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  1. When I use TT if I have time I like to fly as high as I can and then use it.
  2. This would amuse me, but I 100% understand why someone wouldn't like this. I'm a fan of chaos.
  3. AT checks before inviting people to a team. Doesn't matter 99.5% of the time, stop being lame.
  4. Interesting, I did not know it was on Steam as well. I've never used it for screen recording, but I really like it for taking screenshots.
  5. Or have a P2W option to automatically list salvage stacks of 10 for an amount of influence I choose. Soon as I have ten common salvage, immediately list it for X influence. For me that number would be one so it sells quickly. edit: This would also have the added benefit of potentially making salvage prices crash, which could be fun to watch play out.
  6. I doubt anything like this would be as easy as snapping fingers, I don't disagree. As for how difficult or worth dev time, no idea. Since we're not demanding anything I don't really factor in dev time at all, they'll know better than me how much time they are able and willing to invest in a particular project and if they want to do it at all.
  7. Your YouTube example is really doing something different than what is being asked for here. The OP is asking for the ability to filter their own experience only, not an automated ban system like YouTube is using. I think people being able to set their own filters for what they do and don't want to see is a great idea. That way if they don't want to see someone say 'fuck' but don't care if someone says 'shit' that is possible so long as they are willing to go through the trouble of setting it up and customizing it. And if something is broken in the attempt then HC would do what normally happens when software breaks, roll back the change and/or fix it.
  8. I agree with Yomo in not being a fan. What I would like to see instead is a quick way to post all salvage of a certain rarity for a particular price. Make it super quick and easy to dump all my salvage on the market and I'll never delete another piece again.
  9. Yes those still happen. I can't find it, but there is some sort of schedule of various events that will be run throughout this month. I'm pretty sure it's part of the log in message when you get in game. If I can find it here on the forums I'll share the link.
  10. I think yall will do great! But part of being a GM is sending me 3 billion influence a month for overhead costs. Now some people may make claims like I'm 'lying' or 'making stuff up' or that I'm an 'idiot' but ignore them. They are unreasonable with their relentless logic and fact based opinions. I'm simply letting the new GMs know about tribute overhead costs of running a functional forums and game servers. You know, to help out or something like that.
  11. Gave Far Cry 5 another shot the last few days, and I just don't think it is very good. Still haven't finished Doom Eternal, FF7 Remake, and I just started The Last of Us(first one), so I haven't been able to settle on another game recently. If you can get Borderlands 3 edition with all the DLC for a good price I say go ahead and pick it up now. I do think waiting to play it is a good idea though since the developers seem to be constantly tweaking the endgame and things seem to still be changing rapidly at this point. Plus there is one more planned big DLC and each one so far has raised the level cap which almost completely negates all the gear you grinded for previously. Which isn't the worst thing in the world, but the timing of me hitting the endgame and huge patches shortly after in BL3 and Division 2 has made me a little shy on loot based games. But Doom Eternal is just fucking awesome.
  12. But that means each AT averages 8.5 and since Scrappers are what Chuck Norris wants to be when he grows up, clearly a tie is bad math.
  13. That depends. If drinks are a normal part of gameplay then that is something to account for. You just may need to rotate AT every mission instead of doing five and then switching. Also you can compare your times for each AT as you have more adult beverages. All for science of course.
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