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  1. I’d like this. It’s super clunky to have to check your current settings in the nav and jump back and forth between different menus. +1 to an obvious QoL improvement
  2. No one is suggesting that if HC gets a C&D that they shouldn’t comply with it. If they get such a demand, then such a policy should be put in place. However, since it’s unlikely to get such a demand, then it’s silly to demand a change in behavior until such time. Either way, it’s not going to shut down the servers.
  3. Well, to save his city he had to become something else, become someone else.
  4. If this was possible, I would do more testing on Justin's Pineapple. Codebase wise it shouldn't be an issue, if my live character can't make it over to Pineapple's code, than Pineapple's code shouldn't be moving to Live.
  5. I'll say it - I don't personally copy other peoples work knowingly. However, I don't personally have a problem with it here, because, you know, the Internet, and no one is profiting or removing profit from another entity. I am playing on a pirate server that doesn't have official permission from the IP holder to be online, because, you know, the Internet, and again, no one is profiting or removing profit from another entity. If an IP holder, either because of trademark or copyright violation insisted on HC enforcing a policy of renaming characters, I would wholly support it, just as I did in Live, because that is their right. If NCSoft decides to shut this down tomorrow, I'll shed a tear, just one, and I'll motor on in life, because that is there right. I have no moral high ground. I am not right in a moral or legal sense. I sleep just fine at this point, because there is no obvious harm happening, nor I am personally at any legal risk either. That doesn't make me right, just content. Pax, I don't find this humorous either, but what are you really fighting for? Anyone with any legal sense, accepts that infringement might be an issue here at some point. Anyone who doesn't won't be swayed by anything you or I say.
  6. Yes, but Marvel/Disney, DC/Warner, and anyone else with a Superhero IP knows about the internet. From FanFiction, to Fan-Art, to Cosplay sites, they are all over. And if you've been to a comic con, you know that those some of those fan artists are selling DC/Marvel prints they haven't gotten permission for. I'm not saying it's right. But if we are going to go with the Tacit Permission argument, then DeviantArt and all the others must have a state of tacit permission. Finally, while you could make the argument that NCSoft is open to this arrangement (and let's be clear, they have not said so yet), that would only hold water if you started play on Aug 7, because prior to that it was extremely unclear if NCSoft was at all OK with this arrangement. That would eliminate either of us from holding any "moral high ground" here.
  7. This is getting silly. @MunkiLordhit it on the head. This is a pirate server with pirated code. NCSoft's lack of action or choice to engage, doesn't abrogate their rights to enforce action later...Why? Because it's still a pirate server. However, if we are going to take the argument that NCSoft's lack of enforcement is somehow legal acceptance, then DC and Marvel's lack of pursuing fan-art and cosplay is also somehow legal acceptance, because they are also not enforcing action against those artists and costumers. I'm always down for a good legal debate on IP Infringement, it's a fascinating subject, but there is no room for moral high ground here from anybody on this forum. We can spin all sorts of coulda, woulda, shoulda, arguments and who knows, as I sit here writing this, my roof could cave in. But it's unlikely. And based on the current landscape, there seems to be no appetite from comic book companies to pursue fan artists and cosplayers. Could they? Sure. Would they? Maybe. Should they? That's murky law at best right now. But here's the fact - have they? They have not, and it appears they don't wish to pursue it because it's a.) murky law when it comes to fair use, and b.) the PR backlash could be absolutely staggering - "DC goes to war with it's biggest fans" is a pretty bad headline. So we can debate what could happen all day, but at the end of the day, let's keep these 4 things in mind: 1.) Nobody is the moral leader here...it ain't happening as long as you are playing. I'm not saying if you stop playing you are the moral leader. But you most certainly are not as long as you are playing pirated software 2.) No action is likely forthcoming. I can't say for absolutely, but we can be pretty sure that if DC/Marvel/Whoever wants to start enforcing their IP privileges, they probably won't start here. This is a small niche. There are other far more appetizing targets (DeviantArt?) then a pirate server where the fan creations are limited to only in-game. 3.) If, in the extreme chance, someone takes action, it'll be a simple C&D letter asking for HC to stop the behavior of copying IP. At that point, HC will either have the resources and abilities to comply, or they won't. And no amount of hand wringing is going to change that. It's out of our control 4.) Finally, is this where you want volunteer GM's to spend their time, right now? "I'm stuck in a mission, why won't the GM's respond?"."Well, there is only a few of them, and they are having to scan, every single character to see if they might be a copyright violation....they'll get back to you in a few months". "Now justicebeliever, that's silly, we can just go back to the way it worked during live," you say? Well, then I point you back to #3. Let's cross the bridge when we come to it, same as it happened on Live.
  8. This is a very fair response. Thank you!
  9. Absolutely zero chance is pretty impossible to promise anybody. I rarely leave the house, but I know there is still a small chance I could get hit by a bus today. They have committed to keep it free to play, why should we doubt them at this point? We don't have new data to contradict it.
  10. I appreciate the response, but "continue to work with them" is pretty vague. I am still working with my neighbor to get his dog to stop barking in the middle of the night, all night. Last we heard from HC, once the negotiations were completed, ParagonWiki would fold into Homecoming and we would be able to update it with Homecoming specific content. Last we heard from HC, Titan Network was part of these negotiations with NCSoft. Should we assume neither of these are true at this point? I want to be clear, saying that neither is true at this point doesn't mean to me the SKY IS FALLING, DOOMtm or anything else dramatic. It doesn't mean to me that you are liars, or that NCSoft is destroying the world. It just means that things changed, and you are being transparent with us. What's NOT transparent, is getting this information second-hand at this point. So TonyV said what he said, Sekoia said what Sekoia said. Can we get some clarity and depth to the level that Titan network is getting it?
  11. @Cipher, @Jimmy Do you guys have any comment on this? Is Titan going to stay independent going forward? Is Titan, and just not Tony V still a part of these negotiations? Seems like big news...and silence is always worrisome in those situations.
  12. It was change since I last posted this...Here's the updated link. It's also the "game account" link at the top of the forums https://forums.homecomingservers.com/gameaccount/
  13. Sorry Crimson, as long as their sufficient people who tolerate pineapple, it's just a Pyrrhic victory. And don't lay a finger on my olives...Must have their deliciousness in both my cocktails and on my pizza
  14. Our family's favorite. And welcome to the Homecoming Team.
  15. Kinda feels like something Homecoming should comment on. @Jimmy, @Cipherwhat’s the word here?
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