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"No Reward" petition for safeguard turns out to be "delayed reward" (Raptor Pack)


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Last night I filed an in-game petition, indicating that my character did not receive the Raptor Pack after completing the "Protect Atlas Park Bank" safeguard mission (at level 9, from Detective Freitag in Kings Row). "You have received Raptor Pack" appeared in the chat window, but the power appeared neither on my bars nor in my Powers list.


As it turned out, the awarding of the Raptor Pack seems to have simply been delayed for some reason.  Normally, when I've completed a Safeguard that awards a temp power, that power appears immediately upon completing the mission, i.e. stopping the bank robbery. That did not happen in this instance. Instead, the Raptor Pack finally appeared a few minutes after I exited the mission. I discovered this when I stretched my Powers window to show the entire list in order to take a screenshot of the list together with the chat window announcement so I could post it here. But there was the Raptor Pack on the list, where it definitely had not been a few minutes earlier.


So I did get the Raptor Pack, but I figured I should still report the issue because I'm not certain whether it was simply delayed for some reason, or if a GM saw my petition and fixed the problem for me without saying anything to me.

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