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New Combat Stats: Glancing Hit and Critical Hit Chance

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So for few squishies and to counter that we can have critical hitting enemies. All while making content harder and easier at the same time. Probably numbers need little adjustment but here we go.

Let's say you have capped all the defenses. Glancing Hit chance should be at 1/4 of that. So 45/4 =11.25 (capped) Glancing blow is only deal %50 of damage otherwise taking accounting resistance enemy hit chance. So for players who has only to hit debuff and no defenses still could benefit from. Default chance could be 2.5 or 5.

At the same time there could be new sets accounting for glancing hits. Sets that improve ability of Glancing Hit's effectiveness. Like say yellow sets %3 damage reduction while orange sets could have %6.25
purple sets should be %10. They could be new sets.

Lets skip to Critical Hit Chance for now.

Obviously most of AT's have chance to deal critical damage already even if numbers say otherwise. And giving all players ability to critical hit is obviously no go.

Instead we can give enemies a critical hit chance and critical damage modifier!

And accounting for glancing hit.

Minion : %5 Glancing Hit Chance (Default), %10 Glancing Damage, %5 critical hit chance, %50 critical damage.
Lieutenant : %7.5 Glancing Hit Chance, %15 Glancing Damage, %7.5 critical hit chance, %100 critical damage.
Boss : %11.25 Glancing Hit Chance, %20 Glancing Damage, %11,25 critical hit chance, %100 critical damage.
Elite Boss : %15 Glancing Hit Chance, %25 Glancing Damage, %15 critical hit chance, %200 critical damage.
Archvillain/Hero : %20 Glancing Hit Chance, %50 Glancing Damage, %15 critical hit chance, %200 critical damage.

Completely optional of course. Probably at +4 and +1 or +0 they will have no same chance and damage. So +0 or +1 content should be easier. It was already easy to begin with.

Obviously I'm not expert at number crunching so numbers probably needs adjustment.

Maybe we could also add AT's inherent chance to combat stats window for monitoring?


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