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What to do with Incarnate Salvage?


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This truly more a question than a suggestion...


I, sadly, am an alt-o-holic, so I focus to develop an alt to level 50, IO set to optimize performance and get incarnate slots to tier 4. Once I done that, I am done with the alt and go on to the next one. So far all is good. But from time to time, I do like to play those old super 50s and feel like, well, divinity.


After awhile, I began to really accumulate lots of incarnate salvage and shards while I can transfer in-account empyrean and astral merits.


I guess I could simply delete the stack of incarnate salvage but it just feels wrong, I feel that there should be some kind of use for them, and thus the reason for this thread.


I want to explore solutions, ideas or concepts, I will prime the pump by giving a few...


1) Allow salvage, shards, threads to be account transferable like empyrean and astral merits are

2) Allow salvage, shards and threads to be converted to empyrean or astral merits 


I really feel like I am hitting a wall, any other ideas or suggestions?


Thank you

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