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  1. I had some difficulty reading the post above, but if it's a request for "make joined Global Channels appear in a Default Chat Tab on new characters" then I am 100% in favour of that.
  2. I may be remembering incorrectly, but I believe the insinuation is in https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Transmuter 's arc.
  3. It's alright. Sorry for threadjacking. You have some solid suggestions up there, and I agree that all of them would be welcome additions!
  4. I'm with you there, Dreamboat. Got a feeling, though, that certain other people will trot out the "Cheapens the Game Experience" rhetoric.
  5. If I recall correct; Magic was hunted with the express statement of "join us, or die" as opposed to the "join us, or disappear in to a lab" which all the other Origins got threatened with.
  6. How right to have such mighty tighty whites, with the backstrap reaching all new heights that it's practically out of sight while you fight at night!
  7. As long as the Base Teleport Powers are modified to work like the Ouroboros Portal Power (drop a clickable "pet" with duration equal to recharge time, which anyone can click on to use), then I will glady say "bye-bye" to the slash command. However, I think the hold up is the creation of a "bookmarks" feature for that list, since a lot of players have cited the ability to write macros with passcodes built-in as their primary reason for using the command. And while we're at it, Pocket D Teleport should also function like the Ouroboros Portal Power. Make it summon an interdimensional party bus (works like the Team Mission Teleport Power, and looks like the truck in Kings Row, but painted funky colours).
  8. As many of you may know, if you click on street-wandering NPCs, they spout little lines of dialogue (like "I like pie."). Some, however, have specifically scripted statistic blurbs, based on the first letter of their names. Click on a wandering NPC whose name starts with M and they'll let you know the total number of hours you've spent logged in on a given character. I just did this, and found that I've spent 1343 hours on my main villain. That's over 55 days of play time. How's about you?
  9. Endurance Drain is still strong, AWOL. It's just that now, the AoE DPS meta is stronger than ever, and you don't get to reap the rewards of any other style of play when everything is just getting nuked and melted in under 3 seconds.
  10. I mean, really, even if they keep the character limit down but fix the ASCii character rendering for it, I'd be happy. As it stands, for example, a double space counts as -8- characters toward the limit. The idea of having it read from an external source means that it can better parse the data, and 1024 characters can -be- 1024 characters, instead of more like ~900.
  11. I like the typo of "mike character to be able to wear the Sybil outfits" there. I suspect it was meant to be "mine" or "my," but the way it is now implies gender equality for costume pieces, which is something I wholeheartedly support!
  12. um, aheh, er . . . https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/14412-jack-emmert-to-head-dimensional-ink-sudio-dc-universe-online/ EDIT: In the past, the above post was a separate thread in a different Board. A forum mod has merged these two posts in to this thread, and moved this thread to the Games board for focused organization.
  13. I really like the proposed change to Focus Chi granting increased Stun Chance instead of just +Dam/+To-Hit. Couple that with making Eagle's Claw a guaranteed Crit on a Stunned Target AND a short-range Teleport Attack, and I think we have a winner. Grants the player some options: Do you start with Focus Chi and use Eagle's Claw as your opener to close the gap? Or do you run in the old fashioned way, pop Focus Chi, double-whammy a Cobra Strike and a Thunder Kick with guaranteed Stun to guarantee your Eagle's Claw does Crit Damage?
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