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Spines/Bio build assist


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Hey guys, I'm trying to build out a Spines/bio build and need some assistance. I'm not super familiar with where the stats should be for scrappers so I would love some critiques on what I've built so far.


I expect to be in a damage stance most of the time. I know that quils is endurance heavy so I want to have a strong recovery/endurance discount to maintain the toggles. And of course I would like to dish out damage while surviving. Who says I can't have it all :-D


Note I made this pre-incarnates bc I'm not super familiar with them at the moment to start throwing them in just yet.


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |


























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On the spines side, i would lose Barb Swipe and get Impale.  Impale is a bit slow, but its great for stopping runners and knocking flyers down to earth.  At higher levels, you don't really need barb swipe to keep your attack chain full unless you get slowed, and you can use temp powers to fill that gap.  Looking at your recharge bonus' I doubt that you would need filler anyway.

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