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  1. Hit up close, preferably in the face, and embrace debt. If you ain't dyin, you ain't tryin.
  2. This is awesome! Also not surprising when I think about it, I feel you are on a good amount of the random TFs I join(along with O'Toole).
  3. What's your favorite character AT and powerset?
  4. This is top on my wishlist. Personally I would rather this be done before any changes to any powers that would make me want to do a respec. The respec system was good enough before IOs I guess. But with IOs, it's simply terrible and a horrific user experience.
  5. Clearly admins and mods winning days shouldn't be allowed, it's basically insider trading and various RICO violations rolled into one. I have no particular reason or motivation for saying that and certainly wouldn't have anything to gain at all if my most excellent idea were implemented immediately.
  6. I've only made this combo on a Scrapper, but those are the Incarnates I chose, and will choose again when I make this combo as a Stalker. If not Reactive, I like Degenerative too.
  7. I like the oh crap situations, the chaos is fun. Changes things up.
  8. And Stone Melee!!! I NEED a Stone Melee Scrapper.
  9. I'm with you, but the grenade one is at least a memorable way to go.
  10. The Paragon Wiki lisence allows copying with properly attributing the source. I was a fan of using that as a base and modifying it when relevant.
  11. Blasters in melee is the best. Also, more evidence everyone wants to be a Scrapper!
  12. I like that idea, selling merits would be very interesting indeed.
  13. As an end user of a Dell at work, there is a lot of bloatware that came installed.
  14. This is awesome. My big problem now is if I want to respec MunkiLord, my DM/SR, of I want to compltely reroll to DM/SD.
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