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  1. This is very possible if someone has both. But Combat Jumping is awesome and I leave it on all the time.
  2. 1. That's largely going to depend on what set bonus you're after. Many of the best defense bonuses come from six slotting a set, and recharge is typically at five slots. 2. In general I try to get the damage to about 95%, give or take, and then prioritize other stats depending on what I need. For example a nuke I'm going to prioritize recharge over endurance, but a tier 1 attack I will likely do the opposite. 3. I'd frakenslot for now, and replace the "lesser" IOs as you acquire your final stuff. Things like Miracle +Recovery and Numina unique for Health are good ones to get early, as is the Scrapper ATO proc that gives you +50% Crit chance when it goes off. I'm also a big fan of putting the Guassian's chance for build up proc in your Build Up power. I've never played Dark Armor, but I do know you have a ton of toggles, so Miracle and Numina are good ones to start with. You can get them both for about 8 million combined if you're just a little patient. 4. No, you're good. 5. My guess is the person likely did it to squeeze out the final bit of defense needed to hit the soft cap. Taking both is not typical for end game builds looking to min/max.
  3. Recently remade my DM/SR, and maneuvers is completely unnecessary for getting to softcap, so I agree here. I still took Combat Jumping, but I take that on every single character because it's my favorite power in the game.
  4. Yes you can use two damage auras, so go nuts. Though I'm not sure the best place to put the ATO in Spines, so I'm of no help there.
  5. This is actually what I'm considering making very soon! But I already have two level 50 Archers and a level 50 /Fire, so I'm unsure if I want to repeat the same sets again so soon. But the AoE would be glorious! Plus I could slot a pretty good amount of KD in there(would take Bonfire too) so I could keep enemies from running away from Burn and Hot Feet.
  6. It's probably not illegal logging in and playing the game, though even if it is nobody is going to go after the end users. If they wanted I suppose NCSoft could go after former players since we all agreed to an EULA years and years ago, though I have no idea if something like that is still enforceable. Everyone seeding the torrent is absolutely committing copyright infringement though, assuming that torrent has NCSoft IP somewhere in it. I actually don't know the contents of the torrent, but I feel it's likey using NCSoft IP.
  7. The one and only reason is because they were a failing company that badly needed cash and NCSoft had money to potentially make it worth their time.
  8. Apparently that name is too long. So I went with Refreshment.
  9. I understand why this will never happen, but I f***ing LOVE this idea! Start a farm with 8 Elec/SD characters and it'll be a contest to see who lives the longest. Or maybe make it a special challenge mission or TF! Survival mode to see how long a team can last like this only using AoE attacks and limit the amount of rez. For general gameplay, probably not. But special modes/events this could be a ton of fun.
  10. Her arc is super short and repeatable via Ouro. My first attempt to speed through it took me about 13 minutes. With practice I've heard that can get below ten minutes. Not bad for a guaranteed Emp Merit and a piece of random rarity Incarnate salvage.
  11. Or Chris Genericho! A Street Justice/Invul? Scrapper with Confront and Provoke! Or Rogue/Villain Genericho could be a Stalker so he could do sneak attacks and better control his crits!
  12. Genericho would also be an awesome name! This thread is gold.
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