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  1. Anyone can use pool power. Epics differ by AT's. So some of epics fill in holes. Like melee gets ranged attack for example.
  2. knockback to knockdown io at least makes knockdown. what does unstealth io have in exchange? taunt? nothing? or placate aura? (in toggles)
  3. Probably they need to be unresisted since purple patch makes support suffer lol. At least on AV's/GM's. Good idea overall. As for Fear and Stun, Confuse Stun = Recharge Debuff. (Because they will become groggy after you hit them in head) Fear = Defence debuff (Since terrorized enemies can't really protect themselves.) Confuse = Resistance debuff. (Since they think you are ally hence unsuspected of inevitable betrayal) All Fear powers already has to hit debuff though. So I'm not sure what is feasible approach other than giving defence debuff.
  4. Hmm if AV's do not have purple triangles it should be fine. But they have, so I'm changing up a little. Holded the enemy standard 10 seconds Damage = chance to reduce duration of hold by %X. Chance based on current HP. So lower the HP higher chance of reducing duration. If stacked mag exist. (6 mag in that case. It reset current duration on first hold. But enemy gains resistance to hold for X seconds. So you potentially lose duration no matter damage.) Do keep in mind that there are other mez types so they reduce duration separately. So sleep and fear mez actually be useful for once since they will not broken anymore. Only duration. Also powerboost could actually help you in that case. So you can slot for duration rather than damage. If enemy is afflicted by too much mez. Enemy debuff resistance drops and potentially their resistance to damage as well? Temporarily of course. Otherwise since purple triangles exist current system is fine with overwhelming overpower.
  5. Didn't know champions online has that as well. But that was I'm talking about yeah. Higher the damage you do to enemy. (Minor, Moderate,High, Superior, Extreme etc) Higher chance of reducing the mez duration. So controller with low damage affected less in theory.
  6. Maybe for whole city of statues concern we can decrease AV's mez duration while they get damaged? Like you held enemy for 3 mag held status for 20 seconds. Blaster A used snipe. There is %X chance to reduce that duration. With full team since lot of damage is going to that particular AV your mez becomes less duration but potentially with overwhelming overpower idea you can hold them more but with less duration.
  7. Here is all Regen threads I can find so far. Also @Bopper's Regen Chart. I though it could be useful.
  8. Aoe holds makes enemy statue. Previous devs hates statues. Just look at texture of statues you see why. Just compare Atlas Statue with Echo ones you see clear difference. (Echo one is clearly superior) (new statue is made of stones while old statue is made of metals. It was expensive maintaining statue of metal so they changed it to economic version)
  9. Maybe make mass confuse deal containment damage to your victims. Like you hit enemy with mass confuse. Confused enemy hits another enemy. If it does containment damage (overpower) it should count as your own damage while normal damage count as enemy's damage. As for Dominator. Mass confuse the enemy. Confused enemies now has CHANCE to deal double damage. Double damage count as your own damage. I doubt it will be broken but you never know.
  10. Possible game breaking or not depending on how you look I guess When you click toggle version of intangible powers (Self intangible) and when timer reaches 29, if you click Click version of intangible version you can earn 30 seconds of intangible again.
  11. So these accolades, do you need to log out at 2 places at once? that doesn't sound very healthy.
  12. they will farm it lol if that mode got into CoH. Though I didn't see freakshow farms.
  13. Ice Blast... 2 holds in ice blast and potentially 4 holds in sonic. Not to mention hold procs as blaster you can hold indefinitely. unless they defeated first that is lol. Or at least very long time. And if you go fire mastery for char or electrical mastery for shocking bolt you can have potentially game breaking amount of holds. I'm hoping for balance though so it is probably not final version of this powerset. Otherwise solid set.
  14. To avoid whole City of Statues status maybe we can give AV's/GM's breakfree too. Nothing much just X seconds of 100 mez protection. Like you hold enemy when it wears off they are immune to hold for X seconds There will be timers on different status effect as well including knockback. Though this is similar to purple triangles it is not. When they use breakfree AV's/GM's debuff resistance is temporarily drops. If you can stack different status effect all together. Held = Drops their debuff resistance Held/Stun = Drops further Held/Stun/Terrorize = Drops even further Held/Stun/Terrorize/Confuse = Drops even furtherer Held/Stun/Terrorize/Confuse/Immobilize = Immobilize is useless so it is not drops. Same as Sleep.
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