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  1. That is my free time breaking point. If I am going to grind away doing something I hate, I will log off and get a second job. When making money becomes work, I should probably do it in real life instead! 😝
  2. I do, and thank you very much for your help! (I am still struggling for funds, and have 14-20 alts all in their 30s, so Generic IOs it has to be for a bit... I will "pimp out" one of them some day...) Thanks again...
  3. Let's say.. theoretically.. You do not buy sets or named IOs. Ever. (OK, I use Proc's but not sets.) Using your suggested SO slotting, How many and which enhancements would you place in Reaction Time and Inner Will? Any suggestions?
  4. I am curious how folks would slot some of Martial Combat's weirder powers using Just Basic IOs. Stuff like Reaction Time and Inner Will... End Mod? Heal? Also, if I was using Performance Shifter %End procs, would you put it in all three powers? (I am including Stamina.) Thank you for any help!
  5. Purposely pushing somebody around without their consent is creepy and wrong wherever it occurs. It doesn't matter if they think it is funny.
  6. Sounds like Hawksmoor... scroll down to powers and abilities... it is 2/3rds down this page https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/John_Cooper_Hawksmoor_(Wildstorm_Universe) Or even Danny... https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Danny_the_Street_(New_Earth)
  7. Back on live, I did make a mini version of one of my good friend's characters and followed him around loudly begging to be his sidekick, but we were both in on the joke....
  8. I did a little research and @Coyote helped clarify. There is a new Blaster mechanic called "Sustain" that provides a helpful power at little cost. This is ours.
  9. I would also like some clarity on this, and not to threadjack... But what is up with Metabolic Acceleration? It looks like it costs zero endurance, but you can slot basic Endurance Reduction IOs and SO, DO etc. in it? What would that accomplish? Does it have a hidden cost? I almost don't want to bring this to any one's attention because an END-free toggle seems too good to be true and I don't want it looked at too closely!
  10. I would classify him as specifically Kinetic Melee. Absorbed and returned.
  11. There is a MA/SR scrapper on Excelsior that comes pretty close...
  12. I do this using Beast Run on a headless crab spider build. I have stopped other players dead in their tracks trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Truly unsettling.
  13. My understanding ( as an academic outside the game) is that meta is a prefix that denotes "after or within." So, the game of the game, as it were. The inner workings. The man behind the curtain. The study of the thing. But you knew that already.😉
  14. I THINK you still have to run to Pocket D as a VEAT. Then see Null to exit to the hero side.
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