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  1. I’ll load check this out tomorrow. I didn’t think about bugging Sing aside from bubbles.
  2. /Mu is not required at all. Don't even have patrons unlocked on it yet. Toon is 50 but just running around with random sets in there and some of the procs.
  3. Also, aside from the AOE hold being up more often, I don't know if I really even need hasten.
  4. Only thing I'm unhappy/skeptical about is not having -kb in the pet. Thought wormhole does kd anyway but haven't played it enough to notice, so maybe it as well. Slotting Singularity differently means losing perma hasten and ranged def. I don't care about cheaper. Play too much and have money laying around. Only thing I'm married to is flight and hover. Fits the toon hovering around all the time.
  5. Here is the build I'm leaning toward. Does slotting Singularity for -kb help much? Any other notes appreciated. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1346&c=637&a=1274&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594CB4F135114C6EF9D998A7D522C8F3E28D00A82605F82BAD110A540225451D46D3381A14E5299A62D4696EE7DA341A36B9F897F913B17AE10147C2DB49E99EF9036E12693DFDCEF9E73E69C73EF9DC29DBCEFE3ECDD4921835365BD562B4E59ABF5AA552E1B5557412F994BC21E6DF4249B2BFB46E9D9AA7EDBACAFEFCF632D2617D65656D2335675C928CE9846795978172CF298299BA59B753FDEED5773B5E47366F3865EA189C7992C560C6339325D3197D279EB96B9AAD7AD
  6. I would say brute if you're wanting to tank, but not a lot of brutes take taunt anymore anyway. Hell some tanks don't.
  7. Well, if anyone cares, here is what I'm trying out at the moment. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1366&c=667&a=1334&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594DB4E5341148667B7BB949E80722A95538B6229C5D27A654C0C89A226420D09442FCBA61D619BA66DDA9AC0A50FE02168A20FA0A837BE83B71E1FC15B4F2089A8F1AA2EF6FFDBC6B093E6DBF3EF596BFEB566A6B9CDF9E0CBCBB7E794D175A164D5EBF9E542CDAA5675CD93B3D6ED8292A767C12EAFC7AEDAE59B566C65A3666D7A451CF9372F9FD325ADD32B76C32AE7AF6BAB5A29D7A3AD8FF3FA862ED775FA30DA6ED46FA9C052A5524A5F2AD9EB1B8D10DE0F5F6585A0335A940C32F03B83E5AAD6C5F0C5AA5D489FAF14B7F239ABDED0B
  8. I haven't updated this guy since TW changes and now Nin changes. Any advice would be good. Probably gonna drop Defensive Sweep. Probably put the proc into Titan Sweep I guess. Haven't really played him lately so unsure what is needed. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1445&c=655&a=1310&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594594F13611885BFE94C29A52DD0B294A52CA5B243A5EABD89A246A5860497CB3A96A10C366D43AB8277DE1B1730FA0BC478E30F71FD09DEBA0126EA8571A96FE71C0A6626993C33A7EFF79EF3BD33D3F4DA6CF0C5993BC795D67C326F96CB9985ECAA592A59ABDEB499B3B3AA76F8E48CEDE999B495B7ACE445BB6216
  9. Thrax

    AOE scrapper?

    Spines/Bio is crazy on aoes. Even your heal is an aoe attack kinda. Two passive damage auras. It is pretty fun.
  10. Can you turn the "Arcane Power" off? I know you can change color and stuff at tailor but I'd prefer to just turn the pop up off altogether. I barely use that power before and still don't.
  11. Thrax

    Ice Armor!

    I have an ice/spines tank and that combo is really fun. I’m sure I’d be fun on a scrapper as well. Lotta slows.
  12. That doesn't kick in until your health drops. It is handy when it happens but I wouldn't plan a build around it.
  13. It’s awesome. You can get around the run speed super easy. My stone tank has MA and for flipping around is awesome.
  14. I love SR. I much prefer it over NIN. They are making some changes to NIN on beta so worth checking out. I don't like being invisible but you come out of it when you attack. I would base it on the theme of the toon. They both perform very well at 50. SR levels up worse on the way to 50 but 95% DDR is awesome. Especially if you run a lot of +4 ITFs it is a huge difference.
  15. Here is my build. I would 100% recommend the Critical Strikes in Total Focus. It has a super high chance to proc there and then Energy Transfer and Bone Smasher get the bonus afterward. As long as S/L defense and resist are up there I find the rest is fine and when it isn't Dull Pain is enough. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1356&c=646&a=1292&f=HEX&dc=78DA65945B4F1341188667BB5B6B5B0A94520139949643CF4B6BE285021E10340A4D48506F7169C7DAA4294D5B8DBDF41F281ABD521385AA37FE108F7FC3136AA2A05ED56FF77B2D089B6C9E99B7DFE19DD999666ECEB6BD3C77EBA450DACF148D6A
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