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  1. I don't turn on the cel shader stuff, because I don't like the look, but I can max out all the other graphics at 1920 x 1080 60fps with a Nvidia 660M on a 2011 ASUS laptop.
  2. Thank you for your help and all your hard work! If I figure anything out, I will let you know.
  3. By any chance do you know the in game NAMES for the 12 side buttons on a Razer Naga X? I just got one yesterday, and unless I write /macros and drop it in tray 1, I can't seem to assign powers to the buttons. ( i.e. BUTTON4 and BUTTON5 are recognized as the two thumb buttons on the deathadder elite, but are there NAMES for the 12 side buttons that work in game?) Especially Tray 5.... i know alt-tray, ctrl-tray, but I feel I am missing something, or there should be an easier way... Do those buttons have names in COH?
  4. I am away from my gaming rig right now, but I made two macros to target location enemy for Combat TP and Savage Leap. I bind them to my thumb buttons. One click and you are in their face, even if they slip behind you or bolt around a corner... Runners are no longer a problem. EDIT: Home now, found them.... /macro BAMF "powexec_location target Combat Teleport" /macro RAWR "powexec_location target Savage Leap"
  5. I think Stalker's Guile ATO set should go into Assassin's Frenzy, so you get a second big attack out of hide if the proc goes off. maybe it doesn't matter anymore. Anybody else know?
  6. I am running it on a Stalker kind of as a Nightcrawler homage, but as a werefox. I took the Teleport, Speed and Fighting pools. Body Mastery Build Up - Combat TP - Savage Leap out of Hide - Rending Flurry... is some cool AOE fun with Touch of Fear running. Everything cowers or dies.
  7. Need Savage/Dark!
  8. Vulpoid

    Savage Melee nerf?

    It seems whenever I have a question lately, @Frosticus has been there and had great advice! ( My last 3 characters have been ice, poison and savage) If you no longer promote Hemo from hide, what is your new recommended attack chain for a Savage Melee Stalker?
  9. This will do the job. COHSplasher is a utility that will allow you to change them. Looks like some old ones are here too. Website https://cohsplasher.blogspot.com/2007/08/basic-questions.html .zip file https://www.dropbox.com/s/mny32wi9104wpdb/CohSplasher.zip?dl=0
  10. I have them, modded textures. Sent to you. Check your mail. Malaise in game wears foot wraps and hand wraps. The ones I sent overwrite "Psych" client side.
  11. Right now I just have 3 level 35 basic recharge IOs. What do you recommend? Thanks! ( What about Spirit Ward? )
  12. What is people's strategy with Flash Freeze? How do you like to use it?
  13. Has anybody figured out how to change the color? I would love to make it blue or green!
  14. Taxi-bots are old news, make way for train toons!
  15. Would that work? I usually put Celerity in Sprint, but due to keybinds that turn Sprint On/Off whenever I move, I was hoping to use Mystic Flight instead. Thanks!
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