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  1. The drop rate might be higher for bosses, that I'm not sure about.
  2. The fee is 10% of the selling price, with 5% of the listing price paid up front.
  3. Purples drop from minions and lieutenants too
  4. My counter to your analogue is There's Something About Mary. Have it all.
  5. I should clarify, when I say I'm all for it if that is what a bunch of people want. Personally I think it's unnecessary since XP is so easy to come by in various ways. I like the balance we have now. I can PL to 50 in a few hours if I want, solo at the old rate, or solo quickly with double XP. In my opinion the only option that I think would really benefit the game is a slider option to vary xp to any percentage between zero and two hundred.
  6. I'm all for boosting the XP on normal content if that is what people want. But I don't like the idea of removing/nerfing AE(that's how the first post came across to me).
  7. I think it will generally get easier/less time intensive the more you do it. But making an absolutely maxed character is never what I consider quick since towards the end of the process we're talking about tenths of a percentage here and there. I generally have a few go to sets and unique IOs I use on most to all characters so that makes it a bit quicker. For general level 50s I'll try to get 50-80% recharge and 20-30% defense to a category or two and that is more than enough for most content. If after the big bump that gives me I really like the character, then I'll look into really tweaking the build to maximize everything. Also sometimes I'll just take a build directly from the forums and adjust a few things here and there to my liking and go with it. That saves a ton of time, and quite often gives me a new way to approach my goals.
  8. Super Strength, Energy Melee, and especially Stone Melee for Scrappers.
  9. Along with Super Strength and Energy Melee, we need Stone Melee! After using it on my Dom, I need to play this on a Scrapper.
  10. I was not aware it said this. Good suggestion, I agree.
  11. It's only the ATO and Winter IOs you can't attune before 50 because you can't slot the superior versions until level 50. Regular IOs you can attune before then.
  12. I bring extra purples on characters that don't have high defense.
  13. MunkiLord

    Best for Solo?

    I prefer attack-attack-useallmyinspirations attack-attack-faceplant. Debt builds character.
  14. Not sure how helpful, but here is some more information(you may have already checked this thread): https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Super_Pack/Rogues_and_Vigilantes https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Super_Pack/Heroes_and_Villains
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