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Weekly Task Forces/Strike Forces


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Hi everyone! I'm interested in putting together a weekly team to run TFs and SFs with. Would anyone be interested? I'm thinking Tuesdays at 9pm CST for SFs and Thursdays at 9pm CST for TFs. I don't particularly care what character you bring along but it'd be nice to have a sign up with the globals so I can see who I'm waiting for in game for start times.


I'm willing to start tonight with a Cap SF. Minimum level is 15.


5/14/2019, Cap SF, 9 pm CST, 15+ level. If you need a couple DFBs or street sweeping before the start time to get to level just send a tell!

1) @Tiny Bolt

2) @Errants

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5/21/19, Silver Mantis. Villain side, lvl 20+. It's all Sky Raiders, all the way down. Badge for completing it is Air Pirate. Start time is 9:00pm CST. Will go with less than 8 people if need be.


Sign up:

1) Tiny Bolt, elec/storm Corr

2) Errants, unknown but the character will have permanent scrapperlock






8 )



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