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Water Blast powerset customisation Light/Dark functionality Bug


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I encountered an issue when using the Tailors to try and change my Water powerset colours (colors) I noticed that the change from Light and Dark both share the Light palette, making it impossible to get the dark colours I need for my concept.

The costume slots previously customised still use the dark colours, but when attempting to edit them, they reset to a pale red, and the option to use the Dark themes does not switch the palette from the Light theme palette.

My friend also experiences this.

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Two of my water blasting toons, both with customized colours, have had their settings changed to red.  One has bright red, presumably because their customization was bright, and the other has dark red water instead of dark green.  I'm wondering if this is related to other glitches in the costume editor, like switching weapons and adding different ear styles that shouldn't be there.  I actually reloaded a saved customization profile, and had no success in correcting this. 

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