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Radio mission-generic boss name-no enemies-auto completes.


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I reported this in-game and was asked to post here so devs could find out if others have had this problem.


I had an old radio mission in Peregrine Island. My level 44 tank had taken it before the last patch - about two weeks ago. I don't recall anything odd in the description and if the name had seemed bugged I wouldn't have accepted the mission. When I signed in last night I noticed the character had been offline for ten days - during that login a few days ago I didn't do any missions or take on new ones.


So last night I ran a mission or two and then went to P.I. I noticed I had a radio mission called "Defeat BOSS NAME and guards" and selected that. It was located in a cave complex east of Maria Jenkins by the water.


I entered the caves and there were no enemies at all. I decided to check out the map before exiting and reporting it and the mission auto-completed when I got to the final cave. The combat record said "You have successfully defeated BOSS Name and villaingroup". I got credit for the mission.


The cave complex was an upside down T or Y layout not the "layer cake" one.


I have seen odd radio missions after patches back on live (sometimes high level Shivans would show up in KR missions.):) But I never had an empty mission auto-complete before.


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