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I wonder if more ppl have the same problem, I have tried to make and also joined several channels because I think channels are much better than SGs to arrange TFs and such. CoH has probably the best ingame channel system there is in any MMO BUT, the problem I am facing in the channels I try to set up or see on other channels, is that most people forget to set up the chat settings on every char thus channels ending up with a shitload of member who can't see the channel because they forgot to load chat settings.


I was wondering if there is any chance that deves could take a look at this issue and make chat settings automaticvally updated upon logging thus not needing to load chat settings individually in every char. For all those who tbhink that saving and loading chat settings is not that much work, well, you are right, it is not, yet, it seems it is for a shitload of people. Also, for elitists who choose which channels to be on on which char, well, they should be able to do the same, it's just that, instead of adding the ones they want individually, the system (if can be implemented) would wor reversely so they'd be removing unwanted ones instead.


I think with customized channels one cna get the most of the game with friends, both previous and new ones and channels are way better than SGs because you can see them on any char on any alignment thus being informed of any event happening but unfortunately, current implementation system on any individual char, even if once is enough, seems to be gimping an excellent feature this game has.


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