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  1. I chosen radial for my dark/dark then never activating them because not much damaging attacks that way. Then I got a core and I always activate before fights now. So if you have too many control powers but less attack powers go for core. If you have too many attack powers but less control (I'm looking at you Illusion) go for radial for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Costume piece probably belts when not casting anything and power customization options when you tried to cast spells ? probably lot of work needs to be done but costume piece should be easier.
  3. mage robes - capes and hoods anything really. Something like this could be better though.
  4. Seriously they need to restricted on regular play it makes things less fun on groups because someone always using it. Make it so you can accumulate charge for judgment powers during gameplay instead. Recharge will stay same (was it 2 min?) and greatly reduces rate of accumulation when it is on recharge so you can't always use it as soon as available. Tankers accumulating charge when taking damage or evading(?) and dealing damage. Brutes primarily dealing damage and taking damage and evading(?). Scrappers dealing damage and evading? Blaster's dealing damage or when their hp gets really really really low they will get bonus to accumulation. Sentinels : Dealing damage while taking damage? or using their inherent for whatever they doing. Controllers : Mezzing and debuffing while minor accumulating for damaging attacks? Dominators : Mezzing and dealing damage? Stalker : Burst damage and defeating or damaging targets while hiding. Corruptor : Dealing damage while debuffing. Scourge can also accumulate charge. Defender : Buffing allies and debuffing enemies while dealing damage? (why is everything is damage?!) Mastermind : Minion damage(lol) while debuffing targets. As for VEAT's I don't have any info on them I rarely see one on groups usually.
  5. Now that we are revising Dark Miasma. Can we add new fx for dark servant similar to illusion got ? (phantom army or something)
  6. Nice! Can I also shamelessly ask to reduce cast times? Most of time I don't even bother to use that since getting killed and getting revived takes less time than Twilight Grasp animation times. Or if it isn't possible make it so -regen and -dmg debuffs apply buffs by same amount of debuff on target? Like they have -%50 regen -%10 damage you get +%50 regen +%10 damage for 10 seconds or possible lower since they have a resistance.
  7. Can we add hidden enemies like stalkers? as ambushes I mean since putting hidden enemy out in the open seems kinda pointless. And maybe a way to hide enemy rank because why not ?
  8. Tbh I don't care what happens to tar patch since I was only using it for slows anyway. Sure I'm gonna spend even more time defeating enemies but thats it. It will be painful in pvp though that's for sure. As for twilight grasp not sure how to feel about this one, if heals going downwards can we atleast get increase in accuracy ? like 1.20x ? same as Transfusion?
  9. Maybe they could add base editor a pathdrawer or something, anything inside that path or area is pvp. Could work with most of rooms.
  10. It could be fun. It could also save time from starting arena matches.
  11. I don't want to necro old topic so this is new one.
  12. Primary : Nothing Secondary : Nothing If blank powers doesn't work put up brawl with increased damage for primary as for secondary, sprint with increased speed and maybe bit of defense. This AT will available to all pool powers and they can get them even at level 2 from now on and can have more then 4 power pool active. Inherent : Increased effectiveness for day jobs , ability to hold multiple day jobs at will , 1 permanent day job based on what title you wield. Ability to rebuy temp powers that you unlocked on missions. Permanent temp powers on melee only or increased count for melee only temp powers (if mission gives you 60 you have 120 for example) think of like maintaining weapons. That's it. They will also have low perception fit to lore.
  13. Opps I forgot to include one small Fx list on dark servant here we go.
  14. Black hole may be not small suggestion though it is overhaul feel free to disregard that.
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