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  1. Hello, I know it's pretty easy to do, but here is the Mids Reborn icon in the appropriate format for the Mac. Download it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nNNjm2X-1z7yJCVm-_wLDp6zD9pn3TxV/view?usp=sharing Find your Mids Reborn Wineskin Winery app that you made, and right click on it. Then select Get Info, then click on the small icon in the upper left corner, lastly drag and drop this new icon onto the small icon in the corner. Done. It's a great idea to make an alias for your desktop. Right click on the Mids Reborn Wineskin app and select Make Alias. A new alias
  2. So this is something odd... Try converting any of the defense debuff or Accurate Defense Debuff IOs, and you'll see some weird stuff. So far, I have only found this weirdness to apply to the defense Debuff IOs. DEFENSE DEBUFFS: will only convert between IOs with like level ranges. For example, Exploited Vulnerability can NOT be converted to Touch of Lady Gray... but Touch of Lady Gray and Undermined Defenses convert to each other fine. IOs are supposed to convert to any out of set IO in the same set category (Defense Debuff to defense debuff, accuracy to accuracy, etc
  3. I'm nearly done leveling up a dark/regen scrapper. I had heard that Regen was nerfed back in Live, but didn't have any experience with the newly balanced Regen set. A friend tried to level one, but failed miserably to keep up with the rest of us. Died constantly. So I tried my hand at building one, and here are my thoughts... Regen is indeed a tricky ability to balance. I think if the regenerative abilities were buffed, they would end up being too powerful. The problem with the set now is that it is no where near as powerful as other scrapper/brute/tanker secondaries. To bring the
  4. A couple things... Bug? Long Range Teleport can not really be aborted. Once activated, if then aborted, it remains "queued." Then if any other teleport method is used (SG base portals, mission teleport, base teleport, etc), it uses up the Long Range Teleport too, prompting the 10 min cool down. Would it be possible to have Long Range Teleport actually abort after the destination window appears and is closed? I ran into this problem when attempting to see which zones I still needed to collect exploration badges for by looking at the destination list for the zones I already have.
  5. Hi, Where is the best place in these forums to post information about the unofficial Homecoming Wiki? And once posted, would it be possible to sticky it so that people know about it?
  6. Hello everyone! We could use some help updating the Homecoming Wiki with the stuff from Issue 27. I just added pages on the new exploration badge in Kallisti Wharf. Greatly appreciated!
  7. Superheroes Inc Base BlackSpectre @BlackSpectre Superheroes Inc Excelsior enterbasefrompasscode SI-7230d Contributors: @BlackSpectre, @Virtubob and @Hgour OPTIONAL: Up to five screenshots of your base NOTE: The elevators actually work (in-base teleporters). Make sure you explore, go up and own stairs, go to the very back of rooms. There are 3 levels to the base, with about 14 distinct rooms. Plus outdoors (but that's still under construction so it's been sealed off). Everything is functional, so make sure you click around in the bank
  8. Using powersets Ninja Blade and Ninjitsu with Stalker archetype. No sword is visible to other players. However, it is visible to you. It's a pretty big thing to have a ninja sword and not being able to show it off to anyone. Others can see it as I draw it, but it quickly disappears. Other players created toons with the same powersets, and I could not see their swords. So it's definitely a glitch with the game.
  9. The basic problem members complain about is that they miss instructions from the league leader because the instruction blend in with all the other comments. @Apparition, darn if you're not correct! I had tested this out before and it didn't pan out, but I just tested it again and you're absolutely right... the request channel IS on people's chat at character creation!!!! I had believed that it wasn't. Well, that works... thanks guys.
  10. Hi, As a league leader, it would be VERY useful to be able to invite everyone in a league to a custom chat channel to give instructions. Does anyone know if there is such a command? and if not, would it be a easy to add to the game? "/chan_invite_team" exists for teams, but it does not appear to work for leagues (even though there is a command where you can invite your entire global friends list to a custom chat channel) . P.S. I wasn't sure if I should post there here in suggestions, or in the help thread... h
  11. Yes. In game, type /buildsavefile .\ This will save the build of your character in the main COH folder/directory as a .txt file. In Mid's, click on Import/Export menu item at the top. Then click Import From Forum Post. Then open the build .txt file, select all, and copy. Now back in Mid's, click OK, and the build should be imported... at least as much as it can understand anyway. The build file is formatted for an old version of Mids, so there are likely to be some problems. Some of the build information might be imported, or all. It dep
  12. You make some really good points about mob placement and density. One of the things my friends and I have always loved are those few missions where unexpected mobs occur. Ambushes, sure, but surprising players with a whole bunch of mobs just when they thought the mission had ended or even in the middle... something to go contrary to expectations. Wandering mobs also helps this a little. I don't know if you've read all my comments in this thread, but part of me thinks maybe you didn't. Which is ok, I guess. I'm not asking for more control. Remove the aggro cap and nerf taunt and tau
  13. Also great contribution, @AboveTheChemist!!! Really nice!
  14. That's nice work, @RogerWilco! Thanks for adding it to the Homecoming Wiki!
  15. THE MASTERS OF BAF, PART 3: MISCELANEOUS ODDS & ENDS Welcome to Part 3 of "The Masters of BAF." In this guide, you will find a mish-mosh of useful and trivial information in no particular order. Many of the subjects below stem from questions players have asked me. Others are just things I felt were unusual or interesting. Still others are useful additions and worth noting. I don't really expect to add much more to this BAF guide, but if I do happen to run across something interesting in the future, I'll add it here. Lastly, if you haven't read Part 1 of "The Masters of
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