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  1. Currently they do nothing to help at all aside from Degenerative and Reactive.. Maybe paralytic as well but aside from that rest of them is pretty much useless aside from procs. Well there are ios for that. My proposal is simple. Allow control powers to benefit from interfaces as well. Except only on non procs: Spectral has immobilize proc for example but leave out damage component as trade off for control powers (non damage). Because most of control powers doesn't have damage component. Let's list here. Darkness Control : This is fine I guess since there are lots of pets. No damage components are : Possess, Fearsome stare, Shadow Field. Like I said it is fine. Earth Control : Quick Sand, Salt Crystals, Earthquake.. 3 powers again this fine I think but there is only 1 pet maybe not so fine. Electric Control : Conductive Aura (Toggle) , Static Field, Paralyzing Blast, Synaptic Overload, and 2 pet. Total of 4 non damage control with 1 toggle. Heat Control: 2 non damage compenent otherwise it is in good place. Gravity Control : Only non damage component is dimension shift. So it is in good place. Refrigerator Control : Artkick air (Toggle) Shiver, Ice sling, Glacier. 3 non damage control with 1 toggle. Mind Control : Confuse, Mass Hynopsis, Telekinesis, Total Domination, and Mass Confusion. Total of 5 non damage powers with no PET. Vegetable Control : Spore burst, Seeds of Doubt, Wines (Toggle) , Spirit Tree. Since there is too many pets it is fine on this set. and let see interfaces: Cognitive: Chance for confuse (4sec) , Chance for minor psionic damage-over-time. = Confuse only on non damage control powers (or debuff powers with no damage). Degenerative: Chance for Max HP debuff (10sec), Chance for minor Toxic damage-over-time. = No change needed. Diamagnetic: Chance for a 5% ToHit debuff (10sec), Chance for a 15% Regeneration debuff (10sec) = To hit debuff only on non damage control powers. (or debuff powers with no damage) Gravitic: Chance for a 10% Recharge Rate debuff (10sec) , Chance for a 10% Recovery debuff (10sec) , Chance for a 10% Movement Speed debuff (10sec) , Chance for a 10% debuff on secondary effects from enemy attacks. = Recharge/Movement debuff only on non damage control powers. (Or debuff powers with no damage) Paralytic: Chance for a 2.5% Defense debuff (10sec), Chance for a 5% Damage debuff (10sec) = Defense debuff only on non damage control powers (or debuff powers with no damage) Preemptive: Chance for draining an enemies Endurance over time , Chance for minor energy damage-over-time. = Endurance drain only on non damage control powers (or debuff powers with no damage) Reactive: Chance for a 2.5% Resistance debuff (10sec), Chance for moderate fire damage-over-time . = No change needed. Spectral: Chance for immobilize (4sec) , Chance for minor negative damage-over-time. = Chance for immobilize only on non damage control powers. (or debuff powers with no damage) Honestly I doubt people using other interfaces other then Degenerative and Reactive. Since so many builds have Reactive or Degenerative in it. People obsessed with damage for some reason. But that discussion for some other time. Anyway thoughts? I'm not asking for interface change anyway. Just allow control powers and debuff powers with no damage component to benefit from as well in a way.
  2. I'm torn between 4 and 5... So I'm technically 4.5 ? And 7: Players who don't have purpose in the game but still play anyway. They don't have any idea why they are playing either, they are just playing because there is no other game that handles their fried potato computer. (and enjoy playing for some reason) = and this is still me.
  3. I think if they become toggle, it should behave similarly to energy aura t9. More enemies around you more bonus up to halved original value. (First target grant largest bonus) That way it will not be overpowered against single targets or in pvp.
  4. Damage of blasters simply too low? Their whole point is damage... Unless you mean electric blast
  5. No not that kind of skills where you can abuse the hell out of it. My proposal is more complex and may come in handy and fun for future. Example skill lists Merchantile : Sell/buy normal ios on npcs to raise this skill. Gives haggle power reduces inf cost on some of shops (and yes costume creator is included).(Max : %50 discount on prices) (Sub-Skill: Thievery = (Rogue/Villain = Ability to steal targets valuable things which you can convert to infamy at broker undetected based on stealth skill as well.)(Max %95 steal chance) (Stealth 0*1 Merchantile 0*2) Unlock condition : Spend 250 million inf total Speech : Ability to talk to npcs duh. Raise this skill by clicking on talkable npcs. Gives ability to talk to npcs where they can follow you based on Speech and Leadership skills as well. Why would they follow you? No idea maybe use them as distraction when going in missions ? They are non-combatant though they run at sign of first trouble. Speech 0*1 Leader 0*2 (Also gives players a option to talk to npcs for valuable information. Can give additional missions depending on zone.(All alignments)) Unlock condition : Complete 25 storyline missions (inactive contacts) Stealth : Ability to remain unnoticed. When you are stealthed it automatically raises when near enemies when they can't see you. It doesn't improve stealth's effectiveness anyway. Just uh I don't know? Maybe when stealthed you have a option to unnoticed among players as well ? More stealth ability you have more effective. Note that level 50 players always can see you at full stealth skill if you don't have +1 on your name. (if they have +1 they can see you too) (PvE only = Whistle : Your whistle will summon untouchable pet that have agro aura (25 feet), nearby enemies will come looking for it for several seconds. So you can now click that glowie now that they are gone for sometime.) Unlock condition : Solo 20 missions. Leadership : Ability to lead people. Raised by your leadership toggles on affecting players and pets. Gives ability to uh? Lead? I can't think anything for this right now aside from new mission types where you gather large forces allies against enemy forces. Your leadership skills determines morale of your forces and demoralizing effect on enemy force when your forces has superior numbers. Also tactics actually improves tactics on your forces (npcs). (Sub-skill : (Authority) (Rogue/Villain = Ability to demoralize and exploit target. When on certain missions (kidnapping/hostage) you can use this ability to force target to follow you even while stealthed and tactics actually include npcs too so they can follow you.(Both for heroes and villains). Or you can go beyond that, force the target to run to exit without turning back. (Villain/Rogue only) (Speech 0*2 Leadership 0*1) Unlock condition : Lead SF/TF/Incarnate Trials successfully 10 times.
  6. Ability to place your contact in real world with real buildings. Ability to make mission in real zones instead of simulation (ex. Defeat 15 custom enemy on Peregrine) Ability to choose respawn location instead of hospital (ex. Holding Cells in missions)
  7. Well I have no problems with stalkers perse. But I generally want to skip t1 powers from secondary in everything. But if I want to suggest that people will complain Stalker's hide is necessarry. If I want to suggest that way Hide will be forced on t1 for stalkers only. No idea who will complain but some of them do or maybe not. Maybe I'm overthinking this but it is general idea.
  8. Well for first of all Hide being inherent only to stalkers. They should be slottable like how stamina is slottable for all characters even though it is inherent. As for skippable powers in t1 armor powers? Well not really armor perse but overall secondary powers. Like only ally effect powers. If t1 is skippable and t2 could be selectable Stalkers has a option to not select Hide as t1 power (who will crazy enough to do that? no idea.). That's why I think it should be inherent. If Hide is out of picture t1 is like t2 armor power. That leaves 1 power free. Willpower stalkers could get Quick Recovery power for example with tier 1 power as High Pain Tolerance.
  9. All of secondary powers of stalkers add hide anyway with no change in animations/FX, so I think they should be inherent. WHY? : Well it is not like this change anything in game balance, all this does giving 1 extra power choices (Secondary) to stalkers. But reason I think should be made Hide inherent because of another reason entirely. Ability to choose tier 2 of Secondary powers when creating character/respeccing. I know people wanting that for this ages so I think devs easier time doing it if Stalker's Hide made inherent if it is possible at all. I know I never choose Poison in non-defenders version because first tier heal is skippable but I can't skip anyway.
  10. All teleport powers : No FX and no animation option. For becoming unpredictable.
  11. Currently if I want to make dark aura character there are glowing bits (grey) and some of auras just typical dim grey. What I'm asking this instead of changing it, can we have new color option? Black colors can't glow I know but it can at least erase colors right? I just want to make black eyed character instead of dim grey.
  12. Dark Astoria missions, not sure which one but in one of them you searching for clickie on lower levels. It was pretty dark. And there was water so you can't see glowie.
  13. So technically what does can it do to control powers? (no damage) And stalker's assassin's strike? With hidden, cast time is long so you deal more damage but for fast assassin strike (not hidden) you deal less damage in theory. (or normal damage?) Make sense I suppose but control powers with no damage should also their duration increased if cast time is long (most control powers has more than 2s cast time anyway)
  14. Dual Pistols Alternate FX : Laser bullets
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