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  1. Chinese-Irish-Danish gunfighter redneck, Khan O'Copenhagen:
  2. Ideal hostage escape route: not around, but directly through the middle of the fisticuffs!
  3. A few more I don't think I've shared yet! Finally made a WoW "tribute" character. Well, sorta. Meet "Epic Gear": Dr. Frances Solana ... ... who transforms into Mother Sun! One of Mother Sun's proteges, Girl Mercury: Triple-N, the Nearly Naked Ninja: And Soul Candle - I like how this one turned out:
  4. Seems I won't be moving to Boston any time soon! A couple months of those HOA fees would more than cover my current rent for a year!
  5. Fair enough. Like I said, it's probably my living in a smaller town. I work right downtown, and across the street is the tallest building in the city, and it's 9 floors (former fancy hotel, now converted to low-income senior housing.
  6. Yeah, but condos and apartments aren't quite the same thing.
  7. I don't! I'm too busy leveling my 58 (so far) alts to spend time farming. The one costume editor change I would like to see is ... allow male characters to use the Venus symbol, and female characters to use the Mars symbol (chest details). Dang it, I have a team of female characters representing each planet, and all of them get to wear their planetary symbol except for Ms. Mars. I'd like to know why this silly restriction was there to begin with.
  8. I dunno, maybe it's because I live in a smaller town, but I boggle at those Pinnacle Apartments that start at $399,999. Mostly because the practice of actually buying your apartment, as opposed to renting, is odd to me (though I'm aware it does happen in some places), but also that one can buy a house with property around here for less than that, 15 years after those billboards "went up".
  9. I've always wondered if it was deliberate, or just an oversight, that there doesn't seem to be a single church of any kind in Paragon.
  10. I got a chuckle a couple days ago. Couple Hellions in The Hollows, sitting on a wall directly across the street from the police barricades at the Atlas Park entrance. I don't recall the exact wording (didn't get a screenshot), but it was something like: "Oh, we could charge the barricades, but we could get injured, we could get caught. Let the Trolls do it. They're dumb."
  11. I know it's RNG, but man, every time I've played around with the random feature it seems to be heavily weighted toward selecting the bestial and monstrous heads and pieces. That, and those jester parts come up with alarming frequency.
  12. Playing at low volume, I've discovered that Static Field's sfx produces this annoying, irregular ticky scritchy sound just on the edge of my hearing. It's also stereo, so it creates the effect of random insects skittering around nearby.
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