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  1. Technically, the original poster found the problem, but never told us how he/she fixed it. It is still a mystery. We know what was wrong, but not the solution. Doctor Ditko has been very helpful however!
  2. This doubled my download speed and did not affect upload speed according to Speedof.me tests. Thank you!
  3. If I understand correctly, If you do what EmmySky has directed EVERY new character can load EXACTLY the settings you had when you typed /wdwsave. When the new character appears in Atlas, type /wdwload and BOOM! Magic. Are you saying you don't get 3 open trays numbered 1, 2, 3 and stacked how you want them?
  4. My wife does this. I love her anyway.
  5. Yes. Penelope was searching for a pigeon, if you remember.
  6. From a philosophical perspective, everything anybody else sees is invisible to you. You can only see what you see in life anyway, so a video game katana is the least of our worries here. Italo Calvino has a wonderful story called "The Spiral" in which a mollusc laments that it evolved a beautiful shell to be perceived, while other selfish life forms evolved eyes instead. Which is more important to you... Seeing or being Seen?
  7. They should see a regular katana. They still have a file called Wep_Katana.Texture in their client .pigg . It is part of the game. make sure you installed in /Data/Texture_Library/ITEMS/Weapons/ If it does not work, shoot me an email.
  8. These guides might help you for information about the various powers. They are ancient, but helpful. Jordan's Guide there is a menu at the bottom Black Spectre's Guide is good too....
  9. Jedi? He is merely a gifted moisture farmer, nothing more.
  10. EXACTLY! "Tatooine Moisture Farmer" was precisely the look I was shooting for, and I can't believe the name was free! 🙂
  11. Electric is good too.....
  12. I like Staff better on a Stalker. You don't have to think about switching stances, or worry about building charges ( unless you want to build charges.) It has a cone in Guarded and an AOE. There is a ranged strike. You get a bit of everything.
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