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There are 7 different types of citizen NPCs in the game that give specific information depending on the letter their names start with:E - Official Real Time (based upon where Cryptic is located)F - Official Paragon City Time (in-game time)G - Number of heroes in the current zone you are inH - Lists random names of other heroes in current zoneM - Gives total time played, for current hero, since hero creationN - Number of times you've logged into the game with current heroO - How long you've been logged in today with current hero (seems buggy though, resets after every indoor mission)J - gives statistics on how many times you've used a power today.K - gives statistics on how much damage you have dealt with your powers today.Both of these may take several clicks on the NPCs to see the desired results.To get this information, you need only stand near the wandering citizen NPC and left-click on them



Secret Badge for new heroes-Defeat 100 Contaminated in the tutorial zone to earn the Isolator Badge.

Peacebringer and Warshade arch-types-Simply get a character to level 50 and the two new arch-types will be added to the hero creation list.



Type this and replace the colors included below for any other colors /bind enter,



Note: This trick requires invisibility. Go into any mission with Clickable Objective

Items (trash cans, crates, etc.) that give you experience. Turn on invisibility and

get all of the clickable items. As long as the mission does not end by clicking the

items, you can go outside, restart the mission, and do it all over again until you

have obtained as much experience as desired. As long as you do not train the level

after leveling, if you want to take the time to gain a few levels by doing this, the

times will always give the same amount of experience as long as you remain at the

same level.

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