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Is there a consolidated list of the different values/scales for ATs such as damage/health/etc?


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I see a lot of info but it's rather scattered and dropped here and there- It'd be nice to have a consolidated source for at a glance differences between things like control magnitudes between ATs with those powers, melee/ranged damage scaling, "Support" power abilities like healing power/buff magnitude if there is a difference, resistance/def caps and HP differences for each AT as well.

I had a friend asking me about the core differences between defender and corrupter for example- and beyond citing the original pre-shutdown wiki for the damage values I had no idea how to answer when questioned if they had different HP or healing/buffing/debuffing values for example. And it's a bit of an ordeal to zoom in on each page and figure out if "General hold magnitude" can be derived from the stun/immob values alone.

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