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Time Manipulation in pvp - advice


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Time is a pretty weak set in PvP and doesn't really do all that much on controllers. 


Defense on  squishy classes doesn't do much, its -res power is on a 90 second base CD.  Its large AoE buff requires everyone to be in melee range, its -to hit debuff also requires melee range and can be easily detoggled (and has low base values).  Its aura heal is insanely weak in PvP (very small upfront heal and then just a regen boost over time rather than the potent HoT in PvE).  Temporal selection has the longest CD if the single target ranged damage buff powers (fort / empowering circuit)


The only thing the set can kind of do is stack some slows, but other secondaries just do it better. 


In PvE it is great, in PvP not so much. 

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