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  1. Ah, sorry - I though I read it off mids but I also wasn't looking very hard (and mids isn't 100% true-to-game). Thanks. There's also the point that Defenders get FS much earlier than Corruptors, and it exemplars lower still. I think people overlook that. It really depends on what the goal of the build is - skip early levels and spend the whole time running Council radio missions or work your way up slowly with story arcs and task forces? Personally, I don't think they work that well together - kinetics favours being up close and personal (or at least mid-range) and sonic works
  2. Sonic blast is a reasonably fun set with a focus on -res as a secondary effect. There's also a cone sleep power, which is very useful solo. A bit of a downside of sonic is arguably that it's quite hard to add damage procs tp, meaning it can be hard to make your own and eke extra damage out of. I'd say the effects are also a bit divisive - you'll love it or hate it. Kin/sonic on a defender is a very strong damage multiplier for teams. Sonic from the stacking resistance debuff and kinetics from the +DMG buffs, endurance management and recharge powers. The standard -res debuff is 20%.
  3. I have run it a few times and filled up a team from the LFG easily. I'd barely even call it a raid, it's just a giant monster with extra steps. A team of eight can take it down without flinching. My advice: stick it in the LFG. People will come to get the badge if nothing else as it's a slightly rare one.
  4. Okay, so the earliest I can find directly calling the Rogue Isles "red side" is on the March 2008 City of Heroes Podcast. I've had a rummage through the old forums, but the Wayback Machine doesn't really like forum software and a lot of the topics haven't actually been archived, or not in a way that doesn't involve being on exactly the right version of the archive that it needs. There isn't much for "Kings row best row" or variants that I can find, either.
  5. This post might help you - Crabberminds don't really play like masterminds because you have no control over the pets and is mostly viable by abusing recharge, so be prepared to drop a lot of inf onto the build. I think the line for permanent pets is 190% recharge or thereabouts. You can get 90 from perma Hasten + Mental Training, so you've "just" got to make up a hundred elsewhere. They also don't get any pets until level 35, which is also worth knowing about. Until then, they play sort of like sentinels. Also note that up until level 24's forced respec, you'll play like a somewhat
  6. The future of this incredibly niche bit of information depends on you provided your memory of events is correct!
  7. I am both a historian (well, doing a history MA) and a linguist (from a background in historical linguistics with some training in corpus searches) so this should be something I should be able to find. Now, as a historian I know that what we can access is on a fraction of what was archived and what was archived is only a fraction of what was recorded and what was recorded is only a fraction of what actually took place... Some things are just lost to time. For example, we do not have any access to any of the ingame chat logs, the roleplay sagas that took place at the feet of the sta
  8. So they still try to get out of the patch that follows them? That's all I want. It's my "Look, I'll deal with you in a bit so just go on a little jog or something" power for when I pull one too many bosses on my defender.
  9. That's a shame because that was why I take it - it's a great power for when you're getting overwhelmed. Being able to tell enemies to just bugger off for a bit is very useful if you're soloing or in small groups. It's a very rare crowd control power (it makes a crowd disperse - really powerful if you're squishy) available to anyone. It doesn't fit in the "AoE tank and spank" meta, but surely not every power needs to? It was a unique power among the pools and seeing this loss in utility is a shame.
  10. For reference, it's the ones from mind control (thin white rings effect) or illusion control (sparkly flash effect). Purple psi blasts follow positional defence rules. I'd echo Omega Force's advice, though: purple and orange inspirations cover a multitude of sins. You can also get your psi resistance up pretty high with a few special IOs if you want to be proactive rather than reactive, though.
  11. This sent me down a wonderful internet rabbit hole. Thank you! Also, brutes are scrapperlock: the archetype and I think their inherent discourages antisocial play, making it a poor choice for a first character. Good players outnumber bad ones, though, it's just that a bad tank can often have a worse consequence than bad DPS and brutes are a tanking archetype.
  12. I love that Everlasting has a roleplay focus, and I don't even particularly roleplay. It adds a layer of fun having a clown who only communicates in HONKs and I've met an in-character dog in a mecha suit. In-character play adds such a nice amount of silliness to the game and I'd be put off if all servers were scooped in together as I fear the RPers would be lost in the noise. Having a discussion about whether lost limbs due to half-arsed teleportation is covered by insurance policies is the sort of magic I feel would be lost if the servers were unified. I teamed with him onc
  13. That's what I meant - door-sitters and AFK-ers. I like lowbies coming along for the ride, but if they don't say anything and just door sit then I don't really have time for that. I regularly run level 50 tip missions in Atlas Park specifically to help lowbies so they have an option other than running DFB for a quick boost. Also, it's fun because keeping them all upright becomes a mini-game of its own.
  14. I disagree on both your first two points - I've rarely teamed with AFKers or incompetent people while levelling. I find it can happen a bit at top levels. You get what you give with the LFG - if you say "not a farm" then you don't get XP leeches. Scrappers and brutes who can't take the heat are a bit of a recurring problem at low levels, but I've never encoutered anyone I'd call incompetent. Redside teams are easy to get together on Everlasting, which has always had one of the better villain ratios. "Redside missions team: all welcome" usually gets a little squad together. Gol
  15. I've been levelling a warshade recently and there seems to be less awareness that quantums are a genuine risk to Kheldians. I've been splatted by more quantums on HC than I think I ever did on live. That said, back in the bad old days they did unresistable damage...
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