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  1. +1 to this, though it’s always interesting hearing part of the RP when cruising through Pocket D, I always feel like an eavesdropper.
  2. I'd also prefer it not auto select a mission for me (I can see that being problematic for teaming), but I would prefer the MT not activate at all if no mission is selected
  3. Did you do it last year and already have the badges?
  4. Click on your avatar, and clcik Edit Profile. Member titles are self-assigned... Reminds me to change mine...I no longer spend much of the day on these forums...
  5. I always thought you were a clever little beagle, typing on top of his doghouse. Or perhaps a snapping turtle, but then I'd expect a lower post count. Unless @MTeagueis really a whole community of snapping turtles... I agree with your point though...unless you know the person or seen evidence of their work, their credentials to me are fairly meaningless. Everyone considers themselves an expert in everything on the internet...probably because there is no one around to call them out.
  6. Watchmen <- Great story and visuals by Alan Moore League of Extraordinary Gentlemen <- Imagine all victorian fiction shared the same universe. Also by Alan Moore Crisis on Infinite Earths <- Most epic and for years, most long reaching comic event Golden Age <- Great Riff on the DC Golden Age of Superheroes New Frontier <- Great Riff on the DC Silver Age Man of Steel <- John Byrne's rebirth of Superman, post-crisis The Death of Superman <- Sure, an event for event's sake. But a good one. Batman: Year One <- Frank Miller's great take o
  7. It was probably clear, but in addition to the 2 files, you'll need to have a starter bind: /bind f "cce 2 CCPureEnergy$$powexec_toggleon fly$$bind_load_file flyoff.txt"
  8. DC Universe post Crisis (86). When heroes were out and out heroes! I'd feel safe walking any street in the world (except Gotham...why anybody still lives there is a mystery to me).
  9. "So what? I guess they just don't make them like they used to." "No! Nobody *ever* made them like this! I mean, the architect was either a certified genius, or an authentic wacko!"
  10. @JayboHI understand the desire to change those maps, but honestly I am comfortable with them and I agree with others who've said they pose a greater challenge. However, I'm all for new maps and new missions, so I full endorse the idea of work on new maps that can be used by either our inventive Mission Architects or as the foundation for new missions from new contacts.
  11. I'm not a fan of a Facepalm reaction for the reasons already outlined by others so well. It's only purpose would be mock others opinions, and we don't need more tools to do that in the forums.
  12. I'm a no vote for turtles. But a yes vote for tortoises... Unless they are snapping turtles...No one says no to a snapping turtle.
  13. I don't think it's too big an ask for people to follow the code of conduct. Even free speech has it's limits.
  14. I have so much fun crafting and selling that all I want on a character to get started is Inner Inspiration. The rest they have to earn...(Even though I have Influence banked in email, I've not yet felt the need to tap into it, even for a new character)
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