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Battle Tested Spines/Fire Brute


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Time and time again with a friend of mine on Torchbearer We have Spines/Fires and we tested alot of things together and in the end we found a Build that can handle anything basicly thrown at us. Now mind you every build no matter how good can die. This build is on the character Gorvex on the server and he has run many missions with this build and can tell you how good it is. Finding out people want to know how it's set up Gorvex and I Desided it was time to let people in on the build. First let me tell you this build is not cheap. it's a good idea to have alot of merits for the Purple Sets, Archtype Sets and even a PVP set or two. So doing TF's,  Badges, incarnate TF's, Hami, do whatever gets you what you need, Not everything need to be bought with Merits, If you have the cash buy the stuffs thats cheaper.



Here is the Build.... This includes all Incarnate Powers and sets


Primary Powers (Spines)
Lunge: Six slots, hecatomb set
Spine Burst: six slots superior brutes fury set
Build up: Three slots adjusted targeting to hit buff to hit buff endurance reduction recharge
Quills: six slots obliteration set
Ripper: six slot obliteration set
Throw spines: six slot Ragnarok set


Secondary Powers (Fiery Aura)
Fire shield: Six slots Aegis set
Healing Flames: six slots Numina's convalescence set
Blazing Aura: six slots Superior unrelenting fury set 
Plasma Shield: six slot Unbreakable guard
Consume: four slots power transfer(accuracy/damage/endurance/End Mod, damage recharge, chance to heal self
Burn: six slots armageddon set
Fiery Embrace: one slot recharge IO
Rise of the Phoenix: one slot recharge IO
Temperature Protection: three slots titanium coating (Resistance)(Resistance/endurance)(Resistance/endurance/recharge)

Pool Powers


Inherent Fitness 
Stamina: Three slot Efficacy adaptor endurance modification/recharge/accuracy,efficacy adaptor end mod/acc, efficacy adaptor end mod/END reduction


Combat Jump: one slot Luck of the gambler def/rech
Super Jump: three slot Spring foot set
Acrobatics: one slot End reduction IO


Boxing: one empty slot
Tough: three slot titanium coating Resistance, res/end,res/end/recharge
Weave: four slots shield wall def,teleportation protection, plus res,defense/ endurance/recharge, def/end


Energy Mastery
Superior Conditioning: one slot end mod IO
Physical Perfection: two slots one heal IO, one end mod


Hasten: one slot recharge reduction IO


Alpha: Spiritual Core Paragon
Judgement: Mighty Core Final Judgement
Interface: Paralytic Corre Flawless Interface
Lore: Knives of  Vengeance Radial Superior Ally
Destiny: Rebirth radial  Epiphany or Barrier Core Epiphany
Hybrid: Melee Radial Embodiment



If you need anything else reach out to me on the Forams or in game on Torchbearer under @Mistress Fire.

I do all kinds of builds, if you need help feel free to look me up.

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This build is a little old but would put out far more damage and survives better in most farms. If you want to get out of AE every once in a while it even has taunt so teams won't think of you as a crappy scrapper.


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