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[Villainous][25-30] Backwards Day -- Arc ID: 6666


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Description: Unfortunately, the final ritual failed. The ultimate knowledge was lost forever, and Diviner Maros held prisoner in the depths of time. ...at least, that's what he's telling you. As far as you know, that hasn't happened yet. Maybe you can make the future go your way?




Another one of my old arcs that I published just to see if I could. Played through it and made some final changes, and here it is up for grabs.


First, I'd like to apologize to anyone who was trying to put something thematic on ID 6666, the number of the polyploidal beast. I wasn't trying to screw anything up, honest.


Second, I'd like to apologize just kind of in general for this being sort of the "the Bee Movie but every time someone says the word 'bee' we explain what the deal with the Bee Movie is" of arcs. I like Diviner Maros, I had an idea for a real mean beast of a contact interaction concept that would pretty much only work with Diviner Maros, and God help me I went through with it.


The opposition here is mostly standard 25-30 villain stuff, with a small custom group that's slowly introduced as the arc goes on. You never fight it entirely except in special spawns, it's usually cut with canon critters because reasons.


The arc itself is not super capital-V villainous with the orphan murders and callow betrayals, as much as it is an adventure starring a driven person who solves their problems through violence. Hope you have fun with it!

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A complicated and involved story, as the name suggests, it still feels as creative as ever and great to revisit after so long. 

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4 hours ago, Ankylosaur said:

A complicated and involved story, as the name suggests, it still feels as creative as ever and great to revisit after so long. 

Wow, thanks! I'm surprised someone remembered, but I guess it was pretty uniquely presented.

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