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Request: Contact dialogue to chat window

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Basically, an option to have all dialogue thrown into the contact screen also go to a chat window.  If it would be too hard to get Contact name as the speaker, then simply "Contact:" or "Mission:" would work.  That would also be nice for mid-mission dialogue windows.



#1: Because I want to spam through dialogue and start auto-flying to the mission while I read. Just a nice QOL so I can actually pay attention to plot without slowing teammates down.

#2: So allies can get a better idea of what's going on in TFs.

#3: Those windows I accidentally missed, like when I click on a contact to "turn in" the previous mission but my inertia carries me past them.  Whatever blurb they had said is now lost forever.  Would be great if it instead just went to my chat window.


Ideally, there would be a way to enable it to see party leader text in addition to your own, or to opt out of the feature altogether, but even if it was "stuck" on, that would be fine if it were classified NPC dialogue.



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