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  1. I'm still off on vacation and don't have access to my home PC, but as I recall, that information is stored in the mission files, which are stored on the servers. I don't believe any Clue or Souvenirs are stored locally (other than AE Souvenirs). It might be handy to post about this in the https://forums.homecomingservers.com/clubs/2-unofficial-homecoming-wiki/ Club. Someone there might be able to review the i24 files to fixer-up'er all the Wiki pages for missions that are missing Clue details.
  2. Excellent point, @BBBadger. The Local and Emote channels are kind of very close associates. Any changes to Local would need to be mirrored in Emote, or we'd be looking at some interesting awkwardness.
  3. Not to undermine the things that HAVE been made by the Homecoming Team, @Col. Kernel, but half of the things on your list, as I understand it, were on i24 Beta of the Legacy/Retail Servers. At the very least, we can say that the Homecoming Team have kept tradition alive and there's a lot to be thankful for regardless.
  4. @Vulpoid, you've expressed that sentiment before, and I find it utterly baffling. Why rob so many other players of the joy of making new friends, or teaching new players the ropes, or sharing in uniting experiences with strangers? If you want something private, then a private server may be more your speed. Homecoming isn't private.
  5. Here I am on the completely other end of this where I feel the Local distances are too short. Although, chat scroll in crowded places is definitely a disruptive influence. Additional features to reduce barriers and improve players' abilities to keep their chat experiences easily organized is very welcome. How much of a pain would it be to give players an option to set their Local reception ranges independently? Bonus points if we can have multiple ranges of Local (ie: Local 250, Local 100, Local 50, Local 25), and players can pick-and-choose which Chat Tabs receive which
  6. By the sounds of it, there's something just over the horizon right now, @Mariposa. I don't have anything solid, but the usual suspects are doing their typical hype pattern (other than @Troo. Anyone seen Troo lately?)
  7. @Michiyo Also, thank you so much for the Wiki. It's a wonderful resource to have, and I appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to it, and the continued contributions.
  8. Stalkers are single-target specialists, mostly. Wiping out a mob of minions is more of a Tanker, Brute, or (shudders) Scrapper thing in melee. (Also, special nod to some Epic Archetype and Dominator builds in this regard.) I tend to focus on building my Stalker to capitalize on as much burstiness as possible, particularly for a Set like Kinetic Melee. I don't have a build in front of me right now, but . . . - Try getting the heavy hitter single-target Powers up in both terms of Damage and Recharge, and using the weaker ones as filler or finishers when the target has just a sliver
  9. A Monster Mash is the name for an in-game, GM-run event where multiple Monster-class enemies are spawned in an area for players to defeat.
  10. "Organically" by which metric and methodology? Making it to 50 without Double XP? Disabling Experience and doing every contacts' missions? Considering how varied players' playstyles are, I think that's the sort of statement which needs some more qualifiers attached to it.
  11. As an alternative solution, what if Jump Pack/Steam Pack had the original 5 minute recharge time restored while in PvP zones? It appears the tech for that now exists, if my understanding of how other Powers behave is correct. It's a compromise to my playstyle, but at least it doesn't completely disable it.
  12. From a stance of PvP, I recall a thread recently where someone asked what it would take to get non-PvP'ers more interested and engaged in PvP. Aside from some players saying "literally nothing," the biggest take-away I got from the thread was "things don't behave the same way in PvP as they do in the rest of the game." Disabling something like Jump Pack for edge-case hardcore PvPers isn't likely to win over any new blood in to the PvP environment. I dabble on occasion, but I sure don't like the leagues-of-legends-level of metagame that hardcore PvP entails. Calling targets? Ha
  13. I have over 150 characters, with plans for hundreds more. Do you intend to fund all of them?
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