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Bug: Character stuck to ground, can't jump, can't fly


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This has happened to me a few times, most recently in this case I petitioned, wondering if a GM could determine more information on what was going wrong.




During play on a mission map (I think they've all be in door missions, whether a building or an outdoor map), I discover my character can't jump.  Can run back and forth and do other things, but can't get off the ground.


In that recent case, I did more testing.  The character has Mystic Flight.  I could turn on Mystic Flight, but the character would stay stuck to the ground in a sort-of hover.  While walking or in flight, could go up building steps, but couldn't get off the ground.  Could use Mystic Flight's inherent teleport power.  If teleported to a point off the ground, would fall straight back down to the ground, still stuck to it.


Tried to get the mobs to knock me back but they either didn't have an attack that did that or knockback didn't happen or failed.


Going into an alternate screen like Menu > I.D. didn't change the stuck state.


I believe from previous experience, zoning clears the bug.  I may have found another way to do that, but I can't recall for certain.


Exiting the mission after completion clear the stuck bug status.  Could now jump and fly normally.

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