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  1. Lets be honest fear is awful on pvp since it doesn't do anything to anyone, since most people has mez protection or mez resistance, even if they don't have protection or resistance to any kind it still doesn't do anything, not that i can see it since it doesnt actually do anything. So how do fix it ? By making full duration but making effects: every 5 seconds chance to hold up for 1-2 seconds (cower animation i think suffice). Thoughs?
  2. for number 2 yeah i hate them fair point maybe not total immunity then just cap %90 ? for number 3 it will not ignore defenses but it may give -defense when enough of them stack.
  3. 1. Yeah they are cool though 2. Maybe 5 seconds of immunity instead ? and 30 seconds until it can gain immunity again. 3. How about endurance+ over time ? but debuffs recharge 6. No spawns then just health gain over time with each stack of -max hp?
  4. Just idea i come up for challenging content...Idea is use your own mind instead of just button mashing. Moving Statue/Mannequin [Unique] Constant immobilize state as long as you can look into them. They give brief but effective fear debuff though if you stare too long. When you aren't staring them they can move freely. They dont have ranged attack. No melee either... When they got close to you instead of attacking you they give hold making your skin turn mannequinish/stonish and teleport you to enemy area. So beware Adaptor [Rare] They got immunity to one damage type for 30 seconds when you hit them too much with one type. Weakness is that they have a -resistance to opposite type. Example : Smash Immunity but mild lethal weakness. Immunity to fire but mild weakness to cold, Immunity to Energy but mild weakness to negative energy. Immunity to Psionic but mild weakness to toxic. Channeller[Unique] We have sappers but why not channellers ? Instead of energy draining attacks they give max endurance instead but as long as you are not using that endurance you have permanent Damage over time (Energy). When too much endurance is still there (about 100 or 75 is fine i guess) you are instantly killed. It is giving self destruct effect. Kinetician [Rare] Have you ever though what happens enemy has kinetics instead ? well now you got it. They dont have any attacks or defenses for that matter but they got kinetics and repel aura(auto). Life Harvester [Unique] It looks like most human enemies (disguised mostly) but when they got to critical HP (about %10) they instantly crumbles to skeleton and all of attacks have life draining effect, when they got to full hp it cuts hp into half and spawns 1 more Life Harvester about %50 health. When they die if you are still staring at them they use Soul Transfer and get back to fight again. Matriarch Spider [Rare] Normal spider that uses webs to immobilize you it spawns mostly on caves. When they bite you. Instead of normal toxic damage it gives -max hp instead. When -max hp wears off spider hatchlings may spawn off from your body. They use life draining bites to grown you weak and when they survive enough time they transform into matriarch spider or Spider Warrior if Matriarch spider still at full health. (or close to full health) I will update if i can think more of them.
  5. I still want this though i can compromise to unlimited enemies. example : you defeat full room of weak mobs and another room spawns average mobs or huge amount of weak mobs.And mission diffuculty gets higher higher...
  6. I'm assuming game is all about combat right now, correct me if im wrong. There should be zone events that you can do by teaming or solo that gives you influence once event is over. Lets take Faultline for example. There should be event that leads to construction of some of buildings (you help constructions by move one thing to other or giving orders to some of workers) Buildings occasionally destroyed so you have to rebuild them sometimes. As for redside example... It's St.Martial. You can gamble on one of buildings it was Golden Giza Casino i think? Although not event it should count as time waster. Gaining influence is just a bonus.
  7. As long as they are not dead it is good i guess. When they are dead, instead of normal xp debt they got paid leave since it is heroes jobs to protect civilians.
  8. That sounds pretty good actually. But when they get mezzed (hold/disorient/sleep), will they got fired from Day Job ? or just not permanent anymore ?
  9. Instead of Day Jobs they have permanent (Day Jobs) that change at will by switching required badges. Could that work ?
  10. Civilian archtype is just typical hardworking or lazy normal npc that somehow gets kidnapped or getting mugged for whatever reasons and occasinally getting into trouble for no reason particular. Inherent : Threat level 0 but gets really high once you run into any nearby hero or ally or friendlies. More friendlies around you more threat level you get up to %10 threat level Power Set 1 : [Placeholder] Slap : Deals minor damage and inflicts humilation status. (Humilation is unique mechanic to Civilian archtype gives damage bonus to foes but also reduces accuracy stacks for maximum 5 times for maximum %50 damage bonus and %-25 accuracy) (Higher the rank more damage bonus and reduced accuracy up to %100 damage bonus and %-50 accuracy. On AV's it gives to hit debuff instead.) Kick : Deals moderate damage and inflicts humilation status. Call help: For some reason you call help and inflict foes with confuse if there is no ally nearby. If there is ally nearby ally gets overprotective status and taunt foes. Spit : Deals minor dot and inflicts enraged status. (Enraged is taunt) Faint : Self Immobilize+ Pretend to be dead or unconcious.(Placate and gives animation unconconcious) Talk : PBAOE : You just want to talk to foes nothing is wrong with that right ? Foes think of you as ally and for whatever reasons they end up killing eachother afterwards. 911 : You call 911 to arrest foes, Spawns 3 police officer or 1 generic hero. Shout : You shout at foes arresting their attention on you (Taunt and gives them Humilation status) Steal Weapon : Steal foes primary weapon that gives temporary power (only 30 uses for assault rifles and 10 for pistols)if foes have no weapons they are stunned instead. Hostage : You stand in front of foes and somehow they are surrounding you but they are not attacking you or anything else for matter unless aggroed first. Power Set 2 : [Placeholder] Summon Generic Heroes: You summon generic heroes to be your meatshield generic heroes always taunt first before engaging foes. Call a taxi : You call a taxi that arrives on foes direction dealing moderate smash damage and inflicts stun.(if it misses taxi never arrives) Drink coffee : You drink coffee that energizes you . + Recovery + End Beg : Toggle : You are begging foes to spare you. Inflict self immobilize and uses animation cowering or cower.(fear animation) I cant see you : Inflicts self -perception and -range but buff nearby allies with Annoyed status (+Damage +Res) (if walking is on with power it gives more damage and res bonus) I aint going with punk that wears silly costume : Toggle : Inflicts self immobilization and buff nearby allies with Berserk status (+Damage +End +Heal over time) [Placeholder] [Placeholder] [Placeholder] Feel free to make suggestions i add it here.
  11. Right now all control effects are just 5 seconds ( you can't do that much in short time but whatever) and immunity period is 5 seconds too (you can die in 5 seconds) this works fine but instead of all control effects make it so only single source, example :You use hold on your 2nd power 5 second immunity time, but your ultimate (8th power)gives hold too they should be seperated (still stacks) and both gives 5 seconds immunity time for different sources. You can still use immobilize for example, and hold too so they have a seperate immunity time.
  12. if you still cant access to mission try first mission on either contacts For Sonata : Steal something of Johnny's from Arachnos For Ambassador : Steal Rikti weapons from the Council
  13. Well you can still unlock them after getting necessary badges..But if you outlevelled them you can use ouroboros instead.
  14. Pirate badge is changed, you just have to defeat enough of them to get badge it was 200 i think.
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