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  1. Does buying up every piece of a certain something, no matter the cost, and then relisting it at 1 Inf count as "Manipulation?" If so, then I was a manipulator last evening for something that originally had about 1700 listed, and less than 700 bids. Most expensive one was bought at around 17,000,000 while the cheapest ones I sold were at 11. All bids are now filled. Only cost me about 300,000,000 to do it, too. Although the time investment of three or four hours was less than ideal. I'll be taking a stab at repeating this for the other three of its kind later on.
  2. Depends on my mood and if I'm roleplaying or not. Some of them I intentionally get defeated by aggro'ing several groups, and then running away while the escortee is getting attacked from all angles. Some of them I carefully bring to the entrance of the mission, then abandon them there so they lose sight of me. Alternatively, I'll avoid the trigger to free them entirely until I've cleared the rest of the map. And sometimes I just don't overthink it, and pretend they're not there and don't care what happens. And while testing Piecemeal's new arcs, I did all three, for each mission. D
  3. The timing on this is rather fortuitous. I was contemplating how best to author some tutorials for non-game-savvy individuals who are interested in attending the Pride celebrations. Looks like Youtube video tutorials are back on the menu!
  4. Thanks for continuing to support XP and the players who (need to) use it.
  5. Dean Dhamsati Academy Guard Gorej Kiska Steyk Subcommander Staking Squad Leader Sugar Operative Corpocrus Brutal Father Abyssal Hunter Fiend Pure Evil Deathguard Beta Her Biggest Fan
  6. ArchVileTerror Pur Poeir Algia Kruos Professor Rose Doctor Grey Al Raddy Beau Man
  7. Updated to include @Fermmoylle's post. Updated to include @PaperKilly's post.
  8. "To change the install location, ensure that the launcher and any related applications are closed, then simply move the entire folder." Interesting method, @Number Six. Will that remain the way it operates in the future, or will you be providing a more user-friendly alternative before the Release version? I mean, I do wish for more people to learn how to navigate their computers' file folder architecture, but having been a troubleshooter for many players trying to install Mods for the game . . . I can see this being a big barrier for a lot of them.
  9. Stay with us on Everlasting! Forever! But if you do want to change Shards, the good news is that you get free Shard Transfer Tokens! I think it's 5 every 3 days? Or 3 every 5 days? Something like that. Just be sure to leave a name placeholder if you ever want to go back and forth between Shards regularly.
  10. Updated to include @Six Six's post! Updated to include @Greycat's post!
  11. There are certain Contacts who do not require introductions. Those Contacts can be found by hitting the "Find Contacts" Button in the Contacts window. Assuming you haven't met them yet, you can do a one-time teleport directly to them using that menu.
  12. Aww, gendered limitation, @Shadowsleuth? I'm shocked.
  13. Only one or two Contacts are "Findable" per level range, and most of those are the newer Contacts. Pretty much all of the original release Contacts for Redside require the Newspaper-Broker-Mayhem system to unlock, or are unlocked from such a Contact.
  14. I'm in the process of writing a much larger reply, but just wanted to state: 3 Newspapers/Police Radios for Levels 5 to 19, 5 Newspapers/Police Radios from Level 20 up.
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