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  1. Base building in real maps. Results would be chaotic.... Maybe villains can set up lairs and heroes can create sidekicks to destroy it. Aside from these, I just want to gamble on St. Martial.
  2. Defender/Corruptor's Dark Mastery is exactly same though. Just 2 minutes recharge with same values. Only thing is different is for Soul Mastery recharge is doubled which makes sense in a way I guess since it is villain power.
  3. Currently it has a recharge of 4 minutes. Other versions have 2 minute recharge though, can they be similar? Just cut down to 2 minute recharge?
  4. Maybe merge icicles with chilling embrace to make room for something else? turning icicles into cold damage is first start.
  5. Alternatively make new sets with similar set bonuses for each element. Then make them unique so you can choose only one of them. While lockdown and devastation stay same.
  6. Just want to chime in. So Regen is all about regen right? But it does poor job at that. Should we not fix it? I mean you can just pop orange,purple and call it a day. Why bother fixing regen after all right? We have inspirations after all. We don't need to fix mercs, assault rifle either since we have red inspirations. Even team ones. Note: I still don't agree with suggestion to give all squishies mag protection. At least not really. I mean with blasters you can just slot ATO's for that. There is workaround. But no that slot goes to damage proc.
  7. What is next? Higher hp cap for blasters? Oh wait we already have that didn't we? Jokes aside I can imagine this working for dark armor on all AT's except Stalkers maybe. But something like ninjutsu? Not so much.
  8. Survival or tower defence based mods could also be cool. Examples are already there with zombie apocalypse and rikti invasion. But they are super weak so they are eliminated after 2 seconds. Something like wave 1 wave 2 etc. Gets stronger as time passes. Maybe scaled to your current team size.
  9. What I'm about to propose is little trickier. Likely not work on some AT's/Powerset's but they are OPTIONAL. 1: NO Defence This is tricky to work with since defence is way to go for absolute protection. Instead we can work with movement buffs. So you are running since you are moving you get %7.5 defence bonus. (Double if you use super speed) You are sitting tight? %15 Res Bonus. Flying/Hovering? Again %10 Def bonus but no Res bonus when you don't move. Teleported? %10 Def bonus for 10 seconds. This applies to enemies as well making combat tricky to work with. 2: NO Resistance Instead all resistance buffs convert into Absorb Shield that regenerates out of combat. That means enemies hit harder. Also some enemies can strip Absorb Shield from you (spoiler alert : Sappers) That means -Energy damage also damage your absorb shield. (I have to admit it I don't think this hard enough. Likely I edit it once I thought through. 3: No Regen (Nerf Regen) No Regen from Health and Base values. Regen's passive/toggle/click powers still work. Making regen stand out among common folks. Enemies also don't have regen to speak of unless they are out of combat. 4: NO Cap for Resistance You can technically reach %100 resistance or beyond. But all enemies have -%5 for 10 seconds resistance attack power. 5: Interrupts Now damage has a chance to interrupt your casting but it also applies to enemies as well. 6: Reinforcements Enemy calls for reinforcements from nearby units when unit ''dies too fast''. 7: Anti-Nuke Enemy bosses gives aoe defence to nearby units but not to themselves. 8: We are pirates Enemy has a chance to steal your inf when it hits hard enough. In return you get double inf when you defeat pirates. 9: Sneaky little snake Enemy has hidden units. They will not be seen but they can move freely in map. And they can ambush you out of nowhere. Also they have auto hit assasin's strike.
  10. It is old pc but here it is CPU: Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5200 / 2.50 hz (2 CPUs) Ram 2 GB Display card : AMD Radeon HD 5450 1 GB
  11. Just planting here just in case. I hope it gets resolved but I don't have much hope since it is very old system anyway. It is giving ''memory could not be written'' error when trying to install hcinstall.exe. Windows XP SP3 32 bit.
  12. That is called Hold. I'm guessing you want to replace disorient with hold which they serve same purpose anyway. Making them unable to use their powers. But you listed freakshow rezzing as well so, corpse blasting?
  13. When I think of Ice. We should also consider what it means have a frostbite. So enemy gets puts to sleep and they wake up from damage. But they will have brittle status for shortwhile. So if ice formations is little OP. Consider aftereffects of sleep on ice. Either brittle makes your next attack automatically applies containment damage regardless of enemy immobilized or not. Or give enemy -Res (all) for 10 seconds. Enough to worthwhile but not enough to become overpowered.
  14. What about when sleep broken, they have to recharge all their powers at once? like they used everything or something.
  15. Good changes there especially with Flash Freeze. Though I'll add small lethal DoT when enemy destroyed ice formations. Mimicking ice shards should be able to damage enemy. This will help with set's abysmally low damage I think.
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