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Intense graphic lag logging in that (usually) goes away

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So this bug used to hit way back in the original servers, so I know it isn't specific here. And I had an entirely different computer then, too, but...


Sometimes when I load CoH, as soon as I get to Character Select I start getting at ton of graphics lag. Checking Task Manager I can see that my GPU is spiked to 100%, just at Character Select. Loading in, I get the same. Now usually sometimes it'll go away after a second or two, or sometimes alt-tabbing will kinda shake it into place and everything is fine. But sometimes it takes restarting the game like 10 times to get a lag free experience.


Anyone else run into this and do you have any ideas on a permanent fix?


(For reference, the system should not have any lag from CoH, and when the game works properly the performance is amazing - 2x 980Tis, i7-5820K @ 3.5Ghz, 32GB RAM, etc.)



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