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  1. A bug-fix version has been release,, that seems to be working without issue.
  2. I removed the Mids Reborn install, deleted all files and folders, and re-installed fresh. I install Mids Reborn to a non-standard location which gets mentioned in the first error popup, otherwise I get all of the above.
  3. It's good that Arcane Bolt now appears to be a decent attack of its own accord. It's been a while since I looked at other Pool attacks, but I think some are real dogs. Going on the Mids numbers (which can be wrong with respect to City itself), most aren't too bad for DPE, but all of them are horrible with DPA, such that I never take them except one of Boxing or Kick and that to get to Tough and then Weave. And only slot it to mule an IO set. It would be helpful if the Pool Powers at least matched Melee sets T1s like Shadow Punch's DPA. But those Pool attacks are off-
  4. @Linea 🙂 That was me actually referring to the new Page 1 arcs, particularly the Hero-side one. 🙂 @Alty took a team of stormers including meself into that one at +1. But we had so much soft-control from Storm Summoning that we could stand the overheavy ambushes. Which apparently are getting tuned down.
  5. What about Defensive Amplifiers? So most squishies if they want reliable Mez Protection have to fork out up to 2.5million Inf / hour. And gives them more build freedom! Yay....?
  6. The current game can be plenty hard enough. Take a look at @Linea's 801 maps and work your way through them. I've fought in teams on a lot of them with well tuned toons and they are tough. Or the new arcs. They had some tuning issues like too many ambushes. I was on a team on the Hero-side one that lucked out and could stand them. Or even a lot of the other content at +4x8, like in Dark Astoria. City of Heroes can be made plenty tough. There's no need to add extra "difficulty" by brutally nerfing powers left and right.
  7. I imagine it depends on the -Fly magnitude of mob attacks.
  8. I use stealth (though rarely Super Speed stealth) a lot to move through maps. I've often found the map themselves to be the major obstruction, not the mobs. I don't thin Speed Phase will help there. I think the worse cases would be the various procedurally generated cave maps, especially the older ones (hello, Layer Cake Room, we meet again 😞 ) and the more recent Mot caves. Would need a standard set of them as well as some of the building maps. Then have time trial races from points A to B in each map. Times and qualitative feedback from those running them. How to set that u
  9. How about the impact on Super Speed when used in indoor maps for stealth? If it's not enhanced, is it still controllable?
  10. I think the numbers are so low because Sorcery is an Origin Pool as opposed to a Primary/Secondary Powerset. Besides the choice of Primary and Secondary--which are unchangeable but can be different on an alt--Power Pools choices are the tightest resource in a build, allowing only 4 and only 1 Origin Pool. To take on Titan Weapons or Radiation Melee+Fiery Aura only needs an experimental alt, A player has to learn about the power of Rune and decide it's an experiment worth taking up 1 Power Pool choice and 3 Power choices in a build that only has 4 and 24 of them to go around. In
  11. I'm with @Wavicle here. I think Travel Suppression was added to prevent radical kiting jousting drive-by attacks in both PvE and PvP.
  12. That would be awesome. 😄 Back before Shutdown, I did a detailed analysis of Choking Cloud as it would work on Defenders and Controllers, figuring out the effect of the two component holds it had. As it was then, it was actually not worth it on a Radiation Defender, only a Controller, just on the chance and duration of holds to overlap on Minions and Lieutenants. And of course the Controller got double damage from Mez. I had a Fire Control / Radiation Emission Controller from one of @TopDoc's SuperTeams. Overlapping Choking Cloud and Hot Feet
  13. But what about squishy toons that have to fight at melee ranges, like Radiation Blast? Or when you in a map corridor and there's no place to stay out of range? I keep squishies upright in Dark Astoria at high difficulty and on @Linea's 801 AE maps (which he always runs at +4x8). I know about strategy and tactics. I've played with Repeat Offenders since 2005 and they along with @TopDoc wrote the book on tailoring strong team builds and making them work during play. But what about when you want or have to play solo? And all those affect-oth
  14. But @Bionic_Flea, I can't believe you passed up "<Yoda> Begun the Nerf Wars have! </Yoda>" I agree, I am concerned with the possibilities of what could happen. I think and hope it's unlikely it'll all be mostly bad. As for i27p2, I have Sorcery on a lot of my toons and after this Issue goes live, I'll mull over what to do with them. Just to cut down on respecs, I wish I had a better idea what was coming. Yes, but all the parts of the game were made with many other features in mind. All those Mez-heavy groups got mad
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