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  1. I *think* of the two, the Corruptor has the best potential since Storm is pretty badass. /Ice isn't bad, but story is probably a good bit better. Either way Ice as a primary is extremely strong and you shouldn't have any problems soloing with either build.
  2. Blueside almost all of them. Ms. Liberty, Kahn, Apex, Ting Mage, and Lady Grey might be extremely difficult depending on the specific character, but the rest are very solo friendly from a difficulty standpoint. I think Kahn is the only one that hasn't been soloed at this point.
  3. It did suck a lot before vet powers.
  4. I've always wondered why I get a countdown sometimes and not others.
  5. If this is temporary I'll spend a few billion and sit on them for a while.
  6. Did the HC team lower the price, is this some sort of error, or is somebody trying to crash the market?
  7. That is exactly how I discovered my last few. Unless a niche I'm working completely collapses I just stick with it and don't really look for others.
  8. I have no critique at all, I haven't played either set, and haven't played a tank past level 14. I was just hoping there was some odd combination of powers making Foot Stomp somehow do KB. A way out there guess is perhaps the Interface energy proc has a small chance of KD or KB that isn't listed? Though if that were the case I imagine it would be known by now.
  9. I also remember Ice getting the boost previous to any snipe changes. In my opinion Ice doesn't need any boost to compensate for the lack of snipe, it's amazing. But I also wouldn't be opposed to it.
  10. Are you level shifted? If not, mind sharing your build in here? I'm curious to why this is happening for you and want to look at it for shits and giggles. Also, Scrappers still need SS.
  11. Anything I don't think will sell for at least a few million I either delete or dump on the AH for 1 influence.
  12. What's a good rate of influence gain if focusing on the market? Since I started tracking my influence slightly more closely, I've been profiting about 305.8 million a day. I know that's not considered slow by any means, but that's been my average since October 3 when I counted it all.
  13. When was the last time you did some of the old Devouring Earth arcs? Been a long time for me, so that could be interesting?
  14. Don't know how many other people do this, but I delete a ton of recipes as I'm playing if I don't think they'll sell for much. But I rarely delete enhancements. If I took the time to craft it or buy it, I'll likely resell it even if it's only for 1 influence.
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