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Breath of Fire animation bug

Crater Kate

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Hey guys,


I recently rolled a Shield/Fire tanker, and I finally got around to picking up Breath of Fire. In my power customization, I have BoF set to Bright Fire Throw, but when I actually use the power, my tanker does the normal breath animation but the fire still comes out of her hand like it's supposed to - resulting in her straining her neck forward grumpily while shooting a lot of fire at the ground to her right. ... which I guess is kind of fun in a slapsticky, "look at how bad this hero is", sort of way... but in terms of being cool or even making sense we've got a lot of ground to make up before we get there 😉


I've noticed I can get the animation to work as it's supposed to if I turn off all my toggles, but with even one on my tanker gets really angry at the sidewalk next to her.


Has anyone else run across this/can anyone else replicate this? Is this a known thing? Am I stuck with the vanilla animation until it's fixed? Or is this a my end problem somehow?


Thanks in advance!

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