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  1. A couple things... Bug? Long Range Teleport can not really be aborted. Once activated, if then aborted, it remains "queued." Then if any other teleport method is used (SG base portals, mission teleport, base teleport, etc), it uses up the Long Range Teleport too, prompting the 10 min cool down. Would it be possible to have Long Range Teleport actually abort after the destination window appears and is closed? I ran into this problem when attempting to see which zones I still needed to collect exploration badges for by looking at the destination list for the zones I already have. Feature Request: Dark Melee power Touch of Fear. Love the additional damage! Since the power is touching more enemies, would it be possible to have the power's secondary effects apply to multiple targets as well (fear and -to hit debuff). I can see the fear affects only one target. Feature Request: For the Fast Travel macro accolade, would it be possible to include the recharge/cool down times (If any) of each teleport power listed? It would help immensely! Thanks for the great Issue!!!!
  2. Hi, Where is the best place in these forums to post information about the unofficial Homecoming Wiki? And once posted, would it be possible to sticky it so that people know about it?
  3. Hello everyone! We could use some help updating the Homecoming Wiki with the stuff from Issue 27. I just added pages on the new exploration badge in Kallisti Wharf. Greatly appreciated!
  4. Superheroes Inc Base BlackSpectre @BlackSpectre Superheroes Inc Excelsior enterbasefrompasscode SI-7230d Contributors: @BlackSpectre, @Virtubob and @Hgour OPTIONAL: Up to five screenshots of your base NOTE: The elevators actually work (in-base teleporters). Make sure you explore, go up and own stairs, go to the very back of rooms. There are 3 levels to the base, with about 14 distinct rooms. Plus outdoors (but that's still under construction so it's been sealed off). Everything is functional, so make sure you click around in the bank and elsewhere. This is a fully functional supergroup base and was designed first for efficiency, then aesthetics. Everything we need such as storage containers, trainers, stores, teleporters, etc. are right at our fingertips. Fast and efficient. Hardly any running around for anything you need... and it looks purdy too! BTW, choosing only 5 pics was very, VERY difficult. 🙂
  5. Using powersets Ninja Blade and Ninjitsu with Stalker archetype. No sword is visible to other players. However, it is visible to you. It's a pretty big thing to have a ninja sword and not being able to show it off to anyone. Others can see it as I draw it, but it quickly disappears. Other players created toons with the same powersets, and I could not see their swords. So it's definitely a glitch with the game.
  6. The basic problem members complain about is that they miss instructions from the league leader because the instruction blend in with all the other comments. @Apparition, darn if you're not correct! I had tested this out before and it didn't pan out, but I just tested it again and you're absolutely right... the request channel IS on people's chat at character creation!!!! I had believed that it wasn't. Well, that works... thanks guys.
  7. Hi, As a league leader, it would be VERY useful to be able to invite everyone in a league to a custom chat channel to give instructions. Does anyone know if there is such a command? and if not, would it be a easy to add to the game? "/chan_invite_team" exists for teams, but it does not appear to work for leagues (even though there is a command where you can invite your entire global friends list to a custom chat channel) . P.S. I wasn't sure if I should post there here in suggestions, or in the help thread... hope this is correct...
  8. Yes. In game, type /buildsavefile .\ This will save the build of your character in the main COH folder/directory as a .txt file. In Mid's, click on Import/Export menu item at the top. Then click Import From Forum Post. Then open the build .txt file, select all, and copy. Now back in Mid's, click OK, and the build should be imported... at least as much as it can understand anyway. The build file is formatted for an old version of Mids, so there are likely to be some problems. Some of the build information might be imported, or all. It depends. I recently imported a Dark/Dark defender this way, and it imported great! However, builds using newer powersets, IOs, etc... are likely not to be imported perfectly. You can always try it and find out.
  9. You make some really good points about mob placement and density. One of the things my friends and I have always loved are those few missions where unexpected mobs occur. Ambushes, sure, but surprising players with a whole bunch of mobs just when they thought the mission had ended or even in the middle... something to go contrary to expectations. Wandering mobs also helps this a little. I don't know if you've read all my comments in this thread, but part of me thinks maybe you didn't. Which is ok, I guess. I'm not asking for more control. Remove the aggro cap and nerf taunt and taunt auras! Or remove those powers entirely. The game would be in a better situation. What I suggested, however, was to keep the limits on how many mobs a tank can HOLD aggro on, but allow the AI to decide whether or not a mob attacks a player rather than some awkward, counterintuitive, ridiculous limit. There are 2 issues when talking about the aggro cap... or 2 parts to the aggro cap, however you want to look at it... 1) mobs turning their aggression toward players, and 2) players being able to HOLD a mob's aggression on them. What I've been saying is don't put any limits on how many mobs can notice and attack a player, but definitely put limits on how many mobs a player can control or hold. If a huge amount of mobs aggro on a player, and then the player accidentally or intentionally brings those mobs to the rest of the team, and then the mobs fan out and attack everyone... that's a GOOD thing! That's what I want, and that's what I think could really improve the game... along with some other changes. The fundamental problem I'm addressing is lack of risk. I want more risk, not less. The aggro cap reduces risk, among other things. But it's not all the aggro cap's fault, as you mention. Mob placement and density is a definite way to add more risk to the game. But in talking about this issue, we've also realized there's a general problem with players being able to build toons who can fight and withstand 100 mobs just as easily as 1. So even if the limits on how many mobs can attack a player were removed, there would be many situations where more mobs doesn't mean more risk or challenge. That's a problem. In the past, devs took out the nerf bat and tried to balance the game. I actually think, overall, they did a darn good job... with a few mistakes here and there. But not even the nerf bat will help this issue. In my opinion, the game needs a new mechanic... one that ensures more mobs means more risk. What I suggested was to implement a design that would boost a mob's offensive and defensive abilities when brought together in close proximity with many other mobs. It can be designed so that when a group of mobs reaches a certain number, their power goes up in steps or a sliding scale. In line with other things in the game... money is really "influence", money for building bases is "prestige," etc. we could justify this mechanic as "there is strength in numbers." I am open to alternatives, though. This is only the best suggestion I've seen to address this problem... so far. I do think taunt auras need to be adjusted if the aggro cap is removed. It's too easy to jump around a huge group of mobs and hit almost all of them with a tick from the aura. Add a huge amount of taunt duration enhancements and other boosts, and we're back to the way things were with a single tank controlling hundreds of mobs. I would suggest either removing the ability to increase the taunt duration in auras, or putting a limit on the taunt duration that would be no longer than the time of each tick of the aura. It's also very possible that removing taunt from auras altogether would be a good way to go. The damage ticks from the aura would definitely turn the mobs' aggression on the player, so that part would still work. One of the main problems today is that tanks still have the ability to control too many mobs. If taunt auras were limited or removed, it might also be necessary to adjust how the power Taunt works, buff it up a bit, in order to balance things out a little. It's hard to say without testing, though. I do understand that adding a new "there is strength in numbers" mechanic might take more resources and manpower than the Homecoming devs currently have. However, even if all that was done was to remove the limit on how many mobs can turn their aggression toward a player AND remove the ability for players to control too many mobs by adjusting taunt auras... it would still be an improvement and bring more risk to the game. Maybe not enough to solve all of the problems, but it would be a step in the right direction...
  10. Also great contribution, @AboveTheChemist!!! Really nice!
  11. That's nice work, @RogerWilco! Thanks for adding it to the Homecoming Wiki!
  12. THE MASTERS OF BAF, PART 3: MISCELANEOUS ODDS & ENDS Welcome to Part 3 of "The Masters of BAF." In this guide, you will find a mish-mosh of useful and trivial information in no particular order. Many of the subjects below stem from questions players have asked me. Others are just things I felt were unusual or interesting. Still others are useful additions and worth noting. I don't really expect to add much more to this BAF guide, but if I do happen to run across something interesting in the future, I'll add it here. Lastly, if you haven't read Part 1 of "The Masters of BAF", you can find it here. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. WHERE DO PRISONERS GO? 2. ONE MORE BAF BADGE! 3. A LITTLE MORE STRATEGY – HUNTERS AS A SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE 4. LORE PET CHOICES FOR BAF 5. AV FIGHTS ARE TIMED 6. HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR INCARNATE SLOTS QUICKLY 7. CONVERT ASTRAL MERITS INTO EMPYREAN MERITS 8. CONVERT ASTRAL OR EMPYREAN MERITS INTO REWARD MERITS 9. PARAGONWIKI'S "VISUAL GUIDE: BEHAVIORAL ADJUSTMENT FACILITY TRIAL" PAGE WHERE DO PRISONERS GO? Prisoners have 3 escape points. One is the door used to enter the BAF (on the west side near where players zone in), another is in Siege's hanger, and the 3rd is a hole in the ground on the far east side, behind and between those 2 buildings. You can only see the hole during the prisoner escape phase. At any other time during the BAF trial, it looks like a plain patch of grass without any way to escape the BAF… exactly what those sneaky, tunneling prisoners want you to think! One of the paths the prisoners take to escape leads them between the 2 western-most buildings on the south side, and it is sneaky! It's a great idea to post a player there to make sure no prisoner escapes between the buildings. ONE MORE BAF BADGE! For you BAF badge completists, there is one more BAF badge. It's called the "Mercy Missionary Badge" and unlike the other BAF badges, it's an exploration badge. The badge marker is located directly in front of Siege's hanger inside the Behavioral Adjustment Facility. However, during a BAF trial, you won't find it there. To get the Mercy Missionary badge, you'll need to travel to Imperial City in Praetoria. Go to Pocket D, and then go to the north-east corner of Studio 55. Behind a ramp is a restroom area (-221.5 0.6 -1232.5). To the left is an interdimensional portal on the wall. Use it. You'll find yourself in the alternate universe's Pocket D. Basically do a U turn, click on the elevators and head outside. Then move north until you get to the Behavioral Adjustment Facility at the top of the map. Click on any of the doors on the outside wall. Oddly, they're not locked. The guards will not attack you unless you attack them, so feel free to wander around. The badge's coordinates are: (-582, 0, -3763). Exit the BAF the same way you got in. A LITTLE MORE STRATEGY – HUNTERS AS A SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE In Part 1 of The Masters of BAF I explained that a team needs hunters during the prisoner phase. Let me go into a little more detail. Since the choke-point strategy relies on overlapping AOEs to really excel, any player with good AOEs or who has Lore pets with good AOEs needs to stay together in a close-knit group as much as possible. The players without Lore pets or good AOEs are tasked to support and bolster the blockade by helping to stop prisoners and to chase down and defeat any prisoners that get through the choke-point. This describes the general situation teams face during the Prisoner phase. The second line of defense strategy relies on 2-3 players with high damage, single target attacks to bookend the southern choke-point. At least one player is placed on each side of the blockade (west and east), in order to intercept any prisoners that break through. This will form a second line of defense. Some players have described these positions in sports terms such as "goalies", "fullbacks", or "catchers"; or in military terms such as "interceptors" or even "snipers." I typically refer to them as the "hunters," but if I had to choose a different word it would probably be "interceptors" it is their job to intercept any prisoners before they get to the exits. On the South team, the best location for hunters is where they have a clear view of the space between buildings. Every once in a while, a prisoner is knocked back into that between space, gets up, and runs home behind the buildings where no one can see. Also, one of the paths the prisoners take to escape is through the space between the 2 western-most buildings. It's important for a hunter to be able to see when this happens because, frankly, no one else can. There are about three times as many prisoners travelling west on the South path, which means it's probably a good idea to have more hunters on the west side of the blockade if possible. On the east side, one hunter should be sufficient. The North path is much easier to defend, so players tasked specifically as interceptors are not really necessary. At most, place one hunter on each side of the North team if you feel the need. Otherwise, everyone on the North team needs to be willing to hunt down any prisoners that break through the blockade. This bookend or second line of defense tactic can significantly increase a team's ability to prevent all prisoners from escaping. It's even more important when a team has few Lore pets or players with AOEs. However, it's not absolutely necessary. If all a team does is stay together in a close-knit group, their probability of success is very high. Although forming a second line of defense is an excellent idea, and can make defending the blockade much easier and less risky, it is more of a hassle. The leader must assign players to those positions before the BAF starts, and then make sure the players are bookending the south team and standing in the right places. All this takes time, and it's one more thing to deal with during that brief 60 seconds before the prisoners are released. If you find this to be too much of a hassle, feel free to keep this strategy in your bag of tricks until you find the need to use it. LORE PET CHOICES FOR BAF Lore pets are the key to the success of any BAF, so choosing the right Lore pet is very important… especially if you intend to farm BAFs. When I bring a new level 50 character into a BAF, the first incarnate power I craft and slot is Lore so that I can be more useful to the league as I earn the rest of my incarnate powers. You'll want to choose a "Core" pet (on the left side of the incarnate crafting tree) in order have 2 damage dealers, rather than one damage dealer and one support pet. The best pets for BAF are the ones that have Targeted AOEs and many ranged attacks. There are 8 pets that have targeted AOEs, and 4 stand out above the crowd: Storm Elementals (2 AOEs and 4 ranged attacks) Longbow (2 AOEs and 4 ranged attacks) Banished Pantheon (2 AOEs and 2 ranged attacks) Nemesis (2 AOEs and 2 ranged attacks) Storm Elementals are my favorite pets for BAF trials. They don't take up a lot of space, they have many ranged attacks that have quick recharge times, and they don't do any knockback. Longbow have just as many attacks, including a single target heavy hitter that does a ton of damage. Banished Pantheon is the go-to pet for farmers, and it performs very well in BAF too. According to Nemesis' stats, 3 out of their 4 ranged attacks do knockback. However, their knockback is surprisingly ineffective against the prisoners in the BAF, therefore they earn a spot in the top 4 best Lore pets for BAF. Runners Up: Carnival pets (1 AOE and 4 ranged attacks) and Demon pets (1 AOE and 3 ranged attacks). They have fewer AOEs, and their performance is adequate. Good pets, and if they match your character's theme, absolutely use them. There are 2 other pets that have targeted AOEs that I would recommend you avoid for BAF: Vanguard and Polar Lights. These are great pets, but because their attacks do a lot of knockback, they're not really suited for BAF. Knockback can throw a prisoner in the escape phase between buildings, after which the prisoner gets up and runs home behind the buildings where no one can see. This accounts for those perplexing times when everyone in the league exclaims, "How did one escape? No one got past our team!" Having said this, if the only Lore pet you have is one that does knockback or only has melee attacks, use them. Some pets are better than none. TIP: If your attacks do a lot of knockback (e.g., energy blaster, peacebringer, etc.), ask to be placed on the North team where there is no possibility of throwing prisoners between buildings. AV FIGHTS ARE TIMED I didn't mention another way that the league could potentially fail… every AV fight is timed, and if the league doesn't defeat the archvillain in time, the mission will fail. It's hardly a consideration, though. The amount of time given is far more than is necessary. Something like 15 minutes for each battle, and most AV battles are finished within 3-5 min. So file this little bit of information under "interesting but trivial." HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR INCARNATE SLOTS QUICKLY By far, the fastest way I've found to unlock the incarnate slots on a character is farming, specifically AE fire farming at +4, x8 difficulty settings. It will take you only 30-45 minutes to unlock all of your incarnate slots. If you can find a fire farmer to help you out, or build your own fire farmer using a second account, you'll be styling in no time! Incidentally, this is also the fastest way I've found to earn incarnate threads (used to buy incarnate salvage which in turn is used to craft incarnate powers). CONVERT ASTRAL MERITS INTO EMPYREAN MERITS Completing a BAF will usually award 4-5 Astral merits. The best thing to do with these is convert them into Empyrean merits which you can use to buy incarnate salvage. Luna, the juggling mistress, is the NPC you want to visit to convert these. She is the only Incarnate merit vendor and is located at the north-east side of the pond in Ouroborus (515.9 672.0 -866.4). 5 Astral merits = 1 Empyrean merit. Luna also sells supped-up inspirations for incarnate threads. Other than buying incarnate salvage, this is the only way you can spend incarnate threads. 1 super insp = 10 threads. 1 super team insp = 30 threads. CONVERT ASTRAL OR EMPYREAN MERITS INTO REWARD MERITS Astral or Empyrean Merits can be converted into Reward Merits at any Reward Merit vendor. 1 Astral merit = 2 Reward merits. 1 Empyrean merit = 10 Reward Merits. I can't tell you how long it took me to realize this, suddenly there was another reason to do incarnate trials! BAF doesn't award Reward merits, but it does give you Astral merits. Once converted, each BAF will usually give you 10 Reward merits. It typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete a BAF. That's about 30 Reward merits per hour, which seems like the average going rate for earning Reward merits in the game. Not amazing, but not bad either! PARAGONWIKI'S "VISUAL GUIDE: BEHAVIORAL ADJUSTMENT FACILITY TRIAL" PAGE ParagonWiki has great information about the BAF. One page that I only recently discovered is an uncredited player guide that ParagonWiki has archived. It's amazing. In fact, if I had known about this page, I might not have written a guide on BAFs. It has very detailed information and even diagrams and pictures. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Visual_Guide:_Behavioral_Adjustment_Facility_Trial If you're interested in other Incarnate trial guides, try this link: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Visual_Guide:_Incarnate_Trials
  13. So... what would be necessary to keep the ability to HOLD aggro at 17 max (or even less) but allow more mobs to notice and attack that player anyway? Holding aggro is control. Aggro is just.. well... aggression. Aggression is when a mob notices, and then attempts to attack a player's character. If you think about the combat situation in real life, it would be insane to provoke more enemies to attack you at the same time. Doing so reduces your ability to survive. The exception being a trap you could spring on the mob and nuke them all at once, but even then it's riskier to bring so much attention onto yourself. They could have traps or other tactics too that might get in the way of your plan. So it seems, the fundamental problem the game has been facing is not aggro, but the situation where added aggro presents no additional risk. What can be done about that? The aggro cap is silly. It makes gameplay stilted, gimps a tank's ability to taunt and keep his team safe, limits the amount of risk a player can have, and makes the game less like how the real world works. From what I've read, no one is in disagreement with this. The aggro cap was a compromise implemented in order to address several issues... instead of dealing with the main issue... lack of risk. Alternately, the devs could have taken the nerf bat out and went to town on various powers and power combinations... or buff the heck out of all the mobs in the game. But instead, they elected to put unnatural limits on just how many mobs a character can attack at any given time. Was this an admission of failure on the dev's part? A resignation to the idea that the game can never be balanced sufficiently? An acquiescence that the game is fundamentally broken and unfixable? Or was it merely an expedient and quick attempt to quell some of the issues and be done with it? So let me be clear... I am asking that for every additional mob aggroed, that it present additional risk. The most obvious way of doing that is by removing the aggro cap... or is it? Will that fix really bring more risk? The answer is yes, but maybe not as much as is needed. If the aggro cap is removed, and I really hope it will be, other changes need to be implemented in order to make sure that additional mobs means additional risk. If this can be done, it will automatically and naturally put limits on how many mobs a character can safely aggro. There are many approaches to address risk in the game. One approach might be to give mobs significant boosts with every additional mob. The idea being, there is strength in numbers. The more mobs there are, the stronger they are. Let me address gameplay or team play for a moment. Many dislike the idea of going back to the herding strategy. They feel it's boring. Yet the way the game is now, I feel is boring. There is no strategy anymore. No aforethought to battle. No sense of teamwork. If you've ever been on a PUG, you know what I mean. Strategy in the game has gone out the window in favor of the Leroy Jenkins strategy for success. Just rush in and do what you do. In fact, the game is so unbalanced right now that many low level characters can just rush into a group and combat them all by themselves. They think they're badasses, and want to show that they are. Ok. Fair enough. But why does it consistently work so well? Boring. Ok. Time for the team to rush into the room again and defeat everyone in a single group. Now time to do the same thing again for the next group and the next and the next and the next. One boring group at a time. There's no risk. No danger. And no way to mix things up because of the aggro cap. Other than the difficulty settings, there's no other way for players to give themselves more of a challenge than aggroing more mobs... but the aggro cap limits that. So if we do remove the aggro cap, and I think we should, we also will need to rebalance the game so the old problems don't re-emerge.
  14. Island Rum x64 does not appear to recognize the Logitech G502 gaming mouse's buttons 4 & 5 on my Mac running Catalina. I tested the mouse using an old windows 10 laptop, and Tequila appears to recognize the buttons fine. I am running the most recent version of the Logitech Gaming Software, which has been discontinued in favor of their new server based Logitech Gaming Hub software. I have also tested the mouse with the Logitech Gaming Hub and Island Rum/COH didn't recognize buttons 4 & 5 either. The new Hub software is oddly not compatible with all of Logitech's gaming mice. The mouse has 2 modes, an on-board memory mode, and a software based Automatic Game Detection mode. Using the on-board memory mode, Island Rum appears to recognize buttons 4 & 5. However, using the Logitech Gaming Software in Automatic Game Detection mode, it no longer sees buttons 4 & 5. This leads me to suspect Island Rum is not utilizing the Logitech Gaming Software in order to configure the mouse device but rather using the MacOS device configuration settings (which is nowhere near as robust as in Windows 10) ... but I am absolutely no expert. Using the mouse in Automatic Game Detection mode instead of the on-board memory mode brings with it many more features and capabilities, not the least of which is the ability to save all of the custom button settings and binds in a file and store it on the computer, both for safe keeping and to transfer settings between devices. It's pretty much essential. One solution might be to install the Logitech Gaming Software inside of Island Rum, so that it is running the Windows version in the same environment as the game, but I have no idea how to do that to test it and must defer to the experts. Or maybe there is a setting inside Wine or other software that could be installed to allow COH to see the buttons...? Please help. Thank you.
  15. These are really good points. @ABlueThingy, you've won me over. And thank you to everyone else who chimed in, especially @Doc_Scorpion who pointed out "What you're asking for is to be able to battle huge groups with significantly increased safety and significantly reduced risk." My whole premise was based on the idea that larger groups add more risk and challenge, but if a tank HOLDS that aggro (meaning prevents mobs from attacking other teammates), it's not really any more risk. I was too focused on using the ability to hold aggro as the way to gather large amounts of mobs to attack the team, and too stuck on the aggro cap as the reason why we can't do this. So I guess I'm asking for 2 things: 1. The ability to gather many more mobs (but not "hold" their aggro) 2. The ability for a tank to taunt/aggro any mob even if at aggro cap I imagine gathering more mobs would look somewhat like the ability for any archetype or character to receive the aggro of an unlimited number of mobs but with reasonable time, distance, and perception constraints for the mobs to aggro and remain aggroed as well as other factors such as closer players or other threats that mobs may choose to attack instead. Is this what would be considered the "game engine" or the AI? I have a sinking feeling that this might be beyond the ability for SCORE to change, considering limited resources. In fact, I'm not even sure anything needs to be changed. I might be describing exactly how the game currently operates if there was no aggro cap and no ability to hold aggro? In any case, the aggro cap still feels incredibly artificial and awkward, even absurd when you're in a mob's face jumping up and down and they do nothing because you're at the aggro cap. I'm wondering if a small change to the mechanics of the aggro cap would help make things feel more natural? What if the nearest mobs and the ones most recently attacked were always aggroed but if the cap has been reached, the earliest aggroed mobs drop off and lose aggro? Kind of like a revolving door. One goes in, another goes out. This would restore a tank's role as protector of the team. It would force strategic thinking on the tank. "If I try to grab the aggro of the mob attacking my defender, I know a mob that I currently hold will lose aggro and might attack my controller who is nearby," etc. Then it would be a mad rush to try to keep all the mobs off of the teammates. It would be a challenge, and would make the game much more fun for a tank and the whole team... but especially for the tank. Currently, if a tank is at aggro cap, and a mob is attacking another player, the tank can do absolutely nothing to help his teammate. It's not heroic, it's impotent. Powerless. Lastly, I just want to apologize for taking almost 3 months to reply. Real life got in the way and I had more important fish to fry. I think my last post was on March 15th, which is exactly when the pandemic started, schools closed, and life was thrown out of balance. I also was starting to feel a bit discouraged with all of the beating a dead horse comments and hostility, and I needed to take a break from that as well. I sincerely see some real problems with the game, and wish to help improve the game. If my solutions aren't the best, I'm completely open to suggestions and alternatives.
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