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  1. I posted about this a few months ago, and yeah, it's still not solved. Something weird seems to happen to the permissions on random screenshots that are made with the game's built-in screenshot function and saved to the default Screenshots folder. Just moving them to another folder doesn't seem to fix anything. I've stopped using the in-game screenshot function and now just use the screenshot feature of my Geforce Experience software.
  2. This one made me take notice, because it was the last "Personal Story" I had to do. I had already done all the others, on the same character in the same costume and aura, and it didn't happen with the others. I have noticed what you describe in Matthew Habashy's first arc, where you're disguised as a Hellion.
  3. Now you've reminded me of NPCs in WoW putting out fires by hitting the burning thing with axes and hammers.
  4. And mobs that are guarding a hostage, because the hostage can't be rescued until that last mob goes down. So you have to chase him across the map, or wait and wait for him to come back.
  5. My sister, too - RN at a local nursing home.
  6. I'm wondering if new quotes have been added. I've started seeing Skulls Girlfriends in the Hollows complaining about, "When do things start getting real fun? So far all they do is rip off purses and fight each other."
  7. You too, huh? My whole job revolves around large gatherings (conventions), so my last day of work was March 14, and I haven't left my apartment since, except to take out the trash and check the mail. I've got my wife's caregiver to run errands for us 😄
  8. Stepping into Praetor Duncan's body for her "Personal Story" mission in Dark Astoria, it would seem that my own character's aura (Bio Plasma, Body+Eyes, in this case) remained active on Praetor Duncan's body:
  9. Well, I had this idea for a character name, "Ant Overlord" (Simpson's reference!). I settled on a Savage Melee/Energy Aura scrapper, and got to work fooling with the Insect Armor and Insectoid pieces, but couldn't really come up with anything I felt said "ant". So I started adding pieces that only seemed to get me further away from the "ant" concept, until I decided it made sense to switch from Savage Melee to Katana. The result is this guy, "Katanamushi".
  10. As somebody who is a trained musician and prefers complex, melodic music like prog and metal, it's a nightmare for me at work when it's a coworker's turn to choose the music and he insists on late-90s techno/dance music. You know, the stuff with a kick drum that goes THUMP-THUMP-THUMP-THUMP without variation, synths repeating the exact same riff over and over, and a female singer repeating the same four-word phrase over and over and over. It's music that's meant for dancing, and it's perfect for that. It's not designed for listening outside of that context. Unfortunately, as a trained musician and lifelong music fan, it's literally impossible for me to "tune out" music. My ears detect even the faintest music and my brain wants to focus on it, and when it's utterly mindless and repetitive it drives me insane.
  11. Clicked on a random pedestrian the other day and he said, "You'd think that with that gigantic police station in Kings Row, they'd reduce crime. You'd think."
  12. In the Advanced Control window, clicking the Pause button and then clicking the Fold button seems to accomplish the same thing.
  13. Johnson was effectively fired, at least from performing live. Def Leppard responded by noting, "Geez, our drummer lost an arm, and we kept him in the band!" Last I heard, though, the band was back in the studio, with Johnson.
  14. I use Firefox, and the problem I'm having is that it keeps timing out while trying to connect to the app. I'm starting to suspect some Windows security feature is blocking things up. When I set up on my Mac, the Web Control connected immediately on the first try (though it did start going whacko later).
  15. Me, I don't start plugging in basic IOs until level 26, ever since I noticed that the bonus on a level 25 IO is lower than a 25 SO right up to character level 25, but the IO is better as soon as you hit level 26.
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