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  1. Fun makes me smile, I think that is a good general way to describe the word to me. Going into a mob and blowing it up is fun, this makes me smile. Barely surviving a +3x8 mob of Carnies is fun. Playing Hades puts a big ass smile on my face. In most cases I see fun and joy as two sides of the same coin. Fun by itself isn't enough to keep me engaged for too long though. I need something to work toward. First it was the soft cap, then soloing various TF, another build, X amount of influence, etc. For AC Odyssey I wanted to get every vantage point, Hades all the achievements, etc. Mix
  2. I like to walk up to random people and offer a trade, if they accept I'll give them a random amount and just run away. And never respond to the messages when they say thanks or just send a question mark because they are confused. Or sometimes in Atlas broadcast I'll see someone offer X million influence if you can find them. I'll double that amount for people not to find that person. Giving away influence is something nice to do sure, but in the end it is about me and my amusement.
  3. The power doesn't have to be available actually, if the IOs are attuned or the proper level that is all that matters.
  4. I dunno man, I did that once and the other guy was just melee and it didn't work out too well for me.
  5. We should just do Stone Melee instead! That's what I really want but I assume SS will be first.
  6. This makes my Scrapper-heart smile. Who needs healing when you can just kill enemies faster?
  7. About 14.5 billion. My net worth is less than half of what it was about a year ago.
  8. I still think this should happen. Also Stone Melee for Scrappers.
  9. Been playing Path of Exile the last few weeks and just started Bloodstained Ritual of the Night yesterday.
  10. Eh, it was good. I like it, but I LOVED Odyssey. Still playing Hades every day and started playing Immortals Phoenyx Rising a few days ago and I'm really liking it so far. If I end up loving Immortals that will be a nice little streak Greek Mythology will have for me over the last couple years.
  11. Assassin's Creed Valhalla, awesome so far.
  12. Emphasis mine. When was that bolded part promised?
  13. I'm just wondering why I have yet to get the last boon from Aphrodite and Dionysus after 98 hours of playtime.
  14. Scrappers still need this. And Stone Melee.
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