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CCE and what is still working?


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I am trying to make macroes to change costume with like lightning, or nuke...but it keeps telling me and the /cce is unknown?


Not sure what the issue is...I only have 2 costumes I use, my initial one, and the second slot that I used to make a "clark kent" style human version of my hero, for shits and giggles...can someone help me to make a macro that may work, or tell me which of those styles of costume change are no longer supported/weren't carried over?


https://imgur.com/a/8bmKche for reference.


Also, I am using a site that was suggested as a guide: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Cce_(Slash_Command)

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Probably just not formatting quite right.  Even I stuck an extra slash in when I was testing this out, and had to fix it.




/macro CC0 cce 0 CCLightning  makes a button in my tray labeled CC0, that when pushed  changes to costume slot 0 using the lightning costume change emote.  See if that works for you.  You can of course replace 0 with 1-9 for each costume, and replace the emote with others.  Hope this helps.

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