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City of Villains - We need more Villains


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Post your best Villains here! And if you're playing again, post what Shard you're on and your new character names!


I played on Virtue back in the day. Currently on Everlasting. I'm EST and play at night - If I can. Adulting, you know? Saturday and Sunday mornings usually three to four hours.


Steel Dominion


Nefarious Ghast

Havoc Bane - Warshade Villain - My Pride & Joy - I loved this character so much. A Warshade on Redside?! Rare AF! I remade him, but I've been playing a Dark/Time Corr lately. I will level this character soon, maybe in the summer. Watch out for him!


Currently playing, as mentioned, a Dark/Time Corr - Vathylscz. I'm in the Pride and Homecoming Global channels if you want to group up!

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I don't think "we need more villains" is a good rallying cry as people seem to woefully misunderstand it.


Kind of like Tanks were misunderstood until a few people did something about it.


I think we need a DEDICATED Red Lights District night. The huge disparity on Excelsior of Blue to Red is around 4-7 times judging by Ms. Liberty/nameless white arbiter guy numbers of pure lolligaggers.


If the numbers are similar across servers then I'd suggest setting this up IMMEDIATELY by choosing a server that is nice and stable and starting up the VG/SG for Villains (Absolutely do I suggest "Red Light District") as the name and then picking two days/nights a month to officially support Villain side.


Remember folks, this game was brought back from the dead for people to ENJOY. Please don't let class-cist concepts block you from teaming with other people. If you want to be heroes, stop dedicating 100% of your time to inanimate and nonliving programs and be heroes to ME. Join me and some folks Red side for good times. It's not like you're ALL able to use RP as an excuse ("I play this game to feel like a hero.").


Reason I bring this up is because it's true. Second reason? A BRAND spanking new player to CoX befriended me and in a span of a week has hit 50 with his first and only toon. He's trying to learn IO's and the like. Hears about the Quarterfield TF with bonus merits and signs up. Everyone has SS and speeds the TF leaving the Red sider Crab to get slaughtered over and over again by the mobs and though the team had Recall Friend apparently kept forgetting it. Then this person got D/C'd and missed out on the reward. Then they did an STF and got D/C'd, again, no reward. I quote: "F*ck Blue side! I'm coming back to Red so we can team up!"


We gotta stop this Red-Blue mentality. We're 7 years matured. Don't run off half-cocked and forget new people are STILL new, whether they are 50 or not and PLEASE don't forget to support YOUR GAME. City of Villains is STILL your game. We are all each other's server neighbors. If you abandon one side then you abandon and cut off anyone who wants to try and play that side. That includes those nice, new people who will help support our community if we let them.


PS: Don't ask me to run Red Lights Nights. I work graveyard 40 hours a week and am a landlord the rest of the time. We've got other organizers (I prefer that term to "cult leader" :P ) who can get this event going. And if the GM's support it by maybe tossing in a couple monsters or raids or such for Red side badgers then how cool of a way to get some support across?


I'll be red side when I can but until I get the badge I'm not a one man army. We need some heroes to step up and shoulder the load.

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