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Incarnate Salvage Merits


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Another suggestion for an alternate way


When I do an incarnate TF I get the option to get empyrean merits or a luck of the draw at salvage, which is a nice choice.


Unfortunately I am getting stuck on the award for random salvage, this morning alone I did 3 Burden of the past TFs, and received 3 Uncommon drops. I know it could have been worse and received 3 commons... 


Somehow this is bringing back memories during live for the streak breaker situation.


It occurs to me, that there has to be another way for those players such as I who are strangers to lady luck. I know, there is going  to be someone that will say just get the miserable amount of empyreans the TF gives. 


Yet why not normalize the randomness or do away with it, without asking to simply award more empyrean merits for the TF, take for instance LAMBDA, this is pretty tough to survive and do well, and at the end you get 1 empyrean for your trouble or a choice to go for incarnate salvage, gee wiz Burden of the past is not nearly as tough and gives 2 empyreans or 1 empyrean and a choice for random salvage.


So why not establish an Incarnate Salvage Merit system?


The way I see it working is do the TF, when you complete it you normally get a choice for empyreans or random salvage, so choose random salvage, the next window gives you a choice for Incarnate Salvage Merits (ISM) or to go the random table. In this case, one would chose ISM.


The default ISM award is 1, but they can add up like any other merit.


I suggest the following ISM salvage cost:


1 ISM for 1 Common Incarnate Salvage

2 ISMs for 1 Uncommon Incarnate Salvage

4 ISMs for 1 Rare Incarnate Salvage

15 ISMs for 1 Very Rare Incarnate Salvage


The math behind it...


1 x Common Incarnate Salvage cost 20 threads or 1 Empyrean

1 x Uncommon Incarnate Salvage cost 60 threads or 3 Empyreans

1 x Rare Incarnate Salvage cost 8 Empyreans

1 x Very Rare Incarnate Salvage cost 30 Empyreans


If you notice the cost of acquisition is essentially halved, but to take advantage of the "discount" you have to do incarnate TFs, veteran levels do not give you such choice. Also this system is a compromise of the random drop which could give you a 30 point very rare at the drop of the hat if you are lucky, which provides a half of the way benefit.


Obviously this system would encourage TF participation as opposed to going for the AE farming option.



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