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Crashing on transition


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Logged on normally, did DFB, started a second one and got stuck on the loading screen.  Killed the window and logged on again, invited to a new team, loading screen froze again.  It did come back eventually to an empty deserted scene, still had to kill window.


Reverified files with Tequila, logged back in, was able to use train to Steel, enter a mission ok.  Froze to loading screen upon trying to exit the mission.  Gave up and came here hoping to get some help.



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The patch this last Thursday had something to do with LFG I thought...the issues seems to have really spiked since then...

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I got the loading screen crash every now and again before.  It didn't happen enough for me to complain about, but now it crashes on the loading screen and randomly while playing.  It's not terribly often, but it does seem to be increasing. 


I hope they can figure out something to fix it. Good luck to us all.

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