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  1. I have interest...I switch between 2 computers, frequently, from different locations. The import/export feature is only useful if I use it every time and save it to a shared location (Onedrive in this case), and then import every time to ensure the changes are copied over. It's still better than the spreadsheet, because updating several of them with new badges was a much bigger pain.
  2. It's a silly debate. The developer @crytilishas said he is done developing the application. It's rather irrelevant what the definition of this or that is, or the possible solutions. I for one applaud the work he has done, and completely understand his wish to no longer continue work on an application that brings him no reward other than our appreciation and his own personal self-satisfaction. I agree. This is the right definition Clearly, there is an expectation, or the user wouldn't have posted. However, I think your analogy stands. Somethings work the way you hope, somethings don't.
  3. @KeyboardKitsuneThis tracker is awesome. Moving off the spreadsheet into an online DB is so much easier. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I'm going to go like a bunch of your posts so you get some more "street cred" for this!
  4. That's not even an option for anybody. I'm pretty sure the code doesn't have configurations built in for Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, etc. You get i24 beta as a starting point. Where you go from there isn't about it being in the wild, it'd be about having a deep familiarity with the code and with exactly what was in each issue. It'd take years to unspool it back to a issue 1 program. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a serious suggestion you were making, but I do wish people would stop suggesting people who are unhappy 'go somewhere else'. Unless a person is toxic levels of rudeness, then they should have the same rights to post here as everyone else. They should have the same rights to be heard as everyone else. This game doesn't belong to anyone but NCSoft. So no one here is a "better" voice, or "more of a voice" or more invested in the game than anyone else. The servers don't belong to anyone but Homecoming. Again, there is no voice on these forums, apart from HC staff that are the "right" voices or more invested in the game, or have the "right" views than anyone else. There is no "us" vs "them". No "you" vs "me". We may disagree on many things, facts, and opinions, but we are all still people at the end of the day. I'm sure many people who argue on the boards would get along fine in a PUIG in game, and people you've struggled with in-game you would strongly agree with on the boards. There are people on here you may harbor anger against and you could later find out they are a valued co-worker in your office, or a fun family member that you didn't even know played. This is not to say we can't or shouldn't disagree, but let's try to be civil, and not kick people to the curb.
  5. One is an opinion. The other is a fact. It's not legalism, nor having it both ways. I have frequently posted in defense of AE, farming, and powerleveling multiple times in the many threads I have "participated" in. It's an opinion I have. And honestly I don't do any of those things, I just don't feel that I own the definition of fun for you or anyone else. It is a demonstrated fact, without evidence (that's the key here, evidence) to the contrary, that more people on these boards ask for things to be made easier, simpler, and have their characters be more powerful. That's not an opinion. Anyone can just go in and count the threads like Leogunner did. It won't stop other people from coming back and saying "I feel that your counting is wrong", but that comes back to a feeling, not a fact. And yet, you still are. And I realize that nothing I say will discredit your beliefs in your own head. You feel you are right, and no amount of math will sway you. I really wasn't posting for you, but for other people who might be confused by the difference between fact and feeling. Honestly @InfinitumI have no quarrel with you. I just don't like reading that someone else's data is wrong but unwilling to provide evidence to the contrary.
  6. BTW - Quoted for truth. I too wish people would stop suggesting that AE hurts the game somehow. Or farming, or any kind of power leveling. There seem to be a lot of people who feel like they have the definitve answer for what "fun" is for all people.
  7. Wait...so you agree with @Leogunner? Or are you being contrary to his statements? You can't have it both ways. You are both being contrary to each other. As for participation, @Leogunner been on the forums almost as long as you, he's got more posts than you. He's more than proven himself capable of digesting information and doing math even. So I'd say he's safe on the "participated in" box as well. I know I am... Because I am 100% certain you are suggesting we can't read and participate equally well. It's hard to believe people when they say their anecdotal evidence trumps hard numbers. But to each their own I suppose. Since you don't care, I guess we are done here...But I suspect you care a little and this isn't the last we've heard on this.
  8. Still not seeing any data to the contrary...So i guess he's just wrong cuz...yankee doodle dandy? If you are reading the posts, then put up your own numbers...because my experience is Leogunner's as well... EDIT: BTW - I think it's hysterical there's still a debate over what % of posts are "nerfs" or not.
  9. I don’t understand - @Leogunneractually did the math, but he’s still wrong, just...cuz? The age of alternative facts I guess...
  10. I think if Nemesis died and he did so because of an apple pastry accident, Would that be Nemesis pied? Of course not, I'm just taking you all for a Nemesis plot ride!
  11. The way some of the posters are it would be last Stan standing. But I like your idea better...
  12. You can trademark your likeness, just can’t copyright it. But Trademark doesn’t extend to the Code of Conduct.
  13. But the game counts some amount of non-existent costumes toward the badge. I got the 10 costume badge with only 9 costumes. And I have 35 towards the 50, but I only have 22 actual temp powers costumes.
  14. True. FWIW, Stan the Man is not one of their trademarks however and is not owned by any comic or entertainment company. but again, it shouldn’t matter, because you can’t trademark a name to keep it from being used by people (the hospital never checks trademarks when filling out those birth certificates), you can just use it to keep someone else from marketing to a similar target audience with the same name.
  15. Publicity laws only apply to commercial ventures. You don’t own your face, but you own the sole right to make $$ off it. Is HC a commercial venture? At this point in time and space I believe so. They haven’t formed a non-profit yet, and as such they are. Are they using a likeness of a Stan Lee to generate the financial gifts they receive? No. So it really shouldn’t be an issue
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