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  1. I've found that people will come goldside if you advertise it in the LFG clearly. You usually have to help them get there, but I found it pretty easy to put teams together. Anyway, I used a stalker - some of the missions are long and being able to just run to the end can help. Note, though, that a number of goldside missions have ambushes that ignore stealth, so it's not as reliable as it might be.
  2. I think that's a really relevant thing to point out - Dark is an "ignore the rest, punch the bosses" set and plays like one. While the work you've done is impressive, there is the same issue with pylon testing that it's an artificial playstyle. -End resistance is also something that would be worth taking into account as endurance crash can totally eradicate an otherwise very sturdy tanker. As a baseline (which you rightly say it is), it's definitely some food for thought and every build has its what-if scenarios to contend with. Really interesting about Bio, though - I knew it was a bit OP, but that's really OP. Good work!
  3. You'd enjoy a confuse-heavy build. Find that enemy and weaponize them.
  4. After a bit of playing, I discovered this works really well with powexec_location target commands, meaning you can teleport yourself right up in your target's face at the click of a button. This is the nearest you're likely to get to that stupidly good opening scene with Nightcrawler in the White House in X-Men 2.
  5. Looks good! Remember that storm summoning is as near to a control set as you'll get for a defender, so you lean less on Defence than you might with other powersets (what can't stand up can't hurt you). The main problem I find is lack of damage - I can basically lock down enemies from hurting me, but defeating them is a bit slow. One nice thing about Storm is that even if you get mezzed a lot of what you've done just carries on regardless.
  6. This is (roughly) my build that I took to 50 a while ago. Defences are around 30%, with 45+ for Ranged, and I rarely take Hover off. It also has respectable damage resists. Solid-enough attack chain, enough soft control to take on elite bosses. I've got a fair few powers dedicated to managing endurance because of the amount of recharge I went for.
  7. I really hate leaving it until incarnates to deal with endurance. So much of the game is spent exemplared down. @Hew This is what I did. It really does help keep things going. Dehydrate is a decent attack that also heals you and can also recharge endurance with a proc. It's a very easy pick for me. I really recommend going for Mu and taking Power Sink as soon as you can - it's a massive endurance boosting power. Conserve Power can also really help. Storm has a few big hitter powers with massive endurance costs and it's easy to burn out. I'd also leave Assault until as late as you possibly can as endurance is such an issue with storm. If you do want to go for Soul, take Dark Consumption. Managing endurance is a big part of running a stormie. Water can take a lot of +recharge procs from Force Feedback - shove everyone one you can in your build. Storm lives on high recharge (which sadly makes endurance even more of a problem). Put some damage enhancements in Tornado - it's one of your bread and butter powers and to not make the most of it would be foolish. It's a chaotic pet, but it also does a lot of damage. It's more powerful than a Blaster's nuke, just as a slow DoT rather than a big bang. I tend to not really use hurricane, if I'm honest. It's a decent power on paper (if you manage the repel effect) but people often get pissy about knockback etc. I usually skip the Fighting pool on non-tanky builds. You've got a hell of a lot of soft control (lots of knockdown) and I find it hard to justify, but that's me.
  8. I am bored, unemployed and avoiding doing anything productive, so I tested it. Edit: CT:D, not CT:O Both are something like 0.4% resists for every 1% under 75%, so that's 0.8% with the two together. Reactive Defences adds 3% plus 0.1% resists for every 1% hit points you lose. I wish I put half the amount of effort I put into answering random queries on the internet as I did my MA thesis.
  9. Super late to notice, but CT:Defensive has a secret scaling resistance buff attached to it that duplicates Foresight's buff. It's not mentioned anywhere in game, but it's definitely there if you check your stats.
  10. Yeah, but so does jumping before you cast it so it's slightly higher (and therefore pointing the knockback down) without costing a slot.
  11. I would love it if ranged attacks could crit on widows. It's a mechanic they have but it's oddly restricted to melee.
  12. My fortunado is definitely the one I keep coming back to, partly because of the hours invested and partly because he's so fun. As a melee/ranged DPS control support stealth tank he has an answer to pretty much anything and can slot into any party. Want the stabs? He's got stabs. Want the mezz? Got that too. Hold the aggro? Aggro held. Big defence buffs? Got those for days. Is he the best at everything? No. Can he do enough of everything to get a passing grade? Absolutely.
  13. Nah. It should permanently equip that backpiece with a wicker basket with a hand flopping out so that everyone can see the extent of your... preparedness. "We're not evil," protested the Warshade. "We just carry round chunks of dead body so we can turn them into weapons. Recycling is good for the environment!"
  14. Storm is a bit weirdly balanced, and the defender version does slightly more damage than the corruptor version with lightning storm doing more damage and tornado being the same (for some reason). And there is the whole Scourge issue... It's also worth paying attention to the levels when powers become available - I think defenders round out sooner because water gets good early and storm is a bit indifferent until later levels. I had a lot of fun with my storm/water defender.
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