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A haiku on the joy of unconventional builds


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Forty-five percent,

Defence is made meaningless.

They can't even move. 


My favourite tank is my fortunata. My favourite anything is my fortunata. I've seen blaster tanks, tankerminds, crab tanks, controller tanks, stalker tanks, scrapper tanks... not to mention peacebringers and warshades who are statistically the best tanks for the mid-levels. 


So, for all those blappers (No range? No problem), petless masterminds ("the game is too easy" - welcome to hell), offenders (sonic/anything is a wrecking ball) and crabberminds (a walking buzzsaw) out there looking for a new challenge - pick up a "squishy" archetype and make it into a tank. Debuff hard. Control well. Transcend.  


When you're confident you can do it, start volunteering as tank in teams. You'll surprise yourself. 

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Doctor Fortune  Soulwright Mother Blight Brightwarden Storm Lantern Shadow Self Corona Borealis
Blood Fortunado Dark/Dark Corruptor Rad/Rad Brute Gravity/Time Controller Storm/Water Defender Warshade Dark/Dark Tanker
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