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The contact is Null the Gull, which scores points for originality if nothing else. He says that, in the 'real' world, the group Outkast was filming a video, when a portal appeared and sucked them into Paragon City. That's right, Null is explicitly speaking to the person sitting behind the keyboard surrounded by Hot Pocket sleeves and Cheeto wrappers.


1) Apparently when OutKast arrived here, the first person they encountered was Frostfire, and they own the rights to the name "OutKast", so... they're suing the Outcasts? Again, points added for originality. The player ventures into an office where Outcasts and PPD are fighting, clobbers Frostfire, rescues a lawyer and meets the guys. Oddly, the PPD are also hostile to the player.


Here, a problem arises; the level range. the first two levels are capped at 15, but the last are at set to 50. I tried to run this with my controller, but she had no chance against boss-level Frostfire while reduced to 15, so I had to switch to my Stalker, Super Sneaky. He's really sneaky.


2) The Skulls are trying to murder OutKast for some reason, so we stop them by going to a rave and collecting seven boxes. While waiting for the map to load, I Googled OutKast and found out they're a "hip-hop" group, which I think means they spend their time drinking "forties" and having "diss battles" with other hip-hop groups.


3) Now things are getting even weirder... OutKast (which is two guys) both have the hots for Ms. Liberty, so they're trying to woo her by throwing a concert in Atlas Park. The player arrives at the 'Party in Atlas' map, which fits well here. We rescue the dudes, beat up Back Alley Brawler for some reason, then pummel two dudes named "Lovebox" and "Speakers Down Below", or something like that. We also rescue Ms. Liberty, which is a bit awkward because Super Sneaky and Ms. Liberty have, uh, history.





4) Now OutKast is shooting a video with Carnies, which the player has to stop. We rescue some guys, smash some equipment, and clobber Vanessa DeVore.


5) Lord Recluse found out about them and wants them for "bad intentions", so we need to send them back to our world. Sneaky sneaks off to the Portal Corp map, rescues the dudes, clobbers Scirocco, and activates the portal to send them back here. In a nice touch, the sendoff happens in the final room of the map (you know, the Shadow one for the Maria Jenkins arc) which has the big portal.


Like the previous arc by this author, this is a hard map to rate. The premise is really wacky (in a good way), several unique maps are used creatively, and fans of OutKast should enjoy this, assuming they're not too busy smoking "blunts" and drinking "purple". On the downside, the level range is a problem. The arc contains several tough EBs who require a strong character to solo, probably a 50. However, the first two maps force you to level 15, which is a pain. Characters who have been respeced may be completely unable to function at that level. There's also some grammar errors, although not as many as the last arc. Still, assuming you like offbeat stuff and don't mind fourth wall breaking, give this a try.



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