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  1. Here's a link to Paragon Wiki on the topic: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Sidekick#Exemplar.2FMalefactor Basically you keep your powers for five levels below when you selected them. You keep all your enhancements and slots, but the effects diminish the lower level you exemplar to. Set bonuses are good for three levels below the enhancement level, so if they are all level 50 enhancements, you lose the bonuses starting at level 46. If say four are level 50 in a set, and the other two are level 40, you'll lose the last set bonus once you go below 37 and all the others below level 47. If your enhancements are all attuned, you would lose the set bonuses once you go more than three levels below the set's lowest level.
  2. This is what I want the most. So, F*** YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  3. It’s based off the base and enhanced recharge of the power including Alpha Slot. Global recharge does not impact it. I don’t have the formula in front of me, but basically longer recharge powers with less enhanced recharge have a higher chance to proc, with a hard cap of 90%. Depending on a power’s base recharge, you could have the enhanced recharge somewhere in the high 60s and still be at or near the proc chance. Here is a link to Boppers PPM guide, it’s good stuff. Also searching for the various proc monster threads will also give all kinds of amazing information. edit: That preview picture makes the PPM stuff look scary. For single target powers it’s actually a simple formula you can plug into a spreadsheet or Google search bar.
  4. One time I jumped into one of those games someone else was running and offered the first person to not find the game runner twice the prize. The first person that message me was very shocked when I sent them influence. edit: HBK > Hitman
  5. I like how Judgement and other Incarnate abilities work at the moment. I’m not in favor of adding any additional restrictions/nerfing them.
  6. April Fool’s Day has always been a stupid and idiotic tradition.
  7. Your main would get along well with mine. Bung shakes the ground when she walks and likes to jump up and smash the ground or punch it.
  8. Bung, my main Darkness/Stone Dom, lives on the head of the statue next to Maria Jenkins. That is where she logs out, does her market stuff, and sleeps. Once someone was trespassing when I logged in and they were AFK. So I read their fortune and summoned all my pets and they fell off my balcony.
  9. I think Incarnate salvage and reward merits are the only kind of loot you can't get on the AH.
  10. Whiny ass Tanks and Brutes crying about Rage are the biggest problem to Scrappers getting Super Strength. I say do whatever they wanna do to Rage, and just remove Tankers and Brutes from the game, problem solved.
  11. Gotta second the Blaster suggestion, they are monsters these days. My favorite so far has been my Ice/Fire, it's unfairly good on high end builds. Arch/Temp was also a ton of fun to play as one of my most played characters on HC. Something that caught me by surprise is just how much fun my Darkness/Stone Dom has been. Dark is all kinds of awesome, and Stone feels so damn powerful, it also helps that it hits really hard. Seismic Smash on a Dom might be too good.
  12. You can buy boosters from a merit vendor or on the market directly. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Enhancement_Booster_Salvage Non attuned enhancements can be boosted up to +5
  13. I second this. Only a few of my characters have perma hasten without the help of Ageless, one of those being my SR Scrapper because it's so easy on that build.
  14. Agility is an Alpha power, Ageless is a Destiny power.
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