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  1. I completely admit to reaching a point of Praetoria Fatigue by that stage. There are a lot of good story arcs that have no connection to chronological order. I get why, as it would otherwise mean everything is stacked at the end, but it also makes levelling a bit of a mess.
  2. 100% agree - Scourge doesn't benefit it meaningfully, plus freezing rain and hurricane coming much earlier means that a Defender is "ready to go" much earlier than on a Corruptor. Obviously, if you're levelling slowly that's more of an issue, but I found that levelling a storm/water defender was pretty painless, playing more like a soft-control dominator than a support spec per se.
  3. Yep, happened to me and my ex once. We accidenatlly invaded someone else's mission. I can't remember the details exactly, but we ended up having to trek back from the Hollows.
  4. As someone who has mained a fortunata for... a while... I'd 1- or 2-slot Confuse. Spin is pretty useful. I find TD is much more situational than Confuse, but obviously playstyles do differ.
  5. Short answer: It's, like, really good. Long answer: @Bopper, I know you're a stats guru and that's a-okay. You have shown repeatedly that this approach is of value to the the game and the game's community through the detail-focused work you've done and for I am appreciative. However, we also quantitative data; it is, after all, a game one plays primarily for fun, which is a qualitative, subjective experience. I think Confuse is one of the most valuable status effects both in terms of offensive and defensive possibilities, albeit one with a learning curve. There is a ga
  6. Apex/Tin Mage II is two separate task forces that are typically run as a pair. I think that's what they mean.
  7. I can't remember who said it, but someone once talked about how someone stealthed to the end of the last mission in the Imperious task force and tried to TTP everyone to the end even though it was made clear from the start that they weren't doing that. She TTP'd everyone back and that is a thing of beauty in and of itself.
  8. There's only about a 5-level period where there's no Praetorian content. After Night Ward, you've got the old AV arcs, and then most of the incarnate trials are Praetorian. It's actually quite hard to not do Praetorian content when you get to the top end. That said, I would love another Task Force and I'd love to see a continuation of the Wards storyline. I liked the wartorn feel there - it's a nice contrast to the "parks and rectangles" of Paragon City and the "shanty town around an evil lair" of the Rogue Isles. Someone above mentioned having an Underground to the Wards - Night
  9. Thunderspy has always been quite driven to be the first to X (after the Sanctuary, which could be a bit too bleeding-edge for some people) and I like the focus on innovation. There has definitely been a sea change in Thunderspy in the last year - they took on a trans dev (or GM? not sure) as part of their team and when some idiot people took issue with this, a lot of the chan neckbeard die-hards either left in protest or were asked to leave because while it is broadly unmoderated, they do not tolerate personal attacks and there's a difference between "banter" and attacking someone's right to e
  10. I'll second dark - the debuffs are decent and make your life easier as a healer. Mind is good if you don't like pets (I don't like pets) and is excellent for small teams because that sleep lets you knock down enemies one by one. Gravity is a set you have to be somewhat careful with as some of the powers can annoy people, but it has a ton of utility if you use it well and is quite blasty for a control set.
  11. I almost exclusively play matched sets or nearly-matched sets. Both my dark/dark corruptor and dark/dark tanker were a lot of fun. The corruptor has solid -ToHit so felt sturdy and could heal through quite a lot, as well as doing respectable damage. It also gets a pet as its T9, and that pet has basically the same support powers as you so it goes from good to very good. The tanker is tough, although needed a bit of building. I like that dark armour has control auras so you actually don't need to build that much that early as they basically make minions irrelevant while the damage
  12. I disagree with this judgment - Mind it outstanding solo and in small groups where you aren't all completely overpowered. It plays like a fairly defensive blast set with utility from Confuse. That forcefield generator? Mine now. Ritki guardians with AoE buffs? Yes, I'll have one of those. No healer? I'll grab that surgeon in Cimerora. Longbow wardens bothering you with singularity? Confuse the warden and the pet will turn on them. Tsoo sorcerer? A bit annoying because they teleport away, but they're good at coming back to heal you. The AoE confuse is a complete game-cha
  13. I'm slow-levelling a grav/time controller solo and the knockback/knockup is absolutely worth it - it allows you to get an extra attack in while the enemy is still ragdolling in mid-air. I'd put my controller's ability to not die down to his debuffs as much as the mezzes. -recharge is surprisingly overpowered at low-mid levels.
  14. They stack. So, if you use a +3 mag hold then a +2 mag hold, you now have a +5 mag hold effect on that enemy. It doesn't matter where they come from - single targe, AoE, different casters etc - it's the magnitude on the target that matters. To mez a target, you have to get a higher magnitude stack than their protection - bosses have a default protection of 3. If I cast a mag 3 hold on a boss, nothing happens because 3 isn't more than 3. If I throw another mag 3 hold (or someone else does, or I cast a Mag 2 hold or something), the boss is held. You have to get higher than their pro
  15. Yeah... mapserver errors, powercuts, floods, random acts of sasquatch... anything totally out of your control and not related to gameplay doesn't count.
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