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  1. Not to mention that the idea that a non-superpower set like AR doing less damage depending on who's pulling the trigger is absurd.
  2. Alt #102: Coldcore (Ice Blast/Sonic Manipulation blaster)
  3. Ah, I was wondering this myself. Except it was with the Sonic Manipulation blaster secondary.
  4. My main, the first character I rolled on both live and HC, is my fire/fire blaster. Love it. Close behind is my energy/energy brute. Alas, my energy/energy brute's younger sister is a dark/dark brute, and she is such and Endurance hog..
  5. Oh god, this. As to revamping Goldside, my issue with Praetoria is probably due to my altoholism (102 as of last night). Boiled down, my problem is the complexity of the story, with all the double-agent stuff between factions and sub-factions. I've only rolled one Praetorian on HC, and I gave up in the middle and rerolled the character as Blueside. Likewise, when resurrecting my old Goldside-turned-Blueside character from live, I just rolled her Blueside to begin with and added a bit to her backstory, saying that she has a vague memory of once living in a different worl
  6. I noticed something in Atlas Park yesterday that I had never noticed before. Several times, I was helping a mugging victim, and other passers-by stopped to watch the fight. Then, when the last baddie was down, they turned and continued on their way. Was wondering if this is something new, of if it's always happened and I somehow never noticed.
  7. Posting for the curiosity: The curiosity is that I got inf for that defeat, because I have the +100% XP buff, which cancels all inf gain from defeating mobs. I actually "died" on that fight, and I'm guessing that what happened was Overdrive got the killing blow, and it happened in that moment between my dying and clicking "Go to Hospital". So since I was "dead", the XP buff/inf debuff didn't apply to that one kill.
  8. The mission, "Stop the next Rikti assault", from Steven Sheridan. takes place on the "Wylie Park" open-world map (a "Board Transit" mission). For whatever reason, the red-enclosed "exit" area is not working. I tried to enter the area both in the air and on foot, and ran around inside the red-enclosed area, but could not trigger it to exit the mission. To exit without completing the mission, I had to log out.
  9. Alas, I wish I could actually remember where I first heard/read the joke of somebody being described as half- & half- & half-. In the case of this character, I did it simply to justify his ridiculous name :D
  10. I like the way this one turned out. He's Khan O'Copenhagen, my half-Chinese, half-Irish, half-Danish dual-pistols/ninjitsu sentinel:
  11. Don't see too many of us using the various head options like that. My villain, Moldav, uses the same one:
  12. The description for the Sentinel's Ward: Recharge/Chance for Absorb ATO incorrectly states that it requires the user to be level 50: This is for the regular, not the "Superior" version of the enhancement. I currently have this slotted on a level 36 Sentinel, and it's working fine. I'll note that none of the other enhancements in the set, nor in the other Sentinel set, have this "restriction" in their descriptions, so this looks like a copy/paste error.
  13. Oh god, this. One of my alts got a mission requiring that he rescue 21 (TWENTY-ONE!) hostages* on an Oranbega map. I rescued 20 of them, and then spent the next 30-40 minutes running around and around in a huge, empty map looking for that last hostage, and failing to find them anywhere. Unrelated, but making this even worse: The mission was waaaaay up north of Talos Island, and I had to Super Jump all the way there, as this alt didn't have a flight power. I exited the mission through the door and made my way back to Atlas Park to purchase the Reveal power, then had to return to Talos, SJ all t
  14. Dang, I'd be hosed if that were the case. First thing I do with most of my female characters is drag the chest slider to the left! Only CC I can recall entering back on live was won by a blatant Captain America clone. I've been a finalist in one CC on HC - heard the theme announced, decided that one of my alts had a costume that vaguely fit that theme, and logged her in. Was a finalist, but didn't win a prize. I typically only enter CCs if I happen to be in AP when one is announced, and then I'll just enter with whichever character I happen to be playing at
  15. Resurrected another alt from live! On live, she was an electric/electric scrapper named "Shocking Pink". Alas, I waited too long to bring her back, and found somebody else had taken the name. I also had already made another elec/elec scrapper, and I'm avoiding duplicating PS combinations, so I brought her back as an electric/radiation scrapper, and changed her name to "Shokatomika". To reflect the change, I just replaced the slightly-darker pink in her costume with a bright blue. She's alt #101.
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