any, and I am not sure every pool NEEDS a special travel inbuilt.

Your swimming idea sounds neat, but there really is not enough water related combat areas. As a super fast swimming travel, it would really onl;y be good in IP (ew, who goes there?) or Nerva..and very very other areas. Likewise, def while swimming would only help when running by Lusca!

As for a Pirate set..well, I was just being silly, in regard to the old pirates vs ninjas thing! 🙂 But yes, bring it on!


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The nice thing about Pool Powers, or even Prestige Pool Power sets is that they can address narrow situations effectively.... It would be absurd to make a Primary or Secondary Power Set that was dependent on large bodies of water. However, since we have multiple builds, anyone who wants it.. either because they love water missions or they just want it for roleplay... can have it!


You could even add new Arena options for different environmental settings such as deep water.


As far as a Pirate set goes, you could almost just use the Thug set.... if they ever let us customize costumes of Mastermind Pets....


Maybe the Ninja Prestige Pool set could include some sort of decoy/ninja clone ability. It would be LIKE placate, but would put out a decoy that would lead PvPers to believe they were looking at the original (although accuracy might be a factor..)


And any proper beast set should probably have a howl! You could even toy with it being more effective at night for Werewolf players and the like. Howl at the moon! Howls could be sonic attacks, fear procs, or even just a self stat boost. Maybe a mix of minor sonic damage, fear proc, and self boosting? I don't really know how much is too much, but you can give it a long recharge to get around it being too good.

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