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Cel shade ana filters and GPUs

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Has anyone managed to make the cel shading outlines play nice with ambient occlusion and other filters yet? I love the look but I hate the pop-in from LODs with outlines and AO on. I tried fiddling with Geforce control panel and managed to get a nice little performance boost by forcing AA and AS filtering but I'm interested in hearing if anyone else had luck playing with setting through their GPU as well.

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I am also curious about performance boosts and graphic improvements by forcing settings in the GPU driver settings.
I am on a  Nvidia 670M. 
Are you using the Nvidia Control panel on Cityofheroes.exe?
If so, what settings do people think help or look better?

(OK... I just did a test and got 16 fps using the Nvidia Control panel to force settings, and 60 fps ( my max refresh rate) allowing COH to control AA and AS. Your mileage may vary!)

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