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  1. Which Manifest are you using, Lyneham? Try https://manifest.cohhc.gg/testing.xml
  2. 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 Although, with that being said . . . I will estimate that Jimmy is too fabulous to be -that- Jack.
  3. Take a close look at the surroundings. You enter from the mouth, and proceed in to the stomach, which has lava instead of stomach acid. The textures are low-res, but they're flesh and bone. Other than the mechanical components and pipes, which are the PTS tubes which Aeon drilled literally through Bat'Zul's skull.
  4. Run the Villain Strike Force in Cap au Diable, RikOz. You actually go inside the demon, and then fight the demon's manifested avatar inside its own stomach. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Virgil_Tarikoss And then there's an arc in Cap au Diable, Level 15 to 25, or thereabouts. The Contact -is- a Luddite. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Brother_Hammond
  5. I would be banned so hard and so fast if I shared my desktop background images . . .
  6. A good step in a positive direction. A lot of "meta" has changed in the game since inception. The community has generated a LOT of great and helpful tutorials, but they're all external to the game itself, which creates a pretty sizeable barrier to entry. Having those tutorials in the game itself would be a huge help!
  7. How many roleplayers are there on the Homecoming Team? Not the GMs, mind you, but specifically the core team. Something I've been wondering with growing curiosity. Who do we have on the Homecoming Team that represents us? Who steps up to bat when changes and additions are being discussed and speaks on behalf of the roleplayers?
  8. It's not Echo: Mercy Island Golf Course, but the current behaviour from Brawl is pretty -out there- right now. So . . . what's the verdict? Are we counting this as a win? Did we successfully convince the Devs to Officially Approve Hellion Golf, if even only for a single day and not isolated solely to Hellions, or using a golf club?
  9. I mean, at the very least, shouldn't it have used the doppleganger code to actually look like our own characters? And have been walk-through-able, like Mastermind Henchpets are supposed to be? Baby New Year is just creepy. Baby New Year stalking us is extra creepy. Piles of dead Baby New Years in Ouroboros . . . What was the planning behind this one? What did the pitch meeting sound like?
  10. So far, I gotta say: Party Kake's in the lead.
  11. Wait . . . I haven't logged in yet . . . This stuff is seriously in the game?! Whaaaaat!?
  12. Mayhaps a smidge premature given the physical location of the majority of the playerbase . . . However, I -do- actually like the idea of Take Your Child to Work Day! I'm all-for that being a new mission/holiday event!
  13. @Jimmy: "In brief: Our goal is for all playstyles be valid, worthwhile[,] and enjoyable. That's what we're working towards." I realize I'm in the extreme minority here, but my personal playstyle includes decidedly -not- racing to 50. The removal of bonus Inf hits my playstyle pretty hard, as it was basically one half of my sense of reward and progress in the game. Unless I've misunderstood (as I haven't had a chance to log in yet, and for-example the removal Double Inf thing instead only affects level 50 characters), then I feel you've missed the mark on your express intended goal with this change. You also said: "The imbalance wasn't in the market though - it was in the means of earning currency" after the statement of "We’ve made this change to reduce the influence income gap between players who farm and those that do not. The amount of additional influence gained by abusing level 49 missions simply wasn’t healthy for the overall economy of the game, and generally unfair towards those who play standard level 50 content instead of farming." If it's a matter of there being a wealth gap, why not create incentives for high net worth individuals to engage in more charity and in-game financial community support? Why not boost the Inf gain across all levels prior to 50? If there was an exploit, why not repair the exploit instead of specifically targeting the Double Inf Option? I would really like to see the Homecoming Team's math behind the decision-making for this. I realize my own perspective may be too narrow or outright skewed, so seeing the hard numbers might help me understand how the Team came to their present conclusion.
  14. Except there's a flaw in the "worth more" thing . . . the fixed price items in the game are still set to fixed prices. The reduction to Inf earnt means those items are now -more- expensive. When there's an imbalance in the player market, I think it's the market that should be changed, not the means of earning currency.
  15. As I understand it; the Leaderboard calculation doesn't include the Rep which users inherited from the forum software changeover.
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