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  1. I got martial arts/dark armor stalker. I guess I'm out already.
  2. I think you forgot defense debuffs exists everywhere. If you want to feel challenge stop steamrolling with council goons. Start steamrolling with arachnos. Granted they are not most powerful faction in game but thats what I done most of time anyway. It is fun being on edge of getting killed because of defense debuffs/mez/end drain.
  3. If incarnate system development continues, can omega slot reserved for signature powers I wonder? Not that I expect it, just something to think about. It will basically allow you to make your own power however broken that is. (blasters having access to 3rd judgment lol) That said there should be limit imposed as well. Not that I expect it done mind you. Just something to think about in future. Recharge Limit should be between 5 min and 20 min as starters. Min end cost 20. Max end cost 100 No toggles except limited toggles like hybrid slot You can
  4. Telekinesis from Mind Control was ally Flight power instead of toggle hold power. That said Liquiefy really needs recharge reduction.
  5. I think we can call it Celestial powers. Celestial Blast, Celestial Aura, Celestial Melee, Celestial Affinity etc. It doesn't have to be holy or light. Then we can add new enemy types with Celestial powersets similar to skullz called Zealots or something light related.
  6. Clicking mission doors. So much annoyance that I wait someone to open the door then go through open door. Saves me some 1 seconds.
  7. I'm not sure why we need mez protection in pvp? Aside from offensive toggles dropping of that is. Most mez lasts 4 seconds anyway. Sometimes not even that. Then you get 10 seconds of immunity to all mez on top of that? I guess it is useful on group matches.
  8. This happens to Dark Servant as well. If it will use Twilight Grasp then die in middle of animation (or expire) Dark Servant rez itself. Then you can summon another dark servant while this one active. It happened more than once.
  9. Machine Gun Tier 1 : Burst : Ranged, Moderate Damage over Time (Lethal) Foe -Defence Quickly fires a Burst of rounds at a single target at long range. Damage is average, but the firing rate is fast. Can also reduce the target's defense. Tier 2 : Rapid Fire : Ranged, Moderate Damage, Lethal/Smash, Foe Knockback You can fire off a quick burst of lead. Tier 3 : Heavy Burst : Ranged (Cone), High Damage over Time (Lethal), Foe -Defence Fires a Heavy Burst of rounds at foes in a long cone in front of the user. Can also reduce the targets' defense. Tier 4 : C
  10. How about just make them mini-pets? As I understand pets always follow their summoner except few cases (You are on high ground, pet can't fly).
  11. Does that mean now we are able to walk through walls in mission maps or is it outdoor maps only?
  12. Maybe it used to work before but I can't install it right now. Installer simply doesn't work. Not sure of normal launcher though.
  13. Things like making your right arm one size bigger than normal or leg. No idea if engine allows it though.
  14. I kind of write this. But it looks like manipulation set instead of support set lol. Anyway. Earth Affinity Tier 1 : Earth Block : Summon Earth Block Minion level HP. Can resist smash/lethal damage a bit. Can obstruct hallways or similarly cramped spaces. Higher threat level. When destroyed it will cause small landslide that does knockdown patch with slow aura. You can destroy it early to cause landslide. Small radius though. Tier 2 : Earth Pit : Ranged (Location AoE), Target -Speed, -Def, -Damage, -Fly You open a pit of earth that does slow foes. Similar to tar p
  15. This is suspiciously close to melee/support AT I'm hearing all year about. That said it will be better as new AT instead. People hate huge changes.
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