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  1. per Jimmy: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/16298-homecoming-code-of-conduct-updates-march-7th-2020/page/14/?tab=comments#comment-181155 If you wish to address a GM regarding a moderation decision, then it's highly recommended you do so through private methods.
  2. My browser doesn't show any background image either. I am okay with that, though. I prefer the pure colour'd background as it appears on my end.
  3. So, they're not completely disabled? Just disabled in modes which normally disable Temp/Prestige Powers?
  4. Ok, so, maybe a P2W Vended Temp Power item isn't ideal. Might confuse new players and some people might figure out ways to exploit it in regular gameplay. Instead, to level the playing field, and because this is frankly a pretty villainous thing to do (beating some poor Hellion around while he's powerless to stop you): Echo: Mercy Island Everyone automatically Sidekicks up to 50 if they're not already. Everyone automatically gets all their regular Powers Disabled. Everyone gets a Pop-Up Tray with "Driver" (Mag 150 KB), "9 Iron" (Mag 50 KB), and "Putter" (Mag 7 KB) versions of the Golf Club Power, and a variety of Travel Powers that behave at max-slotted potency. Everyone also gets a Power to summon an enemy Hellion in designated spawn zones (such as at the base of Fort Darwin). The Hellion's name is "Baal." 18 Flags arranged around on the map in various places. Each time a player-character hits their Baal with one of the golf club Powers, they get a single application of a Debuff called "Point" which stacks with itself (no actual stats get affected by the Debuff). If "Baal" comes within 8 feet of a Flag, the player-character gets their stack of "Points" logged to the zone (like the Ski Chalet leaderboard). Badges for getting a Birdee, an Eagle, or for going 3x above Par. Should be a -breeze- to program all that up, right? Right? . . . right?
  5. Ok. Everyone. Just stop. . . . We need to join forces and compel the Homecoming Team to make a "Just For Fun" P2W Vendor Power which is a golf club that deals 0 Damage, but has the highest maximum Knockback, BUT only works on enemies who con grey to you (so it can't be used to screw with actual gameplay).
  6. It doesn't look like anyone mentioned it yet, but: Excelsior is the most populated Shard. Everlasting is the (officially) unofficial roleplaying Shard. Indomitable is the (officially) unofficial (but basically official at this point) PvP Shard. Reunion is the European Shard. Torchbearer was originally the only Shard, but everyone moved to other Shards once Shard Transfers became free.
  7. Would it be possible for an Admin to send a Global Tell to every account, so that the next time a player logs in, the message is there? Or a Pop-Up with a 10 second countdown timer before you can click the "OK" button? Or both.
  8. er . . . "very slightly brighter?" There weren't any borders rendering at all around staff messages before a couple days ago on my browser. Not complaining, mind you. It's an interesting feature. Stands out very firmly.
  9. I can't speak to the popularity of the opinion you expressed in your first paragraph, Eldyem; but I can say that I agree with it!
  10. DISCLAIMER: I am stupid-tired right now, and should be in bed. But a foolish idea popped in to my head, and now I'm going to blarp it out in to the Off-Topic board. It's been nearly a year now since Homecoming became a thing. I've started to recognize some of you folks by the things you say, the way you say them, and those little picture-dealies near your names. I know that in reality you're all actual people* behind keyboards (or using those kids-these-days-cell-smart-phone-thingies instead, you hipsters!), but part of my brain is still identifying you all as fictional characters in some grand narrative. Those of you who have been in forum communities for a while may have seen something like this before, but the basis premise is along the lines of: If some film studio were to make a movie or television series about of misadventures here, as portrayed in one of those "inside the Matrix" style artificial setting, who would you want your persona to be modelled after and voiced by? Which acting professionals might you consider for your fellow Homecoming forumites? Or the members of the Homecoming Team? NOW THEN! With that out of my brain, let's see if I can shove my face in to a pillow hard enough to render myself unconscious. *in before someone makes the "OR AM I" joke about being a Turing-positive AI and/or a collective hallucination.
  11. I was actually working on a little side project of trying to make more faces by splicing the tops and bottoms of the texture files together. It has been . . . slow going . . . However, if this asymmetrical costume thing works out well enough, then maybe the next project the Team could consider would be decoupling the tops and bottoms of faces. That would massively increase the variety of faces available to players! The challenge would be (much as it is now) blending the tops and bottoms in such a way that they are seamless enough to be aesthetically agreeable.
  12. Sorry. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/16331-focused-feedback-costume-editor-updates specifically.
  13. As a Traps Mastermind, I know I would certainly appreciate getting to slot some of those ATOs in to my Secondaries. So, alternatively or in addition to Red's latest suggestion, how about allowing Mastermind ATOs to be popped in to Secondary Sets too? While it looks like the Masterminds Week was a long while ago, before we even knew these talks were going on. Yet in relation to this topic and addressing the ATOs, perhaps the ability to put Slots in Supremacy that will specifically only allow the Aura Proc/Passive Enhancements.
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