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    PvP Bugs

    +resistance effects inherently resist -resist effects. Meaning if you have 75% resist to S/L damage, and you get hit with a debuff (lets say envenom) which is -40%res. You resist, 75% of that debuff meaning you only lose 10% resists. At 90% res caps that -40% res only becomes -4% and you have characters that are effectively immortal.
  2. If you get mids working, here is a build : http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1503&c=684&a=1368&f=HEX&dc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
  3. Temporal Healing is an absolute must. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1531&c=723&a=1446&f=HEX&dc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
  4. The problem you will run into is when you fight players with PvP builds that know how to build, you will never be able to keep up with the damage of squishes (blasters/doms/corrs/defenders) 1 v 1. Most will do 1600 damage over 3-4 attacks (your current HP cap if you've built for it) and you will really struggle to keep any kind of offensive pressure up. It used to be controllers forced you to replace other inspirations with a large number of BF's to wear targets down. Now no one uses BF's as they are pretty much useless. As is stands you don't really need to sacrifice much (damage vs procs vs hold duration) as you can do a slotting like this : http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=649&c=271&a=542&f=HEX&dc=78DAF3AD70E159E7DE68CFC028E09C93585C1CEF9C9F5752949F93935AC4EA9B989E99CC0002EC40AC84908129D2732F4A2CCB2CA984F1E591943895A6A5E939E7E7A4C4BBE4E766E6259664E6E7310806E4037579E6956516672665E600B5F28245DC32D3334A32F3D2B921BC1C10971FCCF6494D4C492D2ACEC82C10742DC84C06AA2C4A8DF74D2C2E492DAA9400BA4A0D887B1919A0E03F10010143362FBA483F500D44D97F56464D660606434E06261D286D03F22233038B0B1398CFE209A1D95C21F2FFE9056458D09D2D8B10F9AF85216B8021628821628C21628221E2832112C0020F2E0646B008A700030333D4256FB980B28CC8B2EF3144DE61887CC010611107862F44E43F00BD1501F8 And just hit 70% acc 100% dmg and ~100% hold duration
  5. Gravity hold damage is dot and Lift/Crush are just above blaster tier 1 attacks (they don't do much base damage). Controllers are generally speaking best off slotted for team/disruption type stuff rather than damage as any damage dealer (blaster/Corr/defender/dom) is generally just going to severely out box you.
  6. If you would like to be poached by RARE please use whatever back channels necessary to contact @general kno. As a note your signing package can be affected (usually only positively) by any information you can bring with you including builds, strats, lineups, and any details deemed "juicy".
  7. It is kind of a miserable time to emp with the current meta, but here is hoping it gets better! Hopefully you come out and have some fun though. Just be ready to evade like crazy as TA's seem to have a massive target painted on their backs in KB!
  8. Here is a grav emp that covers all your bases (mag 49 KB/hp capped / decent recharge, range and heal values). If you settle into a main build, it is worth it to drop KB from a second build and go for a max range one as well. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1518&c=685&a=1370&f=HEX&dc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
  9. Just to put this out there with people doing rogue damage. The idea of KB has traditionally had 3 facets to it. 1. Have fun. 2. Get to play with people you wouldn't normally play with (back when everyone had their own teams) and 3. A bit of a gateway to get people in PvP, help them to understand the fundamentals of team vs team pvp, and become better players. The traditional offense of CoH PvP for the longest time has been spike damage, call a target, lock, spike, reset. The stronger teams and players still follow this and generally have more success than those who don't. In actual organized team settings it is super easy to punish this behavior (just have one of your blasters rogue the rogue blaster, cycle in a third support, run a disruption character that focuses effort on the rogue + does other disruption things, etc) but in KB with random teams it is bad behavior that just often goes unpunished because most of the time you are struggling to put an offense together period. I've heard people say "well it worked right?" and this is a pretty terrible argument. Your rogue damage might have disrupted an emp and got your team a kill, getting them to heal the wrong target. But to your offense, you are consistently a detriment to your team. You are 1 less person on the target, you are disrupting your own target caller, and you are pulling yourself (and potentially your emps) out of position for whenever you get spiked because you are off chasing someone around a building. When you win those matches where players rogue non stop, it isn't the rogue player doing it. It is more than likely the spike offense being good enough without you because of the sometimes RNG nature of picking teams. Any idiot can put a target on follow and just keep throwing attacks. Not everyone can lock and consistently be on targets. Not everyone can position themselves so that they get maximum damage on the target when the spike is called. If you want to do better, just get on target. If you want to get picked less and less then keep rouging.
  10. With this one, what do you feel like is a good solution / fix? Right now TK has been pretty much universally banned in arena stuff since i14 or so on live because a 10 second auto hit hold that you can't break out of (with BF's, CM's etc) ends up being pretty broken in small scale matches, and is essentially a free kill once every 20 seconds. For random people throwing damage it has never been as bad because of the "Breaks on taking damage" aspect of it. I've always sort of leaned towards 4 second hold, the + is it is auto hit and impossible to avoid and isn't affected by mez resistance. the - is the duration breaks on taking damage and can't be enhanced.
  11. I'll be out the next week if anyone has the time to test the mez procs, if not I'll get to them when I get back. Thanks for the response Powerhouse, and I personally like that implementation for the mez procs. Now they allow you to mez on a power or set that wouldn't otherwise have it rather than offering superior duration to an AT that couldn't achieve something like that.
  12. I went to check out all the CC Procs today and there is currently no listed duration. Before I sit down and try to slot them all and get an approximate duration while factoring in passive mez resistance, what exactly is the set duration supposed to be?
  13. Tanker Epic / Patron pools : All duration's correctly listed at 2.00 seconds. All pets at 1.00 seconds Brute Epic/Patron Pools : All Duration's correctly listed at 2.00 seconds. All pets at 1.00 seconds. Scrappers Epic/Patron Pools : All duration's correctly listed at 2.00 seconds. All pets at 1.00 seconds Stalker Epic/Patron Pools : All duration's correctly listed at 2.00 seconds. All pets at 1.00 seconds.
  14. I thought that might be the case, good to know going forward.
  15. Sentinel epic psychic shockwave on that one, Dominator is doing 120 damage.
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