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  1. Stay with us on Everlasting! Forever! But if you do want to change Shards, the good news is that you get free Shard Transfer Tokens! I think it's 5 every 3 days? Or 3 every 5 days? Something like that. Just be sure to leave a name placeholder if you ever want to go back and forth between Shards regularly.
  2. Updated to include @Six Six's post! Updated to include @Greycat's post!
  3. There are certain Contacts who do not require introductions. Those Contacts can be found by hitting the "Find Contacts" Button in the Contacts window. Assuming you haven't met them yet, you can do a one-time teleport directly to them using that menu.
  4. Aww, gendered limitation, @Shadowsleuth? I'm shocked.
  5. Only one or two Contacts are "Findable" per level range, and most of those are the newer Contacts. Pretty much all of the original release Contacts for Redside require the Newspaper-Broker-Mayhem system to unlock, or are unlocked from such a Contact.
  6. I'm in the process of writing a much larger reply, but just wanted to state: 3 Newspapers/Police Radios for Levels 5 to 19, 5 Newspapers/Police Radios from Level 20 up.
  7. How is it that each person here defines "casual?" Precisely. That might help.
  8. We just had this come up recently. This thread might help! https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/18751-fyi-coh-tla-faq-cfa/
  9. Congratulations. We now have the Anti-Jenkins: Derek.
  10. Did Derek do that nonchalant half-wave as he approached the sortie? If he did: That's /so/ Derek.
  11. I feel terrified getting drawn in to this thread, because I know how vitriolic people get on this subject . . . but I'm somewhat on the side of FullEclipse here, and I think it sucks that there has to be "sides" on this . . . The game NEEDS a reward overhaul; the Homecoming Team even acknowledged this numerous times! Frankly though, I feel that should have happened BEFORE the removal of Double Inf at 50, which was originally a feature added to the game to motivate and encourage players to play with lower-level characters by Exemplar'ing/Malefactoring. The Double Inf was extended as an option to any time you chose to play without Experience Gain, which I firmly believe was the right design decision. Obviously, not all design decisions from the original Legacy development are sacrosanct, but I am aghast at how out-of-touch changes like this feel to the players who were just playing the game as they had grown used to -for years.- In-game rewards are motivators for playing. Yes, they're meaningless in the grand scheme of reality, but they provide a touchstone for players to feel like what they're doing in the game has purpose. FullEclipse isn't wrong to be upset by feeling left out due to this change. It was the Homecoming Team pulling the rug out from under the feet of players like this. The Devs' motivation may have been to improve the health of the player-market economy, but that is literally changing PvE to benefit PvP. Because that's what the player-market is: PvP. Of all the changes the Homecoming Team has done, I feel this one was handled the most poorly. And it feels bad.
  12. I mean, with the Periodic Random Unresistable Confuse proc idea I shared earlier, you'd have a much lower amount of Dev-time overhead, but still get the same general effect as Friendly Fire. It would just be more of an all-or-nothing: Did you trigger that PBAoE Nuke while confused? Enemies are unharmed, but your team is pissed.
  13. Do we draw a line if it's only cosmetic exploits?
  14. Isn't "Time's Arrow" a novel or something? It sounds really familiar . . .
  15. They used Arachnoid pieces. "Backpack" claws and feet. And not to give precise instructions on how this is accomplished, but use of outside software has been involved in past occurrences. Debate still rages on over whether this should actually be policed or not by some members of the community, but it was certainly not conducive to Homecoming's stance to have such a costume take a prize. And so that character has been retcon'ed out of the winner's circle. You'll notice the picture for the winners of the Everlasting Shard looks a little . . . altered.
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