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Jack was having a Bad Day...

Marine X

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Was playing Grimmwolf for a bit before work Yesterday and while farming Deer ( Tuatha Steaks, mmm.. ) to get to 30 so I can do the Kelly Nemmers Arc I ran into an old friend. Jack in Irons and his entire Entourage of Red Caps were heading North out of the Woods, he seemed to really be having issues though. He kept stopping, turning around, then take a step and turn back around again, I've seen him a Hundred Times on his March, but not quite like this. He seemed broken. He headed up to Kelly Nemmers and seemed stuck going back and forth on the shore of the pond. I put out a Call to see if anyone was interested ( No, @5:15am GMT+5 on Reunion ) and I went back to farming. I came back about 10 till 6:00am and Jack was Gone, but his Entourage were all standing in the middle of the Pond, so I ate defeated them. as I headed South I spotted Jack, Stuck, going back and forth between some Tree roots. I logged out.

I get home from work @3:30pm GMT+5, Log on, and Jack's still stuck in the same place...I felt sorry for him so I got a Humanitarian Team together and Humanely Euthanized him ( and got a badge and merits! ). It was sad, ahem, then we went looking for Eochai who we found was extremely Distraught and Rampaging west of the train station, so we Humanely Euthanized him as well, sniff...( and got a badge and merits! ).

Anyway, I remember from live that Jack would leave his woods and Eochai would start his trek and if not disturbed, they would meet up and fight each other. The Vidiotsmaps Version of their course within the zone shows them never coming anywhere near each other, Was this Changed and I missed it? Anyway, it seems like the grid may be corrupted. If I recall how it was explained to me, there is an "under map grid" that say cars or NPC use that provides them their path, but it seemed like it had gaps or bad info because Jack spent 8+ hours stuck between a couple roots and his posse became a light snack went swimming. 

Just thought I would document it. Have a Great Day.

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" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

                                                      Marine X

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