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  1. Hey glad to see people are still talking, though a few posts are giving off a rather toxic take on a public venue in regards to what is and isn't valid/relevant. The polls purpose was primarily to attempt to tack on a more tangible, objective numerical value to "How many people think something is wrong?" VS Just dry discussion alone. Seeing X pages on a thread gives less information at a glance than "More people picked X than Y" Even if you don't agree or want exactly to the letter a single option presented, Ultimately out of 129 votes- a grand total of 16 individuals said "It's fine as is" and dismissing everything else out of hand entirely as false perception/misinformation at that point is a stretch. 12.4% (rounded from a result of 15.996 obviously) of all votes are the only votes that think it doesn't need any tweaks whatsoever. The at a glance consensus is it's missing -something- or something is lacking. The AT lacks a certin je ne sais quoi and even on a dev note it was stated back in september 2019 and I quote. I think a lot of the topic itself stagnating and back and forth "It's fine" "No it's not" "Here's my take" "No here's my take" is misplacing a lot of frustrations.
  2. I'm not sure what the issue is but- A lot of ATs, powers and more even with the latest database update are just really really far off. I used elec melee for a comparison and- Here are the in game values VS the mids values below each relevent AT, for the same move in electric melee. (All of these are base, expected level 50 with no enhancements or fury enabled) The only accurate one is brute. (Scrapper defense values for the most part are accurate- Brute's defense set values are all sorts of wacky compared to in game too) A fascinating side note using the ATs corrected values in the database to more closely match the in game parameters- With just 3 level 50 IO damage enhances in the power for each AT...Scrapper comes out to doing 105.1, 122.3 on brute assuming 75 fury, and tanker doing 88.5.Each of these values are only 17 points different from the other laddering up from tanker to scrapper to brute .But the weird thing is- You take a scrapper and assume a crit right? 210. Take away the difference in brute's damage from that (-122) you end up with 88. The tanker damage value for this power. I have no idea what this means or what relation it has to anything but it's interesting how that all ties together. (That and each of the ATs in game values are 10 DPA different each as well)
  3. And a small suggestion- It's ENERGY melee. But it's 80 percent smash, 20 percent energy. Could flip the values and see improvements too.
  4. That and real talk since there's some real shade being thrown at defenders- A poison, sonic or rad- Hell even nature as they too get self heals, -res to targets, resists and things that affect themselves. (Not to mention Kinetics- Aka all damage cap all the time) Any of those defenders or more with any investment in a damage rotation will typically smoke a sentinel by merit of simply having more -res and or buffs to capitalize on to empower themselves and a party while they're at it than going /bio /rad or /fire on their end. (Not to mention if we're talking solo- a defender with just assault to capitalize on their high buff scaling is hovering near +50 percent damage from their inherent with no other factors.) And often defender survivability comes from hamstringing the enemy's damage and accuracy as well (Which works for everyone in the party- Not just yourself.) on top of access to pools/epics and IOs. If anything using them to insist you can out damage a defender as though they're some sort of turbo gimped yardstick is probably more telling of the state of sentinels. Because on top of being able to keep pace with other people- They are providing other utilities to the group besides "I don't hit the floor as easily." That and the base values aren't even that far off/disparate- And when you factor in the inherent damage bonus even with no other factors like -res, +damage buffs... That gap still closes quicker than you'd think.
  5. Not meant to be entirely antagonistic so much as realistically a bit frustrated.
  6. Yep- Nigh on year ago and not a single tweak after. Not to be negative about it but more realistic. The AT is in a meh spot in the here and now.
  7. I posted a thread in the sentinel forum itself (Listed here) And largely the consensus seems to be something is missing, amiss, or tuned too low about the sentinel as a whole. Many varying opinions and perspectives sure- And my poll is more of a "Getting a more concrete numerical figure for the general feel for sentinel" method than fishing for suggestions as they stand. And I think a confirmed developer statement on taking a look or giving it another balance pass would do a lot to assuage the worries of the AT's playerbase and "Meh" reputation of the AT as it stands.
  8. Seems like generally speaking- regardless of the replies and votes- There is a very large consensus something is amiss in some fashion and needs looked at. And this is the most viewed unpinned thread (Thank you for that btw everyone!) on the first page of the sentinel forum so far. I think a major salve for the nerves so to speak for the sentinel playerbase would be hearing a dev confirm that it will at least be looked at in time. Instead of the spinning wheels of speculation on our parts.
  9. Well it's not just "crits VS no crits" but you have to remember brutes ability base damage is lower, which doesn't seem like a big deal- But might actually be more important than their fury mechanic as a whole once you start factoring in extreme cases. And the RNG become a little less RNG with ATOs does it not? But I might be basing this off of flawed research. https://www.reddit.com/r/Cityofheroes/comments/caqiei/differences_between_brutes_and_scrappers_numbers/ And this is honestly just a thought experiment in general given the current meta of softcap defense being king, and scrapper and brutes objectively getting the same values out of the box from their defensive secondaries. It's all really just more of a thought experiment at the end of the day and an exploration of a concept using the numbers at hand more than taking the role as described. Ultimately from what I can see- The only differences between scrapper and brute survivability seems to rely on two questions 1) Are you running a set that buffs your max HP and or regen immensely? 2) Are you playing a hardcore resist only set that depends on being 90% capped? If you answered yes to either or both- Brute wins, If you didn't- Well maybe that's when the lines get blurrier.
  10. Whoever the "Any and all knockback is griefing" person is was. Sweet lord I cannot imagine someone that sensitive to minor plan changing blowing up over say- One martial arts power out of my entire list accidentaly KBng a short distance.
  11. I always thought the hardline fear of pool powers being "Too good" While hasten exists is silly.
  12. I think any set with a taunting aura like rad/bio would do in a pinch. Though bio does have the tools to sorta push the limits from what I can see.
  13. I was sitting down thinking one day- comparing max HP values, resist, defenses... Especially with brute. And scrapper shares a lot of defensive math with brutes. In fact- The exact damage +resist buff and +defense buff scaling. Down to the numbers 1:1 for the most part. And sure- brute has more Max HP, And their base HPs being 100 apart at most- but how many people are building for max HP? Besides ice armor or regen is anyone hitting cap regularly? Please correct me this is a sincere question. Sure- Brute has more of a defense cap. But is 225 really much different than 200? And does going over softcap matter? Sure- Brute can hit higher cap resists, but how many people strive to hit 90 percent resist anyway given how strong defense is in the current meta? Am I crazy for thinking you could just slather on presence, accuracy, some defensive incarnates and sets and call it a day and be a tank that can roll out crits?
  14. Update and confirmation: In game the values baselines are identical for both brute and scrapper - It is indeed a mids display error. So be careful with tinkering with defense sets for brutes in mids!
  15. On the wiki it lists the defense buff and resist buff scaling for scrappers and brutes as identical (Please correct me if that's outdated- Since I know some tweaks have been made as it's a historical entry wiki) so it would stand that brutes and scrappers would have roughly similar numbers for energy aura- not counting well- Caps. But I noticed something odd- when I was trying to figure out how to kit out energy aura for a brute... Is this intentional, an error in mids, or a balance choice in game?
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