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  1. I’m not with Homecoming, but compliance with EU privacy law is a whole another level of complexity above PCI compliance and US Privacy law. Also, how does one go about proving they “own” said account? For most players, their username and/or password are long forgotten. Password resets on discontinued email accounts would be impossible. So then how do you about proving it? And I imagine this proof process would be manual and would generate thousands of help tickets to our volunteer GM’s. Or you just let a select group of people who do remember their information have access and generate a big group of have’s and have not’s which only fragments the community. But honestly, the EU’s GDPR would make this complex, and the costs of non-compliance would make it risky.
  2. The Beta Server user list is periodically cloned from live. Looks like the last time it was updated was the first week of December, so it doesn’t have you as a member on it yet. Next time the Dev’s update Beta you should be good
  3. This is why I don’t slot - too complicated, and what do you get for your troubles?
  4. I love it! is it a tribute to someone? I only ask because of the interstitial picture in the video (“never forgotten”) Get’s my vote for in game music
  5. Nothing to add to the tanking discussion, but since B5 is so quote worthy, thought I'd throw in my two favorites - "No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow...Boom, sooner or later. BOOM!" – Lt. Cmdr Susan Ivanova "I suppose there'll be a war now, hmm? All that running around and shooting at one another. You would've thought sooner or later it would go out of fashion." – Ambassador Londo Mollari
  6. Sorry, I'm just not following your syntax here. The request to get their old NCSoft stuff is out there, yes...made a few times on these forums. You are saying that's not a helpful request here? On these forums? Because HC isn't NCSoft? If so, then I'd just add that Leo and the SCoRE group had the character database at one point I believe, and dumped it due to the risks involved, so it's not a bad assumption that whoever is running the code would have access to the character database behind it as well. It's still never going to happen, but I understand why one would reasonably ask HC about it.
  7. Not every issue has blame. There is no blame here. Users are most certainly not to blame, but neither is the developer. Not everything, in fact most things, just don't work 100%. of course it's true if crytilis gets tired of other people posting about it, the right solution would be to make an enhancement that corrects. But short of that here is no onus of blame nor responsibility.
  8. How does this solve the issues about people being able to properly “acquire” the correct account if they don’t remember their credentials?
  9. What request? I don't follow...And what does the fact that NCSoft and HC are separate entities have to do with it?
  10. I am perma haten this post. we should all be perma haten. It's the the new jerk hackin Thanks @DocRadio and GM Widower
  11. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? A lack of feature is not a bug. A lack of cross compatibility, regardless of how intuitive it seems to you, is not a bug. It's still a lack of feature. of course, you can still keep calling it a bug, but you won't be using the same inferred and explicit definition that everyone else on these forums uses. I’m really unclear on why you keep pushing this, if you know it isn’t going to change anything. I know that I am only pursuing it in an unnecessary attempt to defend Mid's Reborn, which, while full of bugs, doesn't include this lack of feature in the inventory of them.
  12. Any potential intentional or unintentional mismanagement of personal data gets you into legal SNAFU’s with more than just NCSoft. Now you have player data in the wild and that could mean legal challenges from players as well. My thoughts here: Personal data like CC #’s and addresses aren't really a big issue. It would be easy enough to remove those columns or tables of data from the database. Proving you are the owner of that account would be hard. I don’t remember my CoH password from live. I don't remember my old password from that shining new hotmail account I used to play it, but haven't used in the last 5 years. So how would I prove ownership? The staffing to manage thousands of help tickets to get access to live player data would be staggering And if you only offered access to just the few that remember everything, then you will create a permanent schism between the have's and the have not's. Beyond this, the Dev's have already stated this is a non-option for them.
  13. @JimmyOne of the nice things about the old list was that it started with the lower level TF’s and kept incrementing up, which was great for newer Characters to ride the wave all the way up. This one by design is all over for levels. To quote Despicable Me - “I like it, but not a lot...I don’t like it“
  14. I have interest...I switch between 2 computers, frequently, from different locations. The import/export feature is only useful if I use it every time and save it to a shared location (Onedrive in this case), and then import every time to ensure the changes are copied over. It's still better than the spreadsheet, because updating several of them with new badges was a much bigger pain.
  15. It's a silly debate. The developer @crytilishas said he is done developing the application. It's rather irrelevant what the definition of this or that is, or the possible solutions. I for one applaud the work he has done, and completely understand his wish to no longer continue work on an application that brings him no reward other than our appreciation and his own personal self-satisfaction. I agree. This is the right definition Clearly, there is an expectation, or the user wouldn't have posted. However, I think your analogy stands. Somethings work the way you hope, somethings don't.
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