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PPD in Jailbreak side missions aggroing on imprisoned villains

Large Man

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Been noticing an issue in various Mayhem missions as of late. When I enter a Mayhem map for the first time, if that particular Mayhem has a Jailbreak side-mission, the PPD guarding the cell will immediately aggro on the villain imprisoned inside. While normally this isn't too much of an issue, if one of the mobs guarding the door is of the pet-summoning variety, that mob will continuously summon more and more pets as time goes on. The first time I experienced this, when I reached the jail there were around 10-15 PPD pets waiting for me.

I believe the issue is that the reinforced doors no longer block NPC line-of-sight like they used to. I've noticed that I can now get credit for the jailbreak side-mission before actually breaking out the villain, likely because they can see me through the door and thus count as "rescued".

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