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  1. I thought that might be the case, good to know going forward.
  2. Sentinel epic psychic shockwave on that one, Dominator is doing 120 damage.
  3. Made it through the pool powers, much shorter list this time. All Mez duration's seem accurate. Blaster Epic / Patron Pools - All listed duration's are correct at 2.00 seconds. Soul Mastery - Oppressive gloom does not have a listed duration however. Defender Epic/Patron Pools Dark Mastery - Oppressive gloom does not have a listed duration. Psychic Mastery - World of confusion does not have a listed duration. All other powers have correct mez durations. Pets from defender epics all have 1.00 second mez duration's on them. I'm assuming this is the correct value for pets, as I honestly don't know for sure. Corruptor Epic/Patron pools Dark - Oppressive Gloom - Does not have a duration listed. Psy - World of Confusion - Does not have a duration listed. All other Corruptor powers (including pets) have the proper 2.00 or 1.00 second duration. Controller Epic/Patron Pools Fire Mastery - Rise of the Phoenix - 2.00 second stun duration, should be 4.00 seconds Psy Mastery - World of Confusion - No listed duration under the mez effect All other duration's are at 4.00 seconds, all pets at 1.00 seconds. Dominator Epic/Patron Pools Fire Mastery - Rise of the Phoenix - 2.00 second stun duration, should be 4.00 seconds Psy Mastery - World of confusion - No listed mez duration Leviathan Mastery Water Spout - No listed mez duration on the 4% chance for stun. All other duration's are at 4.00 seconds, all pets at 1.00 seconds. Sentinel Epic / Patron Pools Psionic Mastery - Dominate - No listed mez duration Also, Dominates damage is now 160.33 damage which seems to high for its 1.10 activation time. And a few of the AoE powers (Frozen aura, The Lotus Drops, Psychic Shockwave) seem to be doing much higher than expected AoE damage in PvP (136 / 211 / 184 respectively)
  4. Dude, please. I straight up told you how PvP and attack chains go hand in hand. Refuting this makes me either think you are trolling, trying to bait arguments over semantics, or have no idea what is going on. Saying things like : "Plant's entire intended purpose is for Deleting people" Makes it seem pretty obvious you aren't approaching things from a balance perspective, because nowhere has this ever been revealed to be an intended purpose of the set. I'll give you a personal guess though, toxins was probably intended to create a build up clone with flavor beyond just a flat damage increase. It had the + of giving you a build up style power that has a tangible benefit when you reached your damage cap without it, it had the - of not actually helping you get there but still offered competitive levels of additional damage even without +damage buffs. If the amount of + damage it added in PvP was far enough away from standard build up powers, it would be an outlier from a balance perspective and need to be brought in line. Luckily, the set still has tools that are useful to PvP'ers. In arena play specifically now that nature gathers are a thing and you can approach very high damage buff values, toxins becomes a stronger pick because of the above thing I mentioned.
  5. As soon as they transfer characters over, I have a Fire/Plant and I'll post the numbers up.
  6. I think this was just a bug on the private server for some reason over here last time I tested it for scrappers and brutes it was providing +damage.
  7. This is the good stuff right here. Thanks for posting! I'm kind of surprised powers like BFR are actually doing less damage with the changes. Maybe @Powerhousecan hook us up with the formula they are using here to get these values.
  8. Stuff like this confuses the heck out of me. PvP doesn't revolve around attack chains? Since when? Where? What? I guess in solo zone PvP or 1 v 1's when you just try to throw damage at a target. But anything team based in arena or zone PvP completely revolves around an attack chain where you lock, spike with a specific chain, then reset said chain. Like it or not, plant brings potential viability to sets who lack a good second or third ranged attack, specifically one with hitscan style damage (where as char is very slow projectile based damage.) It may not fit your individual needs, but for PvP as a whole it has a place as a top tier set for different kinds of offenses people might like to run.
  9. Plant still has an absorb shield + a top tier ranged attack. Given that no other blaster has something like strangler doing almost 200 damage from range in their secondary it still has a very defined niche as the "High damage" secondary. Martial with TP has elusiveness, TA has "everything great a PvP character wants" and EM has boost range. Plant with these changes still maintains the kind of "bruiser" role, but is likely just brought closer in line with other secondaries keeping it from being such an outlier. Giving every blaster primary a ~200 base damage attack they can weave into their chain that can hit 90% Proc rate and can slot 5 procs opens up a massive amount of build variety for blasters and shouldn't be understated.
  10. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but Rage with the new tanker damage scale might be pretty insane with only 1 activation of the power. The split debuff (-res / -def) is solid as it punishes all sets instead of just heavily punishing +def based primary/secondaries. As for stacking vs. no stacking I think thematically it works. Kind of like "Controlled rage" vs. Losing all control with the latter coming with a downside / exhaustion type mechanic. It gives players a choice, do you want to go all in max damage and deal with the crash, or do you want to play a bit more reserved, still get a really strong buff. Best of both worlds IMO that can work with different playstyles, different situations and can even encourage changing things up over the course of a fight. I.e. start out with single application rage, then towards the end pop the second for an overlap to get max damage and avoid the crash as you are zoning to the next mission or whatever. Might be a minority, but as someone who had a Inv, Bio, Shield, Rad, Elec, and Fire/SS tank, I like the proposed changes.
  11. The damage change is going to be unique to pretty much every blaster primary. What primary and what attacks are you using to go from 397 to 277? If you want to tackle this change the best approach IMO is maybe test different blaster primaries with toxins and post the results i.e. Toxins does X damage with Y power against a target with Z toxic resist. Ideally you'd fire off every power in your primary for the sake of being thorough, but do what you can. From there you (we) have to look at how much damage is added to the same primaries by using Build up instead (or just popping 4 reds, saving you from making a second character). If BU is just a straight upgrade in damage by a wide margin then it might be worth adjusting the formula used to apply the proc.
  12. I haven't tested it yet, but the PvE formula for damage proc type powers is largely based around cycle time of a power (recharge + cast time) where as the PvP damage formula is heavily influenced by cast time and less so on power recharge time. (Hence powers like blaze and flares having similar damage values before the %dot chances. Flares being 110 base, blaze being 115 on blasters). So you may see a buff to toxins on long cast powers and a nerf on short activation ones.
  13. Tanker Primary / Secondary powers -All Mez duration properly listed @ 2.00 seconds Brute Primary / Secondary powers - All Mez duration properly listed @ 2.00 seconds Blaster Primary - All Mez durations properly listed @ 2.00 seconds Blaster Secondary - Elec Manipulation Force of Thunder - Seems to have lost its stun. Mental Manipulation - World of Confusion does not have a duration listed, just a mag 2 confuse. Ninja Training - Immobilizing dart seems to have both an immob and a hold component to it. Proper duration, but should only have immob. Controller Primary - Dimension shift - Showing mag 10 immob for 8.00 seconds (not sure if that has something to do with matching the intangible duration though). Illusion - Blind proper 4 second duration on the hold, only 2 second duration on the AOE Sleep. Plant Control - Carrion creepers - 2.00 second duration immob instead of 4. Might be a result of pseudo pet. Controller Secondary - Dark - Howling twilight - 15 second fear (though that may just be an avoidance mechanic for PvE mobs, not an actual terrorize) Black Hole - Have to test how this actually works, but only showing a 0.6 second duration intangible + immob Nature - Entangling aura - No duration listed. Rad Emission - Choking cloud - No duration listed Sonic Resonance - Liquefy - 2.00 Second hold duration. Thermal - Power of the Phoenix - 2.00 second stun duration. Time - Distortion Field - 0.25 second hold duration, but no clue how this is actually supposed to function. First round of looking over values. I was not able to check individual pet powers here as well as some pseudo pet powers like Volcanic Gases. Will update more later. PB/Warshades - All Mez duration properly listed @ 2.00 seconds Sentinel Primary/Secondary - All Mez duration properly listed @ 2.00 seconds Corruptor Primary - All Mez durations properly listed @ 2.00 seconds Corruptor Secondary - Trick Arrow - EMP arrow does not have a listed hold duration. VEAT stuff (base classes) - All Mez duration properly listed @ 2.00 seconds Scrapper Primary/Secondary - All good. Stalker Primary - All good Stalker Secondary - Unsure of Bio armor genetic contamination sleep, no duration listed. Energy Aura - Disrupt - No duration listed Dominator Primary - Ice - Arctic air No duration listed for confuse portion of mez effect. Plant - Carrion Creepers - 2 second immob instead of 4 (might be because of pseudo pet status) Dominator Secondary - All Mez duration properly listed @ 4.00 seconds Mastermind Primary/Secondary - All Mez duration properly listed @ 2.00 seconds *Note* Powers like Choking Cloud and Entangling aura from rad / nature respectively don't have a duration listed on them.
  14. Go out and test please! If you log in right now you can see that the duration in PvP is now 2 seconds base rather than the 4 seconds it was before.
  15. Arctic air I believe does not have an accuracy check to it though you can slot acc/etc combo IO's into it you can't slot just plain Acc IO's. Volcanic gases spawns a pseudo pet which will do its own hit rolls based on the powers slotted acc. Don't quote me 100% on this, but I believe domination works on Arctic air, it however does not work on Volcanic Gas because it is a separate entity.
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