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  1. I finally stopped trying to store salvage. It came to the point where I realized that just buying the salvage I need from the AH was a lot faster than going from rack to rack to rack trying to locate the item I need
  2. Likewise, and it's the very definition of "the best defense is a good offense". Absolutely love being able to take out almost everything before it gets anywhere near me!
  3. Regarding the 20-minute cooldown on using the "Secondary Mutation" power: Either the 20-minute timer runs a bit fast, or the random buff lasts a bit too long. Either way, the buff remains active for several seconds after the power becomes available again. This is a problem because, if you click the Secondary Mutation power again, while the previous buff is still active, you get no new buff. The old buff then expires as normal, you have no new buff, and now you cannot activate the power again for another 20 minutes. Similarly, the Inner Inspiration power's 30
  4. Calvin's Mom (Sonic/Sonic blaster):
  5. What's actually peculiar is this bit of text after completing the mission: Who the hell is "Lord Caernoz", and what freaking portal is it talking about? There was no portal.
  6. Just obtained and ran the mission again. Maelstrom is next to the "Vampyr Commandant" (the Commandant has a minion as well, but I already defeated him before the screenshot):
  7. This is concept, rather than costume design, because this is just the prefab "Stone" costume. But I got this idea to look up a "word of the day" (on dictionary.com, in this case), and create a character with a name and concept based on that word. The first time I tried this, the word of the day was "Xanadu". Alas, there was already a "Xanadude" on my server, so I waited for the next day's word. That word was "orogeny": the process of mountain-making or upheaval. So here is "The Orogenyst" (Fiery Melee/Stone Armor): The next day's word was "cr
  8. So what does a guy have to do to find a non-Freakshow story arc in the early- to mid-30s range? Those guys get very tiresome, very quickly - especially when you have as many alts as I do. It's like no matter which contacts I have, my alts consistently get funneled into "The Freaklympics" or "The Freakshow War". Some contacts are especially annoying, in that their "get to know you" missions involve Nemesis or Crey, and get my hopes up, and then when they finally offer an arc, it's one of those Freakshow arcs. (My blasters are getting irritated because Sniping a Freak jus
  9. Mission in which Freaks are trying to use magic to enhance their implants: Sacrificial Victim: If there's anything worse than being sacrificed, it's being sacrificed incompetently.
  10. Just thought this looked cool, about to venture into Crey's Folly: And this is taking "high on drugs" to a ridiculous level:
  11. The latest iteration of Heartbeat of America:
  12. In the hero version of this mission, Maelstrom is always standing next to one particular mob. Alas, I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head. It's not a "named" mob, but he's a lieutenant with a title/rank that doesn't appear on any other mob in the mission. I've been where the OP is, though - defeated that mob and ran off without noticing its name, and then had to hunt all over for Maelstrom.
  13. I don't recall (again) if I've posted this guy before: Tom da Bomb (Fiery Melee/Rad Armor brute). This is one of my favorite collections of costumes for a single character, so I'm surprised I don't play him more often. Costumes in order of appearance; he's currently wearing #3: And in his civvies: He's actually unusually short. Here he is fighting some standard Freaks, for scale:
  14. I don't get it. I originally heard the name in the Tim McGraw song, "Live Like You Were Dying". Every copy of the lyrics I've seen says "Fu Manchu", but I swear to God Tim sings "Blue", not "Fu".
  15. That being said, one has to wonder if rooftop solar panels can produce enough juice to power a skyscraper.
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