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Super Jump Auto Pilot Bind Improved


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To help cross those vast distances, there's nothing like auto-pilot (normally activated by pressing "R"). This is great for flight, but what about Super Jump?


The tried and true bind for Super Jump auto-pilot has been:


/bind G "++autorun$$++up$$powexec_name Combat Jumping$$powexec_name Super Jump"


This toggles between Super Jump and Combat Jumping.


This still a good bind, but over the years small annoyances have worn on me. Once in a while Combat Jumping would activate instead of Super Jump, depending on if I had one or the other powers active at the time. Here is a new and improved bind that solves this problem so that you can be assured that whenever you press "G", Super Jump will activate. This bind also toggles between Super Jump and Combat Jumping. It's a text bind, so you'll need to do a little prep.


Make 2 text files (using Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac). Name one AutoSuperJump1.txt, and the other name AutoSuperJump2.txt. Then copy and paste the following code into each text document and save the files in your COH game folder.



G "++autorun$$++up$$powexectoggleon Super Jump$$bindloadfilesilent z:\Applications\COH\binds\AutoSuperJump2.txt"



G "++autorun$$++up$$powexectoggleon combat jumping$$bindloadfilesilent z:\Applications\COH\binds\AutoSuperJump1.txt"


Then back in game, type the following into the chat box to load the bind onto your character:


/bindloadfile z:\Applications\COH\binds\AutoSuperJump1.txt


NOTE: The file path I used (z:\Applications\COH\binds\AutoSuperJump1.txt) is where I saved the text files on my computer. Your file path is probably different and you'll need to replace the path above with the path to your files.


P.S. This also works great with Ninja Run! Just replace "Super Jump" with "Ninja Run."  




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