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Savage Leap & +Range Interaction

The Godchild

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This was a weird one I didn't notice at first but when I tested it out a few times it finally dawned on me what was going on. Partially because...well, who actually slots +range as a melee type and it was my choice in Alpha's that ended up bringing this all about (Gogo cardiac core's +20%).


tl;dr version: While the bonus range allows for longer leaps as intended...the actual 'aoe' part that is the attack does NOT trigger if you attempt a Leap beyond the base 70' range.


Its....interesting to watch it in effect since at 84', I can pretty much jump straight into another mob from the middle of the first mob...but that's all I get out of it. I instantly appear next to the primary target of the leap but do 0 damage to it and everything nearby, the only damage I see is my death shroud tic'ing within the first second and that's it. I tested it repeatedly and pretty much the moment I hit 71'....no damage trigger on the leap or any form of aoe damage.


This is probably tied to Savage Leap acting like a pseudopet, similar to shield charge or lightning rod (which don't break a stalker's hide for the same reason) and the 'pet' part doesn't follow along properly if you leap further then it's normal range. This also makes me question if SC and LR have the same weird interaction with +range now: Will you teleport to the desired location...but do no damage? Leap is a targeted effect, not a location effect so it might be a unique factor for it.


tl;dr pt.2: For whatever reason, the aoe part of savage leap seems to be locked at 70' regardless of what the buffed range is and doesn't trigger beyond it.


Either someone needs to go in and tweak the range interaction slightly so the aoe portion is properly buffed/affected by +range enhancement, or...just have Savage Leap not be affected by +range completely if that's the easier option. Honestly, the bonus range is fun....but its a big waste of an opener aoe if its not doing damage and 14' is really, REALLY hard to gauge on the fly in the middle of a fight...70' is plenty of distance to leap when you need it.


Side note: I was sad to note that leaping the full 84' still doesn't give more then 3 stacks (ie: The max stacks for leaping at 'max' 70' range). If it gave 4 or 5 stacks, it would at least be a trade off since I could follow it up with a max-stack Rending Flurry...but that sounds like it'd be complicated as hell to do giving spaghetti code n'all.


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