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  1. Ability to add image to your CoH characters for example: Custom SG Logo Custom Chest Detail Ability to add screenshots to base in order to make memoryline or something else. Lots of potential there. Now, I know it could be tool for abuse/troll or something beyond mortal comprehension. It could be cool though.
  2. I kinda see this working as testing purposes on AE missions where it is hard to find what you looking for. But normal game? No thanks. Or put some kinda sonic radar device as temp power maybe? It will ping if what you looking for is nearby when you activate it. But also de-stealth you.
  3. Oh noooo! tankers/brutes actually have to walk to enemy in order to attack now! What a nightmare!
  4. From my understanding cast times are wildly different for different powers. Also animations could be considered too. Like : Fistful of Arrows is similar to Repeating Bolt. But archery cast time is low compare to say Cutting Beam (which animation comes from) That is not to say it is impossible but just hard probably. Hence new powerset
  5. Tier 1 : Light Bolt : Ranged, Lethal, Minor Damage, Minor DoT You use your crossbow to do damage and bleed enemy. Tier 2 : Shove : Melee, Smash, Moderate Damage, Foe Knockback You use butt of your crossbow to push enemies away and do damage while you are at it. Tier 3 : Heavy Bolt : Ranged, Lethal, Moderate Damage, Foe Knockdown You use your crossbow to do heavy damage while knocking enemy down. (Standart Crossbow animation) Tier 4 : Repeating Bolt : Ranged Cone, Lethal, High DoT. You quickly shot your crossbow bolts in front of you to deal hea
  6. Same problem, thought it is new problem that just arised. I was using beta manifest for tequila EDIT : Nvm it works now.
  7. Tier 1 : BANG! : Ranged Foe Fear You shoot foe with toy pistol. Except it doesn't do anything but scare the hell out of them. Tier 2 : Whaam! : Melee Minor Smash Damage, Knockback You bring your hammer from out of nowhere to make foe bounce everywhere. (Causes random knockback same as brawl from April 1 Event) Tier 3 : Oopps wrong way : Melee Location (AoE) Self Teleport Foe Moderate Smash Damage, Knockdown/Disorient You bring your brush to make tunnel that only you can go throught to targeted location. Enemies may try to follow throught tunnel but they instead fall d
  8. I got martial arts/dark armor stalker. I guess I'm out already.
  9. I think you forgot defense debuffs exists everywhere. If you want to feel challenge stop steamrolling with council goons. Start steamrolling with arachnos. Granted they are not most powerful faction in game but thats what I done most of time anyway. It is fun being on edge of getting killed because of defense debuffs/mez/end drain.
  10. If incarnate system development continues, can omega slot reserved for signature powers I wonder? Not that I expect it, just something to think about. It will basically allow you to make your own power however broken that is. (blasters having access to 3rd judgment lol) That said there should be limit imposed as well. Not that I expect it done mind you. Just something to think about in future. Recharge Limit should be between 5 min and 20 min as starters. Min end cost 20. Max end cost 100 No toggles except limited toggles like hybrid slot You can
  11. Telekinesis from Mind Control was ally Flight power instead of toggle hold power. That said Liquiefy really needs recharge reduction.
  12. I think we can call it Celestial powers. Celestial Blast, Celestial Aura, Celestial Melee, Celestial Affinity etc. It doesn't have to be holy or light. Then we can add new enemy types with Celestial powersets similar to skullz called Zealots or something light related.
  13. Clicking mission doors. So much annoyance that I wait someone to open the door then go through open door. Saves me some 1 seconds.
  14. I'm not sure why we need mez protection in pvp? Aside from offensive toggles dropping of that is. Most mez lasts 4 seconds anyway. Sometimes not even that. Then you get 10 seconds of immunity to all mez on top of that? I guess it is useful on group matches.
  15. This happens to Dark Servant as well. If it will use Twilight Grasp then die in middle of animation (or expire) Dark Servant rez itself. Then you can summon another dark servant while this one active. It happened more than once.
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