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  1. Well you can set it so only same levels able to enter and requires level 35+ Ex: Level 50 and level 35 enters mission but mobs all are level 50 so level 35 guy dies more quickly but it cannot rack exp while dead.Only for living.
  2. While it is not particularly needed it can be fun with 8 people or with friends.Lets say you go in building enemies come to you for 5 minutes wherever you are.Additional enemies may come depending on player count.Or enemies get additional buffs if it is hard to implement.When 5 minutes timer up , There will be AV coming you need to defeat in order to continue.Respawn mechanics doesnt work there so everyone has to die to fail mission.Or you can respawn but you exit mission as well as team too.After AV defeat you can choose to continue for stronger mobs and stronger AV possible multiple AV's.Everyone has to same level or close to prevent farming.
  3. Since rogues can enter any hero city you can make him buy lockpick which it initiated burglary attempt you have like 2 min before police arrives in the meantime all furniture is glowie you can active all of them to find hidden inf somewhere this is misc task Rogues also can buy big bag which used to kidnap people then you can request ransom but that leaves your hideout/base exposed then Player Heroes/Vigilantes are going to your hideout to defeat you.Richer the target more time to ransom arrive which gives more inf.Up to 1 hour realtime.Everytime you defeat Npc hero you cut atleast 1 min from time and get inf bonus.Everytime you defeat Player Hero/Vigilante you cut at least 5 min from time and get bigger inf bonus.This will be zone task so heroes can find you.In case of multiple kidnapping case it only exposed to local location. Like your hideout and 50 or 100 yard around it. As for vigilantes and villains you can create a hideout on rogue island you can put npc boss (looks like you and fights like you) or you can just put yourself on hideout then stay here to wait for vigilante arrive. Vigilante gets bonus exp when defeating you on your hideout.Less exp for doppelganger.Need same level as well for everything above you cant just create hideout on level 1-10 zone expect to kill any newbie player you can find. As for rules of pvp.There isnt one. This will make becoming villain/rogue more viable since hero side has more people Feel free to add your thoughts
  4. It is not draining health though it just keep giving %15 to hit debuff and thats it, some enemies fully immune anyway
  5. Basicly pet that unkillable that latches on nearby target then comes back to you when you kill enemy
  6. First of all power have to be true toggle if you use on x number on enemies for example toggle dont canceled when it ends but gets reabsorbed by your body (your character pretty much look same as ghost aura on costumes) it pretty much becomes pet that untouchable fills enemy vision and gets reabsorbed by your body when enemies are dead %15 to hit debuff pretty weak alone to be honest even with IO's.Instead it gets %10 to hit debuff and -%50 regen or fear debuff constantly So if you asking if it is overpowered no it is not, all you have to do is kill the caster and power simply canceled out.
  7. Enchantment Slot Recipe:25 million inf 50 merit 1 Blood of the Incarnate 1 Chaos Theorem 1 Progenitor Lichen 1 Soul Trapped Gem
  8. it seems if you type /afk then message afk person, afk message keeps getting looping and eventually one side is banned from talking for 2 minutes.
  9. Can we please get a 60-120 seconds timer instead of 15-30 seconds timer to kicked out ? Most of time my internet is cuts connection reconnects on about 30-60 seconds on good day.
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