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  1. Part of the problem is that pet classes have never been something I enjoy and masterminds go all-in on pets. I don't mind the lore pets because you pretty much just set them to aggressive then go about your business and if they die then I'm still extremely capable - masterminds have pets right at the heart of the archetype and I don't enjoy that style of play. Mind is my favourite control set because it doesn't rely on pets and plays like a blast set (and even better on fortunata, where you get Mind's greatest hits but also you can stab people). It's just not my thing, I'm currently levelling a dark/dark corruptor (only playing in very small teams - strongly recommend if you like challenge) and that's got a pet at L38 which I'm 50-50 on whether or not I'll take.
  2. Blasters - I don't feel like their damage is high enough to mitigate the lack of mitigation. Yes, I could IO out for softcap defences, but it'd still feel wimpy. Dominators - even with domination up I think they're just blasters with holds. Peacebringers solo - meh. Peacebringers on teams - aw yiss. Their inherent does them dirty. Masterminds - I cannot stand how passive they feel. Even with a more active secondary, I find myself just sort of hanging around while the damage happens around me.
  3. I'd say this is true up to the late game stuff. I do make it clear when we're starting, though (normally +2 for the first mission, then +3 or +4 depending on how we do). I also use the words "not a speed run" quite regularly because the point of the game is to enjoy the game, in my opinion, and that scrapper who decides to fly straight up to the Oracle (and then not lead her to the altar because he hasn't bothered to check chat to see who she's following) in IFT can suck a whole fart.
  4. It definitely a Windows 10 problem, rather than a game problem. My solution is to run the game in windowed fullscreen mode so the menu bar is always there - after a short while you mentally tune it out, which is less aggravating than having it pop up when it feels like it. Edit: Usually a full shut down and restart cycle (rather than hibernating etc) will remind it how it's meant to be behaving.
  5. Yeah. Fortunatas have not changed at all apart from having cheaper access to IOs. Putting the fear ATO into psychic scream gives you good mileage as 10 seconds of fear or 3 or 4 enemies is good damage mitigation, although it'd probably also be decent in psynado or spin. Edit: I quite often forget to fire off foresight because I'm a noodle and I still survive. Psy wail's disorient lasts for days.
  6. Same - it's one of the more useful procs, in my opinion.
  7. I am 80% certain more escorts were teleportable back in the early early game, but I can't find any evidence of this.
  8. Yeah. I've been doing a lot of the newer ones and the old ones are unlockable through Ouroboros, but a lot of the redside story is told through the broker-introduced arcs and I'd like to experience it moderately organically; having to run six (!) generic missions to get a four-act story arc is just pure ass.
  9. Personally, I don't think there's much of a difference in difficulty. In any case, outlevelling contacts is already a problem if you're levelling "the slow way" through story arcs, with no XP-boost, so increasing rewards would likely just exacerbate the problem. I was thinking more as an anti-grind measure akin to the changes to alignment swaps than a way to get more people redside. Rather than do something repetitive, allow players to streamline the experience in a one-and-done sorta way.
  10. Current situation: three newspaper missions, a meyhem mission, then a story arc contact introduction. If you want to meet another, it's three more radios, the same mayhem mission again... repeat for each contact. Seeing as they're all accessible anyway through Ouroboros after they've been outlevelled, would it be possible to have all normal zone contacts opened after one broker loop? Perhaps switch them to a badge unlock for completing the relevant mayhem mission once? Part of the problem for me with redside content is that you're locked out of a lot of it by default, so you end up having to grind before you can even pick up any meaningful missions.
  11. You're very welcome! That's a satisfying little arc with some interesting flourishes and it definitely stood out as one of the more memorable ones. I'm currently working on a redside version (it's growing on me now I've got enough to find a narrative I can start stitching together for the guide - it felt a bit scattershot up until now), and then I'll do an at-50 version (where there is a lot of good content).
  12. I've just levelled a dark/dark tanker and the corruptor feels positively spry by comparison. My tanker could float into pretty much any battle and take no damage, but the problem was neither did anything else. Kiting enemies through tar patch with Darkest Night and then spewing cones at them makes most fights pretty straightforward. The only time things got really hard was when we pulled three bosses plus a few minions and lieutenants at once, which I think is pretty decent as we were probably L20 at the time. Tar patch is what brings it all together as you can kite enemies through it, coning away at them, then jump over them and kite them back across if anyone's still moving. The two sets work really well together. It's actually nice to not have to be as ATTACKATTACKATTACK as with my fortunado and play at a more sedate pace. Fortunatas are absurdly powerful, but they need to be applying constant pressure to really succeed. My dark/dark corruptor does well enough at a fairly gentle pace and that's fine. My next decision is really which epic pool to take. I might take Dark just for thematic reasons, but also Soul Drain is a really good power and you can proc it pretty heavily as a pauper's nuke.
  13. Thanks! My dark/dark corruptor is only level 23 as I'm running him slowly through story arcs to write a redside levelling guide (and boy howdy is it an unveven experience, but I think I've stumbled into some good arcs)... no fluffies yet. I was thinking 4-slotted Cloud Senses as more defence is the last thing a dark/dark corruptor needs as most enemies are have ~22.5% ToHit debuff on them before I even toggle on Darkest Night due to the three cones I've got going on (and that's without tenebrous tentacles which would bring it to a ridiculous ~30%) and that fear effect lasts for days so half the time enemies aren't even trying to attack. Seriously, the debuff game is so strong that it's among the safest I've every played. This isn't my AV solo artist (my fortunado has that nailed down) and I'd rather be a good levelling all-rounder than go for super meta with this character as it's basically just a story arc plunderer.
  14. Any advice on slotting? I was thinking I'd slot 3 or 4 of some sort of Accurate ToHit debuff set and then move on with my life. Is there some magical combination that makes him/her/them super mega ultra?
  15. I completely agree with you. It being perma-able completely shoots holes in a lot of game balance. Even the original devs had problems with it - MAtt Miller directly called it abusive. From the Lore AMA thing on Paragon wiki: Hasten is not a good power because it is too good a power. I with they made it inherent, and unenhanceable, when they made the Fitness changes. Speaking of which, I remember a couple of times being a kinetics defender and being the only person on a team not to get the fitness pool. Someone even mentioned it once - like the solo-friendly defender inherent, Fitness had zero value to a mid-level teaming kinetics defender.
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